25 Budget-Friendly Indoor Haldi Decoration Ideas In 2022

Want to explore some simple and budget-friendly indoor Haldi ideas in 2022? If so, you’re at the correct place. We will cover you with the low cost and best of all the options mentioned on the internet. 

Haldi is renowned for detoxifying and purifying the body of the holy married pair. Additionally, it heralds the happy commencement of a new life together. Furthermore, it is thought to safeguard the bride and groom from any unfavourable portent.

Moreover, it is also one of the important wedding endeavours which require some research for a cute set-up for your celebration. You can call the “Haldi” celebration one of the lightest and most fun festivities. It’s an intimate wedding celebration for all your loved ones that involve close friends and relatives who have super-fun dancing, singing, and more. 

25 Indoor Haldi Decoration Ideas In 2022

However, Haldi celebration preparations are left for the last minute. Thus, it’s a thoughtful process that requires some help and a bunch of ideas. So, if you’re out of ideas and want some super-cool yet exquisite Haldi set-up ideas for your wedding, let’s get started right away!

  • Marigold Curtains
  • Dreamy Dreamcatchers
  • Combination Of Yellow Drapes & Marigold
  • Swinging Tassels
  • Lavish Marigold Canopy
  • Swing Seating Adorned In Marigold
  • Phulkari Dupatta & Tassels
  • Shimmer Curtains & Fairy Lights
  • Welcome Haldi Board
  • Background of a Wooden Screen with Flowers
  • Inverted Brass Domes
  • Lively Floral Arch
  • Inverted Floral Baskets
  • Floral Cabinas
  • The Green Lush Decor
  • Suspended Bottles
  • Pink & Yellow Fabrics
  • Drapes & Fabrics
  • Adorned Wooden Bench Or Chairs
  • Swaying Parandis
  • Hanging Flower Rings
  • Ribbons & Seat
  • Genda Phool Frames
  • The Kite Frame
  • The Scooter Vibe

1) Marigold Curtains

Image Credit: Indian Sangeet Decor

Are you a marigold flower lover? If so, then marigold curtains are one of the best indoor Haldi decoration ideas. Haldi celebration and marigold flowers go hand-in-hand. They will never go out of the trend. Moreover, marigold flowers are auspicious in any sort of celebration and religious ritual. So, it’s time to adorn the corner of your house with marigold curtains. Lastly, the good news is that marigold curtains are one of the low-cost simple Haldi decorations at home. 

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2) Dreamy Dreamcatchers 

Image Credit: Baba Event

“Haldi” is the onset of the wedding celebration. It requires a lot of good vibes and blessings from loved ones. So, are you aware of the significance of dreamcatchers? The hanging dream catchers symbolize positive vibes. The flying feathers of the dream catcher set-up along with flowers will give an absolute heart-warming feeling and aroma of liveliness. 

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3) Combination Of Yellow Drapes & Marigold

Image Credit: Baba Event 

It’s one of the quirky and low-cost indoor Haldi decoration ideas that you will be in awe of. The drapes and marigolds will look stunning in the background and will give you extraordinary photographs. Along with the drapes and marigolds, you can decorate the area with some embroidered Rajasthani umbrellas or other hangings of your choice. You can check out roseknot events for professional decorations.

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4) Swinging Tassels

Image Credit: Decor Sutra

If you want some minimal and low-cost simple Haldi decoration at home, then go for this one. Swinging tassels won’t cost a bomb and are super budget-friendly. They look immensely pretty swinging in the air. You can go for the color combination of yellow and orange tassels. Moreover, don’t miss arranging the marigold flowers according to your taste. 

Wedding Banquet Pro Tip – If you’re going with the tassel arrangement, make sure you have a set-up somewhere outside the house because it will enhance the look when the tassels will swing with the cool breeze. 

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5) Lavish Marigold Canopy 

Image Credit: Decor Sutra

The combination of the shimmer curtains and marigold canopy is one of the most royal Haldi decoration ideas. You can replicate the decoration idea of the image below or you can add your twist to it. 

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6) Swing Seating Adorned In Marigold 

Image Credit: Etsy.com

The swing seating gives a lavish look and it is one of the most popular setup ideas. You can opt for a swing on rent and beautify it with marigold flowers. Moreover, you can adorn the background with light-colored drapes. Choose the colour of the drapes according to the colour of the swing. Swing is the perfect place for a bride-to-be to sit for the celebration. 

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7) Phulkari Dupatta & Tassels

Image Credit: BhavdeepKaur

This is the popular, traditional, and low-cost simple Haldi decoration at home. You can set up this in your backyard or the hall. This preparation won’t require much area and just requires minimal space. Adorn the background with a phulkari dupatta and some marigold flowers. Moreover, you can make use of your old Diwali lights for better photography. This is one of the indoor Haldi decoration ideas which you can do yourself while also adding a tinge of your creativity. 

8) Shimmer Curtains & Fairy Lights

Image Credit: CherishX

Fairy lights and shimmering drapes will tenfold the appearance of the arrangement for the backdrop. So, if you want glistening surfaces and low lighting, choose this trend, which is completely cost-effective. This mixture appears incredibly magical and fantastical. The images’ appearance will also be enhanced by the curtain and lights. You may, however, also add some marigold flowers to the ensemble.

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9) Welcome Haldi Board

Image Credit: Wedding Bridge

All you need is a plain piece of wood that you can cover with thick white paper and decorate with marigold flowers to spell out HALDI. Don’t forget to use flowers in bright colors to create the boundary of the board. This is one of the most innovative yet regal indoor Haldi decoration ideas. You may do this on a wall or even in a party hall that you have reserved. In addition to the board, you might add extra flowers to the area, as seen in the picture below.

