51+ Trending Bridal Entry Ideas

Here comes the Dulhan- every bride is the superstar on her day, and it asks for a grand entrance just like stars do. Making a striking entrance on the most monumental day of her life; a bride dreams about the perfect dreamy entrance.

From the grand entrance which is traditional to a quirky fun twist, the possibilities are endless. So here we are compiling some of the trending bridal entry ideas that will leave your guests awestruck and mesmerized.

These are the Best Bridal Entry Ideas

No more clichéd bridal entries, as these unique trending bridal entry ideas will make your big day extra special. Gather around and find your perfect breathtaking entry. These will make the groom fall in love with you all over again, and guests will witness the queen that you are.

Phoolon ki chaadar

This traditional entry idea is now used with a twist. With contemporary design material like pearls, this simple entrance idea went through a makeover. Add a flower bouquet in the bride’s hand and see how perfect the look turns out.

Image Credit: Divine Mantra Pictures and Production

Entry on a vintage car

Enter like royalty by making a grand entrance. Slay like a queen and see how everyone around you looks in awe as the grand, vintage ride pulls up to the wedding.

Image Credit: ARTFOTO

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Entry on a boat

Ever thought this simple entrance style will leave a memorable mark on the onlookers? Well, it will create a beautiful entrance for the bride with the backdrop of water. A perfect entrance idea if your wedding is near the sea, river or even a swimming pool.

Image Credit: ALI G STUDIOS

On chariot

This unique take on the entrance will make for a cinderella style entry. Bring reality to your princess dream with this simple yet elegant take on the bride’s entrance. Adorn with flowers to hype up the décor.

Image Credit: KS Studio Photography


A surreal and beautiful entrance that doesn’t take much effort. Enter under an umbrella that has alluring patterns and vibrant colours, decorate with flowers, etc. Feel like royalty with a subtle elegance that will leave a mark on the guests.

Image Credit: Pinterest

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Add a fun, quirky way to the bride entry. Hop on your scooter and swoosh to your wedding, breaking the stereotype of shy brides. This modern take on bride entrance is quite an in-trend these days.

Image Credit: Pinterest

Dance entry

Dance like nobody’s watching as this is your big day that requires the fun display of celebration. Let your favourite music play and see how your dance moves compel others to join in and elevate the joyous moments.

Image Credit: Weddings by Knotty Days

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Let kids take over

Let the cute kids hold beautiful placards announcing your entrance. See how it overwhelms the guests with warm feelings. With kids holding flower baskets and balloons, it’s a loving entry for sure.

Image Credit: Pinterest

Light it up

Use crackers and lights to brighten your bride’s entrance which looks enchanting. This special day requires sparkles and loud fun elements, as reflected by this bride entry idea.

Image Credit: Pinterest

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With entertainment squad

Enter with a performance team that dances or sings their way as you walk towards the wedding stage. Take help from professional entertainers and create a routine that makes you feel like the star.

Image Credit: Naman Verma


Take a luxurious ride with your man to experience high-end wedding aesthetics. Make an entrance that will be memorable forever by flying high and stepping out like modern royalty.

Image Credit: Youtube

Dupatta veil with smoke bombs

Create this traditionally simple bride entrance idea with a twist of visual. Add smoke bombs for a magical appeal to this otherwise one of the emotional bride entry ideas.

Image Credit: Red Weds

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Flower basket

Give a change of pace to the simple phoolon ki chaadar by creating a flower basket to bring in the bride. It’s the perfect gift to the groom, which looks adorable and unique at the same time.

Image Credit: Pinterest

Palki style

This dreamy ride will never go out of style. Add your personal touch by modifying the traditional palki by adding gold hues, pastel flowers, and intricate detailing.

Image Credit: khachakk studios

With mashaals

Bride entrance with a parade of mashaals for colossal wedding aesthetics. This is the ideal regal wedding entry that simply reflects the grand vibes of royalty.

Image Credit: BR

Luxury carriage

Take it up a notch and enter like queens with grand luxury carriages surrounded by firecrackers and beautiful lighting. Let the D-day be as extravagant as it can get to show the queen bride.

