Trending Lehenga Designs

20 Trending Lehenga Designs To Save In Your Gallery Right Away – 2024

If you are looking for trending lehenga designs, you’ve come to the correct place. In this blog, you will get ideas about the bomb lehengas, which you can directly screenshot and save in your gallery. 

Moreover, if there’s a function awaiting in your family, then you will get 20 killer lehenga design ideas that you can recreate in the future. Additionally, if you are a bride-to-be, you can explore our website to find some of the royal lehenga wear. 

“The fashion changes just like the weather.” Do you also agree? 

20 Trending Lehenga Designs

The design and patterns that are today in fashion might lose their charm in a few months. So, the Wedding Banquets team is here to keep you updated on the latest trending Lehenga designs in 2024 that you should not miss checking out at any cost. Therefore, let’s dive into the off-beat lehenga trends.

  • Anarkali Silhouette
  • Printed Lehengas
  • Technicolor Lehengas
  • Traditional Art Lehengas
  • Pastel Color Lehenga
  • Lehenga Trails
  • Patola Lehenga Trends
  • Lakhnavi Lehenga
  • Vibrant Hues
  • Silk Lehenga Choli
  • Glossy Shimmer Lehengas
  • Multi-Kali Lehenga Designs
  • Lavender Hues
  • Tie & Dye Lehenga
  • Floral Trends
  • Indo-Western Lehenga Trends
  • Mirrorworked Lehenga Choli
  • Peplum Style
  • Layered Lehenga Style
  • Kurti-Style Lehenga

1) Anarkali Silhouette

Trending Lehenga Designs

Image Courtesy: Isha Multani

The Anarkali Silhouette is one of the trending lehenga designs which has never lost its charm since it entered the list of fashion. Anarkali lehengas’ flowing bottom that blooms like a flower looks exquisite. Moreover, if you’re someone with a slender body and want to look fuller, go for the Anarkali lehenga trend because it will look the best on you. Lastly, how can we miss the Anarkali special twirl? So, wearing Anarkali lehengas can help you get insta-worthy reels and pictures. 

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2) Printed Lehengas 

Trending Lehenga Designs

Image Courtesy: Prajakta Koli

Can we say that printed lehengas will be one of the sexiest and trending lehenga designs in 2024? They are a combination of exquisite, glamour, and comfort. Furthermore, if you want comfort as well as style, printed lehengas are what you need in your closet. Additionally, the printed lehengas are lightweight, making them simpler to carry. Such lehenga trends and prints are more relaxed and not much gaudy. They are popular in the fashion world. You can also explore printed designs such as hand block prints, digital prints, and others. So, choose from these heartwarming collections of fabrics, patterns, and adornments. Flaunt your contemporary printed lehengas.

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3) Technicolor Lehengas

Trending Lehenga Designs

Image Courtesy: Pinterest

Technicolor is a popular lehenga style for 2024. Technicolor lehengas stand out and are the most unique of all the lehengas described here. This golden lehenga ensemble exudes a magnificent aura. It’s a mix of diverse, one-of-a-kind, and cool patterns. Furthermore, do you recall seeing technology television sets with bare displays in the 1990s? This style was inspired by technicolor television sets. Now, there’s a lehengas trend that will take your breath away. So, bookmark this vintage lehenga design that isn’t new yet looks wonderful and distinctive.

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4) Traditional Art Lehengas

Trending Lehenga Designs

Image Courtesy: Anaara Ethnic

Are you a fan of traditional works such as mirror work, zardozi, gota pattern, traditional embroidery, and ornamental needlework? If so, the traditional art design is one of the stunning trending lehenga designs which look royal and magnificent. Moreover, if you’re a fan of heavy designs and patterns both on the blouse and lehenga itself, then go for this traditional art lehenga. Moreover, if you’re a bride-to-be, you can also opt for these lehengas if you can carry the heavy work with grace. 

