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51 Best Trending and Latest Wedding Hairstyle

A wedding celebration takes up a lot of planning, from deciding on the venue to the attire. From deciding on the decoration to finalizing the guest list, the work doesn’t seem to end. One of the little things that slip out during all this planning is the bride’s hairdo. Along with lehenga, makeup and jeweler, the hairstyle needs to be finalized too. As much as the makeup, the bridal hairstyle influences the look of the bride immensely. As it turns out, there is an umpteenth number of hairstyles for brides to choose from. It should be selected according to their attire and makeup to bring out the best look.

These are the Trending and Latest Wedding Hairstyle

Indian hair is very versatile and can be styled in different ways. From classic buns to beachy waves, the trending and latest wedding hairstyles are for both modern as well as traditional brides. Here we have compiled the list of trending wedding hairstyles for brides and even their close friends and family that will elevate the look. No matter what the hair length is, there is something for everyone here on this list. Find your personal preference depending on the look and your personality to turn this task into an exciting one by going through our list.

1. Baby’s breath bun

A bun is a classic hairstyle for brides as it is easy to do and sets the dupatta perfectly on the head. Now you can adorn the usual bun with baby’s breath and carnations in the pink and white combo. It looks particularly amazing with pastel-coloured lehenga.

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2. Lavender bun

Since lavender is one of the trending colours right now, including it in the hair accessories makes sense too. Add lavender coloured flowers and accessories to the usually braided bun and see how it amp ups your look to another level.

Image Credit: Shaadi Saga

3. White love

There is colour all around you when it comes to weddings, so give your look a twist by adding a white flower bunch to the bun. It will look elegant and goes with the different colours of the lehenga. You can keep it simple or hype it up by adding maang tikka.

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4.  Open hair

This hairstyle is for brides who want to keep it easy. A sleek maang tikka can be added for a quaint and charming look. Open hair look is easy to carry and ideal for brides who are not into buns and intricately assembled hairstyles.

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5. Floral affair

Flowers are an important part of the wedding, so why not include them to the fullest in hair too. A simple hairstyle that is elevated to a gorgeous level by strings of beautiful flowers. Add as many as you want to get that princess look.

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6. French and fishtail

For brides with long, thick hair who want to look traditional on the wedding day. Style your hair in an elegant French fishtail braid. You can add little accessories to glam up the look and make it classier. This one is particularly a great option for other ceremonies associated with weddings like haldi and mehndi.

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7. Simple braid

Make the hair accessory the highlight of your wedding day. Bring the entire focus on the bejewelled hair accessories by simply putting your hair in a classic braid and adorning it with the accessories. It is one of the favourite wedding hairstyles among brides.

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8.  Mattha patti

Mattha patti hair accessory looks particularly amazing with the bridal outfit. Show off this accessory by making a simple hair braid and wearing a matha patti with some gajras to look your best. The fragrance of gajras has its charm.

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9. Voluminous braid

Create a voluminous one-sided braid for a princess jasmine-type vibe. Adorn the hairstyle with cute little hair accessories. This look is ideal for brides wearing silk sarees on their wedding day. It looks just the right amount of fancy for brides who want to keep it minimal.

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10. Multi-coloured flowers

Go full-on pizzazz by adorning larger-than-life multi-coloured flowers on a twisted hair bun. Flowers used as hair accessories are enough to bring out a trendy bridal look when bunched up and worn like this. It is a timeless wedding hairstyle for brides which is sure to win hearts.

Image Credit: Shaadi Saga

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11. Braided updo

A dainty updo looks luxurious with the wedding reception gown or saree. Add a little floral accessory for a diva-like look without overwhelming the makeup and wedding outfit. It is also an easy-to-carry hairstyle for brides.

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12. One-sided braid

Take the usual bun style up a notch by including a braid on one side that blends into the bun. It is a charming wedding hairstyle for brides who like to bring something new. Just tucking in a small flower in the bun makes it look more beautiful.

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13. Floral tiara

This wedding hairstyle will make you look like a princess. Match the tiara with your lehenga and wear it as a crown with open hair. Turn your hair into beachy waves and see how beautiful the look turns out to be. It is a casual and fun hairstyle for brides on their mehndi or sangeet function.

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14.  Double bun with braid

This hairstyle will make you look like an Indian queen. A traditional wedding hairstyle with two buns and a long braid. Adorn the hairstyle with heavy accessories, including jewellery and flowers. Nothing will overcome the magical look of this bridal hairstyle.

