Best 20 Diwali Rangoli Designs To Beautify Your Home

Best Diwali Rangoli Designs

Rangoli is an important part of Indian culture. Are you looking for some extraordinary Diwali Rangoli Ideas? If so, then we will cover you with the best ones! 

People make the Best Diwali Rangoli Designs as a gesture to welcome Goddess Lakshmi. It is drawn on the floor during Diwali to attract good luck, good vibes, and prosperity. Moreover, did you know? Every color has its vibration and energy so that’s why rangolis are made with different colors like red, yellow, pink, orange, and green. 

You can find a variety of mandala designs on this blog, including geometric and peacock-inspired ones. We want to cover you completely with the best ones. This blog has everything you need to make rangoli, whether you’re a novice or an expert.

20 Heart-Warming Diwali Rangoli Designs 

So let’s start exploring gorgeous rangolis if you want to start decorating your home. Considering that the entrance should always be the first. Find below the Best Diwali Rangoli Designs. 

  • Flower Rangoli
  • The Rainbow Rangoli
  • The Unique Diya Style
  • Theme-Based Rangoli
  • Peacock Style
  • Combination Rangoli Design
  • Lotus Design
  • Lakshmi Feet
  • Swastika Rangoli Design
  • Half Mandala & Peacock Style
  • Simple Flower Rangoli
  • The Simple Rangoli Bloom
  • Easy Rangoli Ideas
  • The Ganesh Rangoli
  • The Alluring Flower Style
  • The Grand Motifs
  • Clean & Simple Rangoli Decor
  • The Flower Ganesha
  • Ganesha Outlined Rangoli
  • Easy Swastik Rangoli
  • Best Diwali Rangoli Designs

1) Flower Rangoli 

Best Diwali Rangoli Designs

Flower rangoli is an amazing way to add some color and beauty to the entrance of your home. It’s a traditional Indian art form that uses colorful seeds, flowers, and leaves to create patterns on the floor. You can use flower rangoli to accent any room in your home, including the kitchen, living room, and bedroom. It’s one of the beautiful Diwali rangoli ideas that you should try making out this Diwali. Moreover, the flower rangoli design theme is a perfect choice for anyone who doesn’t want to use chemical rangoli colors. However, you can also get organic colors these days, but still making a beautiful design with flowers is a hit. You can opt for any flower but always keep the marigold dominant in your rangoli. Apart from it, you can also choose roses calendula, and blooms of your choice. Add vibrancy to your rangoli designs this Diwali. 

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2) The Rainbow Rangoli

Best Diwali Rangoli Designs

Image Courtesy: KS Kitchen & Lifestyle

How about rainbows? Diwali is not simply a festival of lights, but also of colors. Rangoli makes everything else beautiful. Isn’t it? It enhances the overall aesthetics of your home decoration during Diwali. Additionally, the vibrant rangoli decorated with a white color that dominates make it look fantastic. This rangoli is easy to make. All it takes to create a leaf-like pattern and rest is the magic of dots fanned out with your finger. Moreover, the motifs are also repeated, and a diya is used to embellish them. Accordingly, you can personalize and embellish your rangoli. You can put more diyas around. 

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3) The Unique Diya Style

Best Diwali Rangoli Designs

Image Courtesy: Pallabi Vinod

Are you looking for broad and simple Diwali rangoli ideas? If so, this is one of your finest options. Anyone can make this because it excludes any complicated designs. One of the Best Diwali Rangoli Designs, anyone can make it. Draw a precise circle and fill it with color. Next, create two diyas and decorate them with flowers. In addition to that, you can decorate your rangoli with diyas and flower petals. You are entirely free to decide your motif. This rangoli only expresses the light-related Diwali motif. 

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4) Theme-Based Rangoli

Best Diwali Rangoli Designs

Image Courtesy: Menaka’s Rangoli

This is also a very simple rangoli design that features two diyas, four flowers, and a Happy Diwali wish. Start with a diya and end with leaves. In this design, the blue, orange, and pink colors aesthetically please the eye and increase the rangoli motif’s overall look. Also, the background is white, then you can write “Happy Diwali” in a dark color for a wonderful contrast. It’s not a free-flow design and requires hand-turning skills. This is one of the popular Diwali rangoli ideas you can make. Begin with the diya and color the dots according to the number and arrangement of the flowers. For making the flowers, use your fingertips to move the color outwards. A stick can be used to create the leaf pattern. Lastly, adorn the rangoli with diyas. 