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5) Pastel Color Lehenga

Trending Lehenga Designs

Image Courtesy: shopkynah

Pastel lehengas are trending lehenga designs they are usually made from a light and airy fabric that looks gorgeous in pink, green, blue, and yellow hues. They are a popular choice for women who want to look glamorous and elegant and are a great way to add a bit of pastel flair to your wardrobe. Lastly, If you are a lover of sober hues, and elegant hues, and not a fan of gaudy colors, then pastel is your taste. So, go for it. 

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6) Lehenga Trails 

Trending Lehenga Designs

Image Courtesy: Deepika Padukone

 If you want to follow the hype of long lehenga trails which gives queen vibes, then trails are one of the trending lehenga designs and you shouldn’t miss taking a screenshot. The sweeping lehenga trails add an exquisite taste to the lehenga and give it a royal look that makes you look magnificent. Many designers have begun adding flair trails to lehenga trends which you can explore. However, there’s less boom of this trend in India, but you can be the trendsetter of the trails in 2024. Moreover, the trails can give you the best dreamy wedding photos you’ve always wanted. 

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7) Patola Lehenga Trends

Trending Lehenga Designs

Image Courtesy: utsavfashion

Patola lehenga is a popular lehenga design that combines modern and traditional fashion elements. This is beautiful and distinctive all at the same time. Furthermore, if you’re not comfortable wearing blouses because you’re not confident enough to reveal your belly, but still want to wear a lehenga, go for the patola trends in 2024 because it will provide you confidence, comfort, and lehenga vibes all in one.

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8) Lakhnavi Lehenga 

Trending Lehenga Designs

Image Courtesy:

These are hand-made and one-of-a-kind popular lehenga patterns that you should not pass up at any cost. The motifs on this embroidered lehenga will undoubtedly captivate you. The majority of lakhnavi trends have pastel colors with rich white thread embroidery. It is one of the subtle trending lehenga designs that you will fall in love with. It is not for those who enjoy bright colors and intricate motifs.

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9) Vibrant Hues 

Trending Lehenga Designs

Image Courtesy: Ricco India

If you like bright colors and patterns, these are the lehengas for you. These lehengas have some unusual motifs, as well as dark colors like orange, magenta, maroon, dark blue, and others. Such lehengas combine entirely unexpected colors with stunning designs. So, if you’re not a fan of neutrals or pastels, bold colors are your best bet.

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10) Silk Lehenga Choli 

Trending Lehenga Designs

Image Courtesy: Indiantrends

What better way to look elegant and ethereal than in silk lehengas on your wedding day? Silk will never go out of style. It is one of the royal trending lehenga designs that are suitable for wearing at your loved ones’ functions. Silk sarees have been popular since the 1990s, and today silk fashion is reaching new heights, with silk lehengas becoming popular. If you want to wear something classy, trendy, and traditional, a silk lehenga is a way to go.

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11) Glossy Shimmer Lehengas 

Trending Lehenga Designs

Image Courtesy: Image via Sakshi and Achal; Outfit by Seema Gujral Design

The shimmer is all about the shine, gloss, sequins, or metallic embroidery. Shimmer is in the lehenga trends of 2024. So, if you want to shine at a wedding function and want your attire to glow just like your skin, shimmer can go well. Shimmer went out of trend after 2016, but now they are back in the vogue. The silver, golden, black, golden, blue, and pastel colors with a shimmery and glossy look are the best options you will get. Moreover, you can get your lehengas customized accordingly. 

12) Multi-Kali Lehenga Designs

Trending Lehenga Designs

Image Courtesy:

The most recent multi-kali lehenga design embodies both Indian tradition and modernism. While the blend of a designer blouse and flared lehenga is captivating. Multi-kali is one of the stunning lehenga trends in 2024 which you should consider checking out! Moreover, if you’re a fan of hot blouses, go for the multi-kali lehenga designs. 