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15. Puff buns

Bring back the classics as the puff bun makes a return. This beautiful bridal hairstyle is enhanced in look by adding red roses. Roses being the symbol of love and oozing romantic vibes is what a wedding look is all about.

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16. Two-toned flowers

Adding two-toned flowers to the entire bun is one of the latest wedding hairstyles for brides. The selected flowers cover up the entire bun creating a mesmerising look. This one is particularly a hit with sheer or net dupatta.

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17. The curly twist with blue flowers

This hairstyle can be worn by the brides, bridesmaids, or anyone going to the wedding. A bun with a few strings of hair in loose curls embellished with blue lilies or a single orchid will look chic and modern. The contrast of the blue colour will look unique and add a twist to the boring old bun hairstyle.

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18. Minimal adornment

Just add gajra to the simple bun and see how beautiful the look turns out to be. It is a good option for brides who like to keep things minimal and have dense hair. Here the hair will do all the talking, and the string of gajra will add the bridal look.

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19. Wispy ringlets

Add a twist to the conventional tight bun by pinning all your hair together in wispy ringlets. Now add cute little flowers or a wreath to bring out the beauty of this bridal hairstyle. It can be a hit for sangeet and cocktail parties too.

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20.  Retro bun

Give a retro style to the bridal hair. Use hair extensions and puffs to create this retro-inspired bun. Braid and curl the hair in the right places and use a side sweep to bring life to this bridal hairstyle. This one can be done for brides with short hair as there are extensions used.

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21. Top Knot buns

Sweep your hair in a high bun with a puff in the front. Take a few strands of hair in the front and curl them up. It is a more western bridal hairstyle, so accessories are not needed to enhance the beauty of this look, but you can add something sleek.

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22. Messy buns

Who knew messy buns look this gorgeous on a bride. Let your hair strands loose with a messy bun and see how alluring your bridal look turns out to be. You just have to add a sleek brooch accessory as the beautiful flowy strands of your hair will mesmerise everyone.

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23. Curls are in

No more straightening your curls, as this striking look is what modern brides are drooling over. Girls with natural curls can work this particular bridal hairstyle real well. Show off your curls in a loose bun or a braid and see how stunning you look.

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24. Gold touch

Indian weddings are all about over-the-top embellishments and dramatic flair. Captured perfectly in this bridal hairstyle as the gold roses ensure a jazzed-up look to a simple hair bun. This one blends with a Big Fat Indian Wedding vibe.

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25. Personalise bun

Personalise the bridal hairstyle by adding a fun and quirky twist. Instead of the usual jewellery and flower accessories, get a personalised brooch that will become the highlight feature for sure. It will look cool and interesting with a memorable aspect.

Image Credit: Craft Haat

26. Braided crown

Let your hair open in soft waves and create a braided crown in the front. This beautiful take on an open hairstyle is perfect for the Haldi or Mehndi function. Decorate the hair with tiny flowers to enhance the beauty, or keep it simple with just the braided crown.

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27. Half updo

It is for brides who want to show off their beautiful hair but also want to keep it manageable. Simply get a half updo, so the hair stays out of the face, and you get to pin the dupatta on the head if need be. Twist strands of hair to frame the face elegantly.

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28. Mini French twist

Add a zing to the regular bun style by making two mini French twists on either side and blending them with the bun at the back. Let some loose strands of hair fall naturally. It is what a chic bride wants on her special big day.

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29. Rapunzel braid

Go big on the loose braid by getting the Rapunzel look. Create a long and fluffy braid to show off your beautiful hair. Brides with short hair who want to live their princess dream on the wedding day can use extensions to have this ethereal-looking hairstyle.

Image Credit: Alfaaz Photography

30. Short bob

It’s time to go bold on the wedding day. A short bob hairstyle to match with a modern style lehenga. It makes for a chic look to the traditional bridal appearance. Don’t be afraid to show your effortless modern look.

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31. One-sided curls

If you want to let your hair down on the wedding day, and look sleek, this one’s for you. Have loose curls hairstyle and sweep all the hair on one side. This hairstyle makes you look royal and goes with different wedding outfits.

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32. Side fringe

An old-school-inspired bride who used voluminous blow-dried side fringe to create a unique bridal hairstyle. The elegant bun adds to the overall charm of the bridal look. You can embellish the hair with flowers if you want.

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33. Tucked loose curls

Tuck your bouncy loose curls neatly at the back and get the feel of open hair. Adorn the hair with flowers and see how magical the look turns out to be. A bridal hairstyle that is sure to look graceful and aesthetically pleasing.