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5) Peacock Style

Best Diwali Rangoli Designs

Image Courtesy: Menaka’s Rangoli

The peacock is a lucky theme for the Best Diwali Rangoli Designs. It is a significant Hindu symbol that represents good fortune and prosperity. Furthermore, if you’re a beginner rangoli maker, this is one of the best Diwali rangoli ideas. Make a peacock body and attach a diya to it. Isn’t it appealing? Also, after creating a diya and a peacock, evenly decorate the border with white rangoli colors. You can also use bottle caps, fingers, and sticks to flatten the circles and make leaves. You can enhance the designs by incorporating additional elements. This design is all about styling a peacock’s feather, body, and crown precisely. 

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6) Combination Rangoli Design

Best Diwali Rangoli Designs

Image Courtesy: Rangoli by Keerthi

It’s a combination rangoli style with only two colors. The color white represents peace and positivity, while the color red represents love and religious matters. Only two colors appear to be more appealing to the eyes. This is one of the best Diwali rangoli ideas if you want to make a free-flowing simple rangoli design. A simple flower is inserted into a circle, which is adorned with a massive floral motif. White is used to highlighting the borders. The use of only two colors creates a surreal experience for the eyes. Furthermore, make this rangoli design on a plain white floor to improve its overall clarity.

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7) Lotus Design

Best Diwali Rangoli Designs

Image Courtesy: ShanthiSridharan Kolam

The lotus flower has its significance during Diwali’s Maha Lakshmi Puja. Kamal is said to be very precious to Goddess Lakshmi. According to Hindu scriptures, Goddess Lakshmi’s embodiment developed from the Lotus flower. So, making a lotus design is a gesture of welcoming Goddess Lakshmi to your home. You can make a large circle and adorn its border with patterns of a mandala. Leave the inner part of the circle empty while just adding a single color to it and adorning the border with different motifs. When you’re done with the borders, then make a lotus and beautify a border with white color. For ease, you can outline a lotus flower and then fill the colors to it. 

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8) Lakshmi Feet

Best Diwali Rangoli Designs

Image Courtesy: Pinterest

If you’re prepping the last-minute rangoli ideas and don’t have much time to buy rangoli colors, then you can use your child’s paints. Just pick out a few paint colors and draw them on the floor. Draw Lakshmi Maa’s feet and diyas along with it. Make the light of diyas and feet towards the entrance of a door to pay homage to Lakshmi Maa. You can also place diyas in between to beautify the overall look of the rangoli. 

9) Swastika Rangoli Design 

Best Diwali Rangoli Designs

Image Courtesy: Liftngift

A swastika is a cross-shaped symbol with each arm bent at right angles. It is regarded as a good luck symbol in India. If you’re a lover of flowers and a minimal motif lover, then Swastik Rangoli Design is your go-to-go design. Swastik is one of the easiest and most simple Diwali Rangoli ideas for beginners. You don’t need to run to the market to buy colors and just need marigold flowers and assemble them precisely to make a Swastika. You can also place four diyas in the swastika to beautify this flower rangoli. 

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10) Half Mandala & Peacock Style

Best Diwali Rangoli Designs

Image Courtesy: Anamika’s

This rangoli design will take some time and patience to complete. As this design is quite big, you will need a lot of colors and quite a good space to cover it all. Moreover, this design is all about the free-flow of hand skills because it has a lot of curves. Start by making a peacock head and then the half-mandala in between represents the body of the peacock. As discussed above peacock is a lucky theme for a rangoli. It is a significant Hindu symbol that represents good fortune and prosperity. Adorn the middle part of the rangoli with florals and end it with a green color which represents the tail of the peacock. Also, you can add a white color to make your rangoli look more attractive. 

11) Simple Flower Rangoli

Best Diwali Rangoli Designs

Image Courtesy: Pinterest

If you’re a fan of flower rangoli, then Simple flower rangoli is your answer. Flower rangoli is a traditional Indian decoration that is often made with various combinations of flowers. The flowers can be arranged in a spiral or a design, and the design can be repeated multiple times. Moreover, you can simply try out this easy pattern and make a flower motif with the petals. Just buy marigolds and roses and make a rangoli for yourself. Make your Diwali decor eco-friendly and full of fragrances. 

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12) The Simple Rangoli Bloom

Best Diwali Rangoli Designs

Image Courtesy: Pinterest

The three-colored rangoli look fantastic. Make a flower out of different colors, then encircle it with more petals. You can add a peacock feather touch to your flowers. You can add a leaf-style rangoli touch in between to make it more appealing. Finally, highlight the corners with white rangoli colors to make your rangoli look richer and fuller. It’s one of the most lovely Diwali rangoli ideas you can try out this Diwali. 