10) Background of a Wooden Screen with Flowers

Image Credit: Decor by Pink Parrots

This is a one-of-a-kind indoor Haldi decoration idea that is simple, sober, yet elegant. You can get a unique wooden screen for the background and embellish it with multi-colored marigold flower strings swaying. Place a seat beneath the wooden screen and contrast it with printed cushions to make it a comfortable contemporary look. 

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11) Inverted Brass Domes

Image Credit: Take Rent Pe

Here’s a novel suggestion for the couple’s seating arrangement for the Haldi celebration. The usage of inverted brass domes as seating is magnificent. The backdrop of marigold flowers along with an inverted brass dome is one of the perfect indoor Haldi decoration ideas.

12) Lively Floral Arch

Image Credit: Unique Decor

The intention is to create a backdrop of vibrant and colorful flowers. The seating arrangement will look lovely with the flower arch. Therefore, make the seating understated because the floral arch will accentuate the entire design. Last but not least, a skilled floral decorator is required for this idea.

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13) Inverted Floral Baskets

One of the most indoor Haldi decoration ideas is to set up the backdrop with upside-down floral basket hangings. In addition, you can use the HALDI board and you’re all set to go. If you need more props, you can choose some sober items that you can rent from several stores for the seating arrangement. 

14) Floral Cabinas

Image Credit: Mars Event Planners

Floral cabinets are another classy and inviting indoor Haldi décor idea if you plan to host your celebration on your patio, party room, or terrace. Request decorators to cover the cabin in pink fabric and embellish it with hanging marigolds. Place a seat with cushions that also have a pink and yellow combination. This look is 10/10. 

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15) The Green Lush Decor

Image Credit: Mars Event Planners

The seating area can be crafted with this lovely board of lushness of greens. Match the traditional marigold blooms on the board to beautify the attractiveness of this magnificent decor display. You don’t even need to spend much time on seating because the magnificent backdrop will already make the space more appealing.

16) Suspended Bottles 

Image Credit: Pinterest

You can buy some old yellow-colored bottles and insert a bunch of marigold petals into them. Hang the bottles from trees with the help of a string. Moreover, you can also hang them against the wall. Along with bottles, you can also hang some strings of marigold and tea-lit candles. This will add some boho style to the backdrop and is a low-cost simple Haldi decoration at home. 

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17) Pink & Yellow Fabrics

Image Credit: Book Eventz

Use pink and yellow fabrics or plain pink and yellow curtains as a backdrop. It’s also a low-cost simple Haldi decoration at home. You can adorn the fabric with hanging fairy lights and marigold flowers. The color combination of pink and yellow will give you some amazing photographs for your Haldi celebration. 

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18) Drapes & Fabrics 

Image Credit: My Mandap.in

It’s one of the low-cost simple indoor Haldi decoration ideas which is extremely simple and beautiful. You can rent or buy different color drapes and arrange them in the corner of the house or the backyard with the perfect arrangement of flowers. 

19) Adorned Wooden Bench Or Chairs 

Image Credit: Nextinn Event

You can easily set up this in your backyard or the hall of your house. You can rent a bench otherwise use a chair and adorn it with marigolds and yellow cloth fabrics. It’s one of the great low-cost simple indoor Haldi decoration ideas which you can easily arrange at your home. 

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20) Swaying Parandis

Image Credit: Spardha & Ashish

Parandis won’t cost you a bomb and it is one of the great budget-friendly indoor Haldi decoration ideas. You can buy or rent some multi-color parandis and hang them in the corner of the bridal seating for the Haldi celebration. Moreover, you can also arrange flowers along with parandis. 

21) Hanging Flower Rings

Image Credit: The Fusiondecor.in

It’s another low-cost simple Haldi decoration at home. Make 15-20 flower rings and hang them via string. They will give a sober and captivating look. This will give some boho vibes around. 

22) Ribbons & Seat

Image Credit: Booktheparty.in

It’s one of the great budget-friendly indoor Haldi decoration ideas for a great backdrop look. You can buy multi-color ribbons such as pink, yellow, and orange. Hang them and place a seat beneath which you can further decorate with flowers and ribbons as well. 

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23) Genda Phool Frames 

Image Credit: Urban company

The backdrop decorating of the flower frames should not be overlooked. Rent a frame and hang it to provide a beautiful backdrop for your Haldi celebration. It’s also one of the great budget-friendly indoor Haldi decoration ideas. 

24) The Kite Frame

Image Credit: DecorSutra

You can use a plain yellow cloth as a backdrop and buy some colorful kites which match the energy of the yellow fabric. Stick or hang those kites in a certain pattern with a help of a string or fevicol. You can match blue or saffron kites to the yellow fabric and create a perfect low-cost simple indoor Haldi decoration backdrop. 

25) The Scooter Vibe

Image Credit: Pinterest

Hire a yellow scooter and decorate it with appealing flowers and ribbons. Get a bit creative or take references from the image given below. This will provide you with a perfect backdrop for a memorable experience. 

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Take Away

If you were confused because of too many options out there and due to the minimal budget, Weddings Banquets have put an end to your struggle by providing you with the best indoor Haldi decoration ideas. So, check out these budget-friendly Haldi backdrops according to your comfort and taste. If you liked and chose any one out of these, do tell us in the comments below. 

Moreover, if you’re looking for more wedding endeavors, do visit Wedding Banquets. It’s a one-stop solution for all your wedding wants. The single platform can arrange everything you need for a wedding. Anything from a perfect banquet to florists, decorators, bridal wear, Mehndi artists, and makeup artists is available. Do check us out!

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