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13) Lavender Hues

Trending Lehenga Designs

Image Courtesy: Lavanya The Label, Pinterest, & Shehla Khan

The lavender color is so in and one of the sober trending lehenga designs in 2024. Moreover, 2024 is the year of this color. People dying their hair purple and opting for the same color as well. So, if you want to go for some unconventional lehenga trend of the year, overcome the conventional basic colors and look out for some lavender inspirations. 

14) Tie & Dye Lehenga 

Trending Lehenga Designs

Image Courtesy: Crop-top with Lehenga

It’s one of the newest designs in 2024 which will look stunning. You can easily customize the dye colors according to the event and your choice. Such lehenga trends will make you stand out from conventional patterns and designs. So, if you’re looking out for something out of the way, tie and dye should be your choice. Moreover, match the lehenga with a perfect bold blouse and you will rock the party night. 

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15) Floral Trends 

Trending Lehenga Designs

Image Courtesy: Pinterest

If you’re looking out for a combination of floral and charming lehengas, florals come under the newest 2024 lehenga trends which you will love absolutely. Furthermore, if you are a bride-to-be seeking some fresh lehenga trends for pre-wedding festivities such as the Haldi celebration, sangeet celebration, or even engagement, you can look into floral designs.

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16) Indo-Western Lehenga Trends

Trending Lehenga Designs

Image Courtesy: Pinterest

Do you want to try the jacket-style lehengas? These are also one of the newest and trending lehenga designs in 2024. Moreover, it is a stunning blend of classic style with modern hems and designs. It’s time to spice up your lehenga with some trendy embellishments. As a result, Indo-Western allows you to pair your lehenga with a long jacket with features such as ruffled and layered lehengas.

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17) Mirrorworked Lehenga Choli 

Trending Lehenga Designs

Image Courtesy: Pinterest

Mirrored lehengas are also popular in 2024. The pastel lehengas with mirrorwork are just gorgeous. You will not be able to resist the mirror-worked lehenga trends since a glam-up lehenga will set you out from the crowd.

18) Peplum Style 

Trending Lehenga Designs

Image Courtesy: Pinterest

If you’re looking for some sober, and contemporary design blouses, then you’re at the correct place. Peplum is one of the great trending lehenga designs in 2024 that you should save in your gallery for a stunning outfit. In peplum style, the blouse comes to the waist, and you wear it along with flared lehenga or skirt. So, do try this peplum pair and look stunning. 

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19) Layered Lehenga Style 

Trending Lehenga Designs

Image Courtesy: Pinterest

Layered or ruffled lehengas are one of the most trending lehenga designs to look into in 2024. You can’t resist the thick layers since they look so splendid. Furthermore, this is one of those lehenga trends that will draw all eyes to you during the gathering. The layered sleeves and lehenga complement one other pleasantly. So, have a look at this trend.

20) Kurti-Style Lehenga

Trending Lehenga Designs

Image Courtesy:

It’s one of the 2024 versatile lehenga trends. For a new style, choose a trendy Kurti and combine it with a dupatta and a lehenga. Any one of the two outfits, whether lehenga or Kurti, should be bolder than the other. Wear it with a dupatta or remove it to achieve a genuine lehenga look. If you bought a plain lehenga, pair it with a more vibrant Kurti, and vice versa.

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Final Words

Wedding Banquets has presented you with 20 trending lehenga designs, which you can save directly to your gallery for future inspiration. We made sure to provide the most stunning lehenga trends in 2024 which you shouldn’t miss at all. All these lehengas are super in. Moreover, there are several preferences for everyone, from pastels, mirrorwork, florals, and layered styles, to tie and dye and lavender. So, you can choose from a wide variety of preferences. If you loved these styles or saved any one of them, do tell us in the comments below.

 Apart from this, if you’re looking for more wedding endeavors, do visit Wedding Banquets. It’s a one-stop solution for all your wedding wants. The single platform can arrange everything you need for your dream wedding. Anything from a perfect banquet to florists, decorators, bridal wear, Mehndi artists, and makeup artists is available on our website. Do check us out!

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