13) Easy Rangoli Ideas

Best Diwali Rangoli Designs

Image Courtesy: Menaka’s Rangoli

Flowers are always in style and are evergreen. Making a square with chalk, filling it with a single color, and embellishing the four sides with half-flowers looks stunning. It’s a mash-up of contrasting light and dark shades representing the highs and lows of human life. Because of its simple and appealing design, it is one of those Diwali rangoli ideas that can be made quickly. You can keep a diya in the square’s center. The diya in the center represents light emerging from darkness.

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14) The Ganesh Rangoli 

Best Diwali Rangoli Designs

Image Courtesy: Artopia

It’s difficult if you can’t make a full Ganesha Rangoli. But can you imagine a rangoli without a Ganesha tracing? The elephant God is the remover of obstacles and the King of new beginnings. So, if you want to embark on a new life journey this year or need Lord Ganesha’s blessings to begin a new journey, business, job, or work, begin by tracing Lord Ganesha. You can also replicate the design shown in the image, or you can simply make florals or a circle with Lord Ganesha in it.

15) The Alluring Flower Style

Best Diwali Rangoli Designs

Image Courtesy: Pinterest

This is one of the easy rangoli ideas. If you’re a minimalistic lover of designs, then do check out this design. You can simply make and trace a square and fill it with a single color and put a diya in the center. Moreover, it involves a simple flower pattern drawn out of white color. Isn’t this something new? Flower pattern on the sides that too with white color. White color represents peace and divinity. So, if you’re interested in making something simple, then this is one of the best Diwali rangoli ideas you can make. The rangoli design is enhanced by the shading in the outer leaves and the flower pattern. You can easily customize your design according to your desire. 

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16) The Grand Motifs 

Best Diwali Rangoli Designs

Image Courtesy: Pinterest

It is a simple yet elegant rangoli pattern for newbies. A simple flower with beveled petals and motifs is drawn in the center. The striking contrast between the colors used is the design’s high point. Moreover, you can beautify the rangoli with diyas to give it more life. The light spreads positivity, enlightenment, luck, prosperity, knowledge, and wisdom. Diyas symbolizes the victory of light over darkness and Diwali is the best time to represent the truth of light. 

17) Clean & Simple Rangoli Decor

Best Diwali Rangoli Designs

Image Courtesy: Sonali Rangoli

If making a rangoli is one of the most challenging tasks you’ve ever faced, check out this amazingly clean and simple rangoli decor. Simply draw a square outline and fill it with a color that represents your soul well. However, green represents prosperity, abundance, peace, and security. You can add peacock feather shading to this design. Put a diya in the center and surround it with a circular design. On the plain square, you can also trace a small leafy theme.

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18) The Flower Ganesha 

Best Diwali Rangoli Designs

Image Courtesy: Pinterest

One of our favorite Diwali rangoli designs. It’s straightforward but enthralling. Make a flower Ganesha out of a mix of marigolds, roses, and calendulas. This is stunning. As previously stated, Lord Ganesha is the God of removing obstacles and hurdles. He is the God who creates opportunities for advancement in life. Lord Ganesha also represents wisdom and intellect. So, to make your Diwali lucky and prosperous, place Lord Ganesha at the entrance to your home.

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19) Ganesha Outlined Rangoli

Best Diwali Rangoli Designs

Image Courtesy: Pinterest

We intend to make things easier for you. Just a sketch of Lord Ganesha. Simply trace him and your rangoli is ready. It only requires the free-flowing of your hands to come out clean and clear. You can also add diyas to make it more appealing.

20) Easy Swastik Rangoli

Best Diwali Rangoli Designs

Swastik represents prosperity and good fortune in Hinduism. This Diwali, make an auspicious symbol as a rangoli. Because it is simple, appealing, and meaningful, you can complete it in a matter of minutes. The term is derived from the Sanskrit symbol swastika, which means “well-being.” Make this symbol if you want to attract health and wealth.

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Rangoli Diwali is an important and auspicious festival celebrated in India to mark the victory of good over evil. This rangoli is often used to decorate the floor of a house during the festival to welcome Maa Lakshmi. So, aren’t these Diwali rangoli ideas are amazing? So, it’s time to make your festival special by making these fascinating patterns in your home. Buy your rangoli colors and spill them on the floor with your creativity. 

Wedding Banquets wishes you all a very auspicious Happy Diwali. 

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