Image Credit: The Wedding Story

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Tunnel of hands

Create a remarkable wedding entry with this cool and simple bride entrance idea. Let the bridesmaids and your family form the hand tunnel as you playfully come towards your life partner.

Image Credit: Pixelknot.in

With your daddy dearest

This one is for the brides who have been pampered all their life. Walk down the aisle with your first love – dad. See how the environment turns happy and emotional at the same time.

Image Credit: The Wedding Salad

Entry with your pet

For the brides who want to include their fur babies in the wedding. Let there be an aura of ‘awww’ moment as you walk towards the love of your life with your snuggly pet.

Image Credit: Design Aqua

Entrance on a rickshaw

Spice up your entrance with this offbeat entrance idea. Rental rickshaws adorned with beautiful flowers or fairy lights will make up for the cute entry for intimate weddings.

Image Credit: Pinterest

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With the BFF squad on a car

This ultra-cool entrance style is full of swag. Let the party mode on with your BFF as you make this party-inspired entrance to the wedding. Great way to make an entry vibing to the music.

Image Credit: Anupam Maurya

Horse ride

Break the gender roles and ride in on a horse. This modern bride entrance idea is very popular these days as it breaks the general rules and reflects something different from the usual.

Image Credit: The Wedding Brigade

Golf cart entrance

A unique idea to add a one-of-a-kind element to the wedding. Get on a golf cart and ride to your wedding in a fun casual way which will surely become a highlight.

Image Credit: Dipak Studios

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Go solo

Be an aura of sophistication and a force to reckon with by walking down the aisle solo. The sheer beauty and authentic vibes will keep all the eyes glued to you as you make your way to the groom.

Image Credit: Pinterest

With balloons

Revisit your childhood days by making an exciting entrance with balloons. A fun and cool way to lighten up the wedding mood. Include colourful balloons to brighten up the surroundings with your entrance.

Image Credit: Urban Company

Luxury car

Pull up to your wedding in a luxurious fancy car, and see how the heads turn in awe. Leave your guests spellbound as they see you getting out of the Lamborghini, BMW, etc., like a celebrity.

Image Credit: ZoWed.com

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Dome shape canopy

Have a giant floral canopy over as you make your way towards the groom. This larger-than-life bride entrance idea can be perfected by coordinated outfits and your loved ones holding the canopy.

Image Credit: FabWeddings.in

With your man

Take this offbeat route to the wedding by letting your groom walk by your side. Let the guests see that true love walk side by side while you two gush over each other making way to the wedding.

Image Credit: Pinterest

On a jeep

This bold entrance is for brides who like to make an entrance that will etch a memory forever. You can drive a solo ride with your friends or let your man come along to make a unique entrance.

Image Credit: Pinterest

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Paper parasols

This is one of the best bride entry ideas because of how cute it looks. Get matching paper parasols to be held by the family as the bride makes its way towards the wedding. Simply adorable!

Image Credit: ShaadiSaga.com

Rajasthani palki

Arrive at the wedding like a princess on a Rajasthani theme palki. This traditional and heritage look adorned by a shower of flowers from the guests will create a beautiful entrance.

Image Credit: IndiaMART

With violins

Let Bollywood guide you for a ‘love in the air’ kind of entrance. Enter like a Bollywood dream sequence approaching your partner while there are violin players in the background.

Image Credit: Youtube

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Shower of flowers

This classic way of bridal entry will never go out of style. Make an elegant yet vibrant entrance as your squad showers you with beautiful flowers.

Image Credit: Pinterest

Kaleerey ki chaadar

This different take on kaleerey is a must-try entrance idea for brides. A modern twist on phoolon ki chaadar for brides who want something different than the usual flowers.

Image Credit: Pinterest

Long dupatta veil

Inspired by the west, this is the Indian take on the long veil. Let your bridesmaids and BFFs hold the long dupatta veil behind you as you walk towards your groom on the beat of ‘Din Shagna Da’.

Image Credit: Cine Love

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Bullet entry

For brides who have a passion for bikes. Zoom in to the wedding on the ‘dug dug dug’ of bullet like a slay queen. Get your shades on and ride yourself or let someone else drive.

