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Look Flawless On Your Big Day! Here’s A List Of 15 Pro Makeup Artists In Delhi

Are you concerned about not knowing which makeup artists to hire for your wedding day? We are here to solve your dilemma with a single click. It’s time to unlock the professional and best makeup artists in Delhi for your special day. 

We understand that your wedding day is not just about a single day of tying a knot with just someone or your loved one, but it’s a day with years of emotions and so much dreamy preparation attached from a young age. Moreover, you want to look like the most captivating and flawless bride of the decade. We empathise with your emotions and will provide you with the best list of bridal makeup artists in Delhi. 

So, if you’re worried about finding the best makeup artists in Delhi, we’ve got you covered. The internet and its millions of options may initially overwhelm you in making the right decision for your big day. But wait! No need to worry because we have hand-picked the best 10 artists who are highly professional and have been working in the industry for years. They are certified MUAs who have made many brides’ dreams come true.

List Of 15 Pro Makeup Artists In Delhi

However, if the wedding bells and decorations are ringing loudly in your ears and you’re a Delhite, let’s make this day extra special for you with the bridal makeup artists’ options listed below. Allow us 8 minutes to alleviate one of your wedding worries.

  • Makeup By Neetu Antil
  • Shruti Bose MUA
  • Makeup by Disha Berry
  • Pretty Faces by Priyum
  • Shaifali Nagpal MUA
  • Gracia Beauty Salon
  • Rs Makeover
  • Sparklings By Priyanka
  • Shweta Sood Makeover
  • House Of Beauty By Sahil Malhotra
  • Mridula Joshi Makeovers
  • Luxury Bridal Makeup Studio
  • Ravishing By Richa
  • Nu Look Beauty & Nail Studio
  • Elina Beauty Zone

1) Makeup By Neetu Antil 

Makeup Artists in Delhi

Good Bye To Cakey Makeup Look!

This trained freelance makeup artist is incredibly accomplished and skilled at her craft. She has collaborated on numerous projects with well-known designers and Bollywood celebrities. Her specialty is bridal makeup. She is well-versed in makeup and keeps up with the latest trends. She attempts to provide her clients with the exact look they want. She is the one who will fulfill your teenage fantasies of looking for the most beautiful bride ever. Neetu Antil can offer you a captivating look at an affordable price. All she wants is a bride’s smile and happy tears when she sees her final reflection. Moreover, if you’re scared of the cakey formation on the skin due to the makeup, she gets you all covered with her best skills and years of professional experience in the art. Lastly, you may call her one of the leading makeup artists in Delhi because she has also won the award for (Most Promising Makeup Artist 2017 by Magicka Women), and she is advancing quickly with her goal of giving every bride the ideal experience at their wedding day.

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2) Shruti Bose MUA

Makeup Artists in Delhi

Enhance Your Features & Look Glamorous 

Shruti believes in making women confident in their skin. Her motto says that “ Makeup should never hide, it should enhance your inner beauty.” Moreover, if you’re anxious about your day, Shruti Bose MUA is one of the best and go-to options for makeup artists in Delhi. Shruti is skilled in the craft of makeup. She is a designer who had her inclination towards the art of makeup to not hide the flaws but to mold them into their client’s strengths and make them more confident in their looks. She also provides services such as permanent makeup services, permanent eyebrows, lip correction, eyelash lifting, brow lamination, BB glow airbrushing techniques, and more. Moreover, she has 5 years + of experience in the makeup industry and took her ways of makeup to the next level. So, if you’re going to be a bride soon, you can also take permanent solutions for your skin, eyebrows, lip correction, and more. These treatments are only done to enhance every feature of your face and not hide the flaws. So, go for Shruti Bose MUA the choose one of the best bridal makeup artists. 

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3) Makeup by Disha Berry

Makeup Artists in Delhi

Sensitive Skin? Disha Berry Has Many Makeup Options For You

Disha Berry begin her journey professionally in the makeup industry in 2017. She is one of the Best makeup artists in Delhi. Moreover, she makes sure to only use products which are highly safe for the skin. As many clients are sensitive to certain makeup products, so she uses only luxury and safe products on the skin of the client. She uses MAC, Sephora, Morphe, Anastasia Beverly Hills, Makeup Forever, and Huda Beauty products. Moreover, she provides services such as bridal makeup, party makeup, engagement makeup, airbrush makeup, hairstyling, and more. So, it’s time for yourself all pepped up with the finest artist in Delhi. 