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34. Elegance at its best

Create two cute puffs on either side and perfectly blow-dry the hair. Keep it appearing flowy and sleek to see how classy it looks. Just wear a maang tikka, and the bridal hairstyle is complete. It is what a contemporary and modern bride should be.

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35. Low bun with reverse maang tikka

A unique quirky touch to the maang tikka look. Make a low bun and reverse the maang tikka to enhance the jewelled-up look of your hairstyle. You can add flowers to glam up the vibe even more and see how the heads turn in awe.

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36. Add a tiara

Another princess looks for brides who want to be their best on the wedding day. Feel like a royal queen on the wedding day by including a diamond tiara in the bun hairstyle. This hairstyle also works with reception gowns.

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37. Bubble braid

A Disney princess-inspired hairdo for brides to make them look enchanting. Have a loose and fashionable bubble braid with vibrant flowers to seem out of a fairytale. This refreshing take on simple braids is ideal for the day look.

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38. Messy braid

For women with long hair, do try this bridal hairstyle. Have a messy braid and adorn it with little accessories to hype up the look. This look is good to go with the lehenga look, reception gown look, and even for the sangeet function.

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39. Contemporary look

Add Chand Bali embellishments to simple braids and look like a regal contemporary bride. This offbeat, ethnic bridal hairstyle will become the centre of conversation at the wedding function.

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40. Floral jadas

Inspired by South Indian traditions, this bridal hairstyle makes for a drool-worthy look. Combine bun with thick braid and style with flowers and ornaments like billai on the length of the braid.

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41. Mattha patti with open hair

A beautiful look for brides that is quite popular these days. Loose open hair with a designer matha patti will give the bride a natural yet traditional look. A different take on the neat and sleek bridal appearance, breaking the norms.

Image Credit: Stories by Joseph Radhik

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42. Half bubble pony

For brides with voluminous hair who want to keep it manageable. Create a bubble pony with half the hair and keep the other half open around it. You can add little floral embellishments and baby’s breath.

Image Credit: Sunny Dhiman Photography

43. Bow style

This unique take on the wedding hairstyle is what modern bridal hairstyle should be. Turn your hair into a bow style and let the hair loose in beautiful waves. Add tiny cutesy flowers around and turn your hair into a little present.

Image Credit: Ritika Kadam

44. Twists and turns

Simply take a string of flowers and weave them with your hair in twists and turns. It is a neat way to keep your hair tucked in style if you are someone with long hair. The twist and turns add an interesting look to the bridal hairstyle.

Image Credit: Zohaib Ali Photography

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45. Add a pasa

Adding a pasa will turn your bridal hairstyle into a sophisticated look. Add this gorgeous hair accessory and let it be the highlight feature. Just have curls on the lower half of your hair and sweep them on one side.

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46. Sleek hair

Get every strand of hair in place by getting them pin-drop straight. A lot of modern brides are loving this well-put-together look for a more sophisticated and luxurious look. Simply adding a statement accessory is enough to enhance the beauty.

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47. Rose hair

Creating a rose with your hair is a unique take on a bridal hairstyle. Taking hairstyles to another level by creating interesting floral designs is quite popular in the latest wedding bridal hairstyles. Add flowers around for a more diva-like flair.

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48. Miniature braids

For brides with short hair, this is your ruling bridal hairstyle. Create miniature braids on one side by taking just a few strands at a time. A messy bun or a ponytail on the other side will complete the beautiful look.

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49. An impressive hairband

Another cool bridal hairstyle for short hair queens! Curl your short hair and add an impressive hairband to elevate the short hair bridal hairstyle.

Image Credit: The Stylish Zoo

50. Embellished clip

It is one of the most glamorous looks for modern brides with short hair. Get a big studded hair clip and tuck it on one side of the hair. It is a Marilyn Monroe-inspired hairstyle that is trending among Indian brides.

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51. Ethereal look

Twist your hair inward and turn it into a cute bun. Be minimalist by adding a designer hair clip and see how enchanting the look turns out to be. A refreshingly modern take on the traditional Indian bridal hairstyles.

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This was our take on the trending and latest wedding hairstyles for brides. We hope you find what you are looking for and slay your big day like a queen bride. If you are confused, then you can always try out different hairstyles beforehand and see what suits you the best. We are sure you will find the one that suits your style and wedding look from so many options and versatile hairstyles. So, rock those luscious locks in a beautiful hairdo and become the star attraction.

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