Image Credit: Pinterest

With the bridesmaids

They are your gang who have been by your side throughout, then why not include them when making the grand entrance. Get coordinated outfits and let them escort you to your love.

Image Credit: Pinterest

Round floral canopy

A beautiful round canopy decorated with flowers is something a modern, intimate wedding desires. Match the flowers with the overall theme of the wedding and see how dreamy it looks.

Image Credit: Orissapost.com

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With brothers

Your protective brothers are here to guide you towards your love while holding a simple dupatta chaadar. How mesmerising yet emotional that moment will be.

Image Credit: Lin and Jirsa Photography

Funny placards

It might be an emotional moment, so why not lighten it up with some funny placards? Let your friends and family hold cute placards of quotes and see how it makes him smile while you approach the stage.

Image Credit: Wedding Kalakar

Zorb ball

Who knew this fun element can be incorporated in weddings. Now enter in a unique way to the wedding in a zorb ball. Light up the surroundings for added effect.

Image Credit: Weddingsonly.in

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Make an entrance while guests blow bubbles. It is a cute, fun way to bring back happy childhood memories. Lighten the environment and see bubbles of laughter- literally!

Image Credit: Stories by Joseph Radhik


A must-have feature in every wedding. Make a grand Bollywood dance-style entrance surrounded by dholwalas and let the beat create a joyous aura.

Image Credit: The Photo Diary

Bridesmaids carrying diyas

A simply elegant entrance style in which you let your bridesmaids or friends hold diyas or flower petals. Lead your way towards the groom surrounded by a warm, inviting vibe.

Image Credit: Photo Vivah

Segway entry

Nothing oozes cooler vibes than a bride on a segway. The authentic modern look of the bride’s entrance as she smoothly rolls to the wedding on a segway, looking like a queen.

Image Credit: Mutterfly’s Blog

With parents

Let your parents guide you on the most important day of your life. The moment cannot be more emotional yet happy, ensuring cherished memories for a lifetime.

Image Credit: Pinterest

Exotic dancers

Entertainment and drama to the full force as exotic dancers lead the way while you walk towards your love. A fun and must-try bride entry idea that will surely win hearts.

Image Credit: Bollywoodshaadis.com

Enchanting entry

Enter with pundits or monks chanting holy mantras to enhance the auspicious aura of the wedding. A serene and holy way of entering the wedding, that fills the environment with purity and a joyous vibe.

Image Credit: Pinterest

Colourful smoke bombs

Vibrant and bright colours take over the background as you make your way towards the wedding. Let colours splash and cover the surroundings creating a beautiful picture-perfect look.

Image Credit: BookEventz

Floral cage

Another unique take on the traditional phoolon ki chaadar. The intricate flower decoration matches the aesthetics of the wedding and creates a beautiful fragrant environment.

Image Credit: Aman Photography

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Flower tiaras

Let the girl gang from your friend group and family walk along with you wearing tiaras. It is such a cute and easy way that looks amazing.

Image Credit: Shutter Down

Matching outfit

If you have nieces or nephews, match your wedding outfit with them for an adorable look. Show your love and let the kids add an extra affectionate factor to the wedding.

Image Credit: Shutter Down

Things to keep in mind before Bridal Entry

  1. Decide if you want to make the entrance alone, with your parents, or with friends.
  2. What song do you want to make your bridal entrance with? Is it going to be a romantic song, Bollywood dhamakedar song, or an emotional one?
  3. Talk to your wedding planner and discuss your vision as they can expertly advise on different ideas especially curated for you.
  4. Decide on the theme of the wedding and add props and elements to the bridal entrance accordingly.
  5. What kind of vibe should your entry emanate? You can choose from vintage, dreamy, royal, quirky, fairytale, funky, etc.

This concludes our take on some of the most popular and trending bride entry ideas that are sure to become the showstopper. Now gather your team bride to discuss your grand entrance and draw inspiration from these creative ideas.

You can combine two or more ideas for a personalised touch or stick to one lavish look. The choice is yours, queen bride!

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