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4) Pretty Faces by Priyum

Makeup Artists in Delhi

Want That Model Look? Here’s Your Answer!

If you want to customize your bridal look according to you or according to all the internet images you saved in your camera roll for years. It’s a one-stop solution for all kinds of makeup needs. They have 7+ years of experience in the art of bridal magnificence. The artist understands the needs of the client and works on the skin accordingly as per the needs. Moreover, they use high-end makeup brands such as MAC, Huda Beauty, Bobbi Brown Smashbox, and more. So, you can contact Pretty Faces by Priyum, a skilled makeup artist in Delhi, to enhance the beauty and features of the client’s face.

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5) Shaifali Nagpal MUA

Makeup Artists in Delhi

Want A Complete Transformation With A Natural Look? 

You can call Shaifali one of the most hardworking makeup artists in Delhi. Her work speaks boldly and confidently about the young beautiful brides. She aims to provide the most memorable experience to her clients by meeting up their expectations. Moreover, she is one of those bridal make-up artists who put her art along with her heart into her work. Shaifali’s portfolio speaks for what a wonderful skilled and talented she is. She ensures to doll you up for the day as the most beautiful bride.

 However, many clients get anxious if the makeup artist will make them look gaudy. Are you also one of them? If so, then trust Shaifali Nagpal as your own because she can provide you with a natural and elegant look with her skill. Get ready to book Shaifali as your bridal makeup artist if you want fabulous photographs on your wedding day. 

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6) Gracia Beauty Salon

Makeup Artists in Delhi

Walk In For Your Royal Bridal Makeover

If you’re looking for some royal makeup art, then Gracia Beauty Salon is one of the best makeup artists in Delhi. They will doll you up as a royal-looking bride of history. Furthermore, they understand the significance and emotions that each bride adheres to on a special day. As a result, they make every effort to provide you with an elegant and flawless experience. Furthermore, they use makeup to achieve a natural or enhanced appearance and to add sophistication to a person’s appearance. Moreover, they go above and beyond to make their bride look her best and most confident from the outside as well as the inside. Prepare to dress up as the most beautiful bride and enjoy a photo-worthy transformation that everyone will adore.

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7) Rs Makeover

Makeup Artists in Delhi

Look Stunning On Your Special Day & Customize Accordingly

This bridal makeup artist can help make you look your best on your big day. Rs Makeovers aim to look important to consider the bride’s preferences and style. They will help a bride achieve any look she is interested in. They also provide tips according to the lehngas, skin tone, skin type, and more. Moreover, they make sure to use the correct foundation shade according to the skin type. You don’t have to worry about the gaudy and cakey look because you’ll be in the magical hands who know how to wave their brush. Moreover, they offer airbrush makeup and unique hairstyling along with draping false lashes. 

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8) Sparklings By Priyanka 

Makeup Artists in Delhi

Glam Up With The Professional

Ms. Priyanka is one of the highly skilled, certified, and professional makeup artists in Delhi. She is the CEO of the Sparklings By Priyanka. She provides high-end brands such as MAC and Makeup Studio. She is a freelance bridal makeup artist who is also open to traveling internationally. Moreover, she also provides paid trials to her clients. Isn’t it interesting? Ms. Priyanka makes sure to enhance your look while targeting your features with her creative weapon box and gun-like brush. People at your wedding will not forget your glamorous look ever and you will remember the heart-warming compliments for life. 

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9) Shweta Sood Makeover

Makeup Artists in Delhi

Shweta has been practicing professionally as one of the skilled makeup artists in Delhi for many years now. She is well-versed with all the makeup trends. Shweta Sood Makeover aims to use the best luxury makeup products according to the need of the skin and the need of the client. Moreover, she believes every bride is special and beautiful in their way, and to enhance their natural beauty she only uses premium branded products such as Mac, Huda Beauty, Fenty, and Nars. She always tries to give her all in whatever type of makeup she is doing, and her main goal is to make the bride’s day as memorable as possible. She serves a plethora of services such as  Bridal Makeup, Airbrush Makeup, Party Makeup, Engagement Makeup, Hair Styling, Draping, Nail Polish Change, Extensions, and False Lashes. She understands how a wedding is important for any bride and how makeovers are important for the brides and that’s why she tries to customize the looks according to her clients.

