Gharchola Saree

Gharchola Glamour: A Tradition In Every Thread

Gharchola Saree holds a special place in the hearts of Every Woman. It not only represents the rich traditional culture but also makes a statement. Every Ghar Chola is attired with bold and beautiful threads that signify the rich culture. The saree is usually hallmark-ravelled, weaving in gorgeous colours like red, golden, green, etc. The traditional designs, like flowers, peacocks, and elephants, significantly signify prosperity, fruitfulness, and wedding bliss. For instance, at the wedding event, the bride especially attires herself in Gharchola to perform the holy ritual like the ‘Gath Bandhan’ that signified the fusion of two spirits in marriage. In Ghar Chola attire, everyone looks beautiful and elegant. Gharchola Bandhani saree is handcrafted by talented artists predominantly from the Patna region, Gujrat, and includes bandhani, zari, tye, and dye that signifies the beauty of rich culture and heritage. It is an essential part of Gujarati weddings where both bride and groom embellish themselves in Ghar Chola beauty. This tradition has progressed over centuries only in the Gujarati section. If you wear flawless makeup and hairstyle, then there is no doubt that you will look magnificent as it will grasp gigantic ritualistic noteworthiness. You will be the centre of attention in everyone’s eyes. A mother typically gifts Gharchola Saree in-laws to her daughter-in-law as a wedding gesture. It is also considered a lucky charm because it signifies welcoming a new member into the family. Here, we are providing you with some glimpses of beautiful Gharchola sarees so that you can attire yourself and look ravishing.

1- Winsome Pure Gajji Bandhani Maroon Color Gharchola Saree with Heavy Embroidered Silk Blouse 

Gharchola Saree

This beautiful Ghar Chola bandhani saree, combined with red bandhani and creative golden gota patti, looks vibrant and glamorous. It gives it a stunning and unique pattern and represents the rich traditional culture. This Ghar Chola saree is the hallmark of the tie-dye bandhani. And the eye-catching silk blouse gives a magnificent touch to the overall look. You can wear it on special occasions like weddings, receptions, cultural events, etc. Gharchola saree always holds a special place in everyone’s heart. You will look fantastic and unique if you wear a red Sindhu with a middle partition of open hair. 

2- Nita Ambani Wore’ Gharchola Odhni’ For Son, Anant Ambani and Radhika’s First Pre-wedding Ceremony

Gharchola Saree

Gujarati Traditional Gharchola Saree that Nita Ambani is wearing for her son, Anant Ambani and Radhika’s First Pre-Wedding ceremony is itself making a statement. Nita Ambani’s look is looking breathtaking. She usually only attire herself in Gharchola style, and she undoubtedly looks stunning. You can choose vibrant colours like pink, red, green, etc. So, If your son is getting married and you want to be the centre of attention, Choose Gujarati Traditional Gharchola Saree for your son’s wedding. You will look magnificent in Ghar Chola attire. You will also represent the rich heritage of Indian culture.

3- Imperial Blue Colour Satin Pure Gajji Bandhani Saree with Heavy Embroidered Silk Blouse

Gharchola Saree

This glamorous traditional Ghar Chola saree looks unique and magnificent. It is a combination of both white and golden thread with a bandhni style. The Gujarati artist handcrafts this elegant saree. It is hand-dyed and adorned with a beautiful bandhani design pattern. This colour looks very soothing and breathable. You can wear this saree for special events like weddings, receptions, or devotional events. This Ghar Chola saree is soft cotton, and the intricate blouse is silk. If you are fond of this kind of vibrant colour, then go for this saree.

4-  Sonam Kapoor Looks Ravishing in a 35-year-Old Gharchola Saree Borrowed From Her Mother

Gharchola Saree

Most of the daughters borrow their mother’s saree for their exquisite collection of sarees, and here, Sonam Kapoor looks ravishing in a 35-year-old Gharchola Saree that she borrowed from her mother. She looks like a queen and especially mentions that this traditional Ghar Chola saree is borrowed from her mum’s collection. Combining the maroon Ghar Chola saree with the intricate design of the got pati makes it look radiant and elegant. As we have heard, old is gold, so Sonam Kapoor’s mother’s collection is magnificent.

5-  Geroo Gujrati Gharchola Zari Pallu Gharchola Saree with Beautiful Blouse Piece 

Gharchola Saree

This is Gharchola Rajkot Saree with an Ajrakh hand-block print in vibrant pink and magenta. This Ghar Chola saree will be a great fit if magenta pink holds a special place in your heart. For all the newlyweds, choose this traditional Ghar Chola saree; you’ll look like a doll if you adorn it and wear your proper makeup and hairstyle. This colour is eye-catching, and it will match every Indian skin tone. So, what are you waiting for? Choose this Gujarati Ghar Chola saree for your new wedding attire.

6- Women’s Yellow Zari Wowen Patola Silk Saree with Blouse 

Gharchola Saree

This beautiful Yellow Zari women’s Patola Silk Saree with Blouse epitomises elegance.

This traditional colour symbolises prosperity and fruitfulness. You can wear this Rajwadi Ghar Chola saree for special events like weddings, wedding receptions, etc. You can even attire yourself with this yellow Ghar Chola saree if you are visiting the temple for some rituals and traditions. It is handcrafted by a Gujarati artist. You can also doll up yourself in this saree with a handcrafted blouse for some special occasion.

7- Women’s Peach Minakri Zari Woven Gharchola Traditional Saree

Gharchola Saree

 This elegant Ghar Chola saree looks stunning. It combines vibrant colours like mint green, orange, golden, and magenta. If you’re fond of sarees, anyone can wear this beautiful Gujarati Ghar Chola saree for any special occasion. Mark our words; you’ll look magnificent in this beautiful attire. It is handcrafted in Gujrat, Patna state. The overall saree is paired with a handcrafted blouse. This seems so soothing and freezie. 

8-  Vibrant Combination Rajkot Gharchola Saree

Gharchola Saree

Sonam Kapoor looks like a Maharani in this beautiful attire. If you’re fond of multicoloured attire, look no further! This unique Rajkot Gharchola saree would be a great fit for you. You can even gift it to your special ones, like family and friends, and they will absolutely love this stunning gesture. And if you want to embrace yourself in traditional attire, choose these vibrant traditional Ghar Chola sarees. 

9-  Beautiful Mixture Of Blood Red and Orange Gharchola Bandhani Saree

Gharchola Saree

This elegant, Beautiful Mix of Blood Red and orange Ghar Chola bandhani saree will stay traditional. This Ghar Chola saree represents the rich heritage of culture. Typically, everyone is fond of these kinds of handcrafted sarees. If you want to look simple and elegant, this Gujarati Ghar Chola saree that Shanaya Kapoor is wearing would be ideal. We assure you that you’ll be the centre of attention.

10-  The Rich & Heavy Handcrafted Gujarati Traditional Gharchola Saree

Gharchola Saree

Are you looking for a luxurious appearance in a Ghar Chola saree? This beautiful handcrafted saree with heavy blouse work would be an excellent fit for you. Mark our words: if you wear this Rajkot Ghar Chola saree, you will look stunning and reflect your style of appearance. Magenta Pink is the colour that suits every Indian skin tone. You don’t have to come here and there to find more colours where this vibrant, magenta pink Gharchola handcrafted saree is available. Wear this saree, and you will look beautiful and sophisticated.


Here are some glimpses of Beautiful, handcrafted Ghar Chola sarees that are unique and captivating. You can wear these beautiful attires and look ravishing. These Ghar Chola sarees have evolved over the centuries and will always stay in style. 

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