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10) House Of Beauty By Sahil Malhotra

Makeup Artists in Delhi

One-Stop Solution To All Your Makeup Endeavors

Sahil Malhotra is an award-winning and talented makeup artist in Delhi. He is adept at doing the makeup of all kinds, from different cultures to various appearances. You can ask for any look from him. He is a skilled hair and makeup artist as well as a passionate designer. Moreover, he is an authority on all contemporary styles, including airbrush makeup. All of Sahil’s solutions to your makeup-related issues are available. He has extensive expertise and has his makeup certification from Los Angeles, Baku, and Azerbaijan. So, do check out House of Beauty By Sahil Malhotra.

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11) Mridula Joshi Makeovers

Makeup Artists in Delhi

Want To Look Magnificient? 

Mridula Joshi makeovers is a Delhi-based makeup studio. She has a group of qualified and accomplished artists. Since they began operating professionally in 2016, they have served 2456 or more clients. They are well-versed in things like luxury products, skin types, and skin tones. Mridula is also knowledgeable about makeup and follows the most recent trends. She makes an effort to give her clients the exact look they desire. Mridula Joshi Makeovers will take care of everything with her top abilities and years of industry experience. Now is the perfect time to get pumped up with Delhi’s best artist. Mridula Joshi is one of the best makeup artists in Delhi.

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12) Luxury Bridal Makeup Studio

Makeup Artists in Delhi

Highest Quality Products 

They have a luxury studio apartment in Delhi. Since 2010, they have employed a staff of skilled artists. Additionally, they have dolled up more than 300 brides. She is very knowledgeable about different skin types, products, and how to use them. According to each skin type, the owner and founder of Luxury Bridal Makeup Studio personally handpick the highest quality materials. Do check out her portfolio! 

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13) Ravishing By Richa

Makeup Artists in Delhi

Highlight Your Features 

If you want to customise your bridal appearance to fit you or match all the internet bridal photographs that you’ve been storing in your camera roll over the years, Ravishing By Richa is your one-stop shop for all your makeup needs. Richa has worked as a makeup artist professionally for many years. She aspires to give a seamless and elegant change by highlighting her client’s features. She offers a lot many services such as bridal makeup, engagement makeup, party makeup, HD makeup, day event makeover, party makeup, evening formal, cocktail night makeup, and more. 

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14) Nu Look Beauty & Nail Studio

Makeup Artists in Delhi

Experience The Flawless Skin 

If you’re looking for a professional and certified makeup artist in Delhi, do check out Nu Look Beauty’s portfolio. They are based in Delhi NCR. Since 2000, the certified artists at Nu Look Studio have been providing their services. They want to make your long-held dream of how you want to appear on your wedding day a reality. They also make use of high-end branded cosmetics produced by businesses like Mac and Huda Beauty. The best aspect is that they also provide freelance services, in addition to paid trials. They also provide airbrush makeup, bridal hairstyling, and a lot more.

15) Elina Beauty Zone 

Makeup Artists in Delhi

Get A Glam Up Look 

Manorama, the founder of Elina Beauty Zone, started her career as a professional artist in 2011. She is a makeup artist from Delhi who has dressed up more than 60 brides so far. She also knows how to use premium cosmetics for different skin types. Manorama cleverly determines your skin type and preference as well, then determines which makeup style will work best for you. She has tried many creative looks on the brides and given them the best transformation of their life. For his bridal makeup, he employs high-end brands like MAC, Bobbi Brown, Kryolan, Makeup Studio, etc. She has a base in Delhi and is open to going elsewhere. She also provides her clients with a paid trial. She provides services like hairstyling drapery, engagement makeup, party makeup, and bridal makeup. Manorama is thus one of the best makeup artists in Delhi if you’re searching for a glam makeup look. So, take a look at her work!

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Final Words

When a bride is planning her wedding, she is likely inundated with choices and decisions. From picking the right wedding dress to choosing the right wedding planner, there is a lot to take into account. However, one of the most important decisions a bride can make is choosing the right makeup and hair stylist. A wedding makeup and hair stylist can help make a bride look her best on her big day. So, these are the top 10 makeup artists in Delhi for your glamorous bridal makeup.

Moreover, they all are highly skilled in their work and consider the bride’s preferences and style. So, there are several talented wedding bridal artists out there, and it can be hard to decide who to choose. However, we made your work a bit easier.

Moreover, if you’re looking for more wedding endeavors, do visit Wedding Banquets. It’s a one-stop solution for all your wedding wants. The single platform can arrange everything you need for a wedding. From perfect venues to florists, bridal wear, Mehndi artists, and makeup artists is available. Do check us out!

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