Best Makeup Artists in Delhi

#WBSuggests: Best Makeup Artists in Delhi of 2024

Wedding makeup artists are not easy to find, even when you look low and high for them. There is a thin line difference between a makeup artist and the best makeup artist who has the knowledge to create a wedding look in the humid season of Delhi. Wedding day makeup is precious as the majority of guests attend the main event, skipping the pre-wedding and reception event. So the bride should bright and flaunt the most on her wedding day. There are thousands of wedding makeup artists option in all over Delhi and NCR. But who will assure you about the genuine services? Thus we are here to help you choose your bridal makeup artist in Delhi. Wedding Banquets has the top 10+ makeup artists in Delhi who are professional, communicating and have a unique vision of makeup. You will get a brief introduction to our best wedding makeup artists, who are available to travel in and outside Delhi. Scroll down a bit more to know more about them. 

Viha Makeover- Hema Arora

Best Makeup Artists in Delhi

Makeup By Viha Makeover (Instagram)

Fan of Indian Glam makeup looks? Then Viha Makeover by Hema Arora is the makeup artist in Delhi you are looking for. She likes to have a conversation with the clients before the event to get a better understanding of the wedding look they desire.  

Mansi Makeover- Mansi Jain

Best Makeup Artists in Delhi

Makeup By Mansi Makeover (Instagram) & (Facebook)

Mansi Makeover by Mansi Jain is a makeup artist who creates beautiful wedding makeup looks without stacking up the makeup on the face. Mansi Jain is enthusiastic towards her profession. She will make sure you stay comfortable in the makeup and dress. 

Ravishing By Richa- Richa Saini

Best Makeup Artists in Delhi

Makeup By Ravishing By Richa (Instagram)

Richa Saini is an expert in makeup and skin textures. She knows what she is doing on which occasion. She will make makeup look precisely like the inspiration you will give her. 

Makeup By Sparsh- Sparsh Verma

Best Makeup Artists in Delhi

Makeup By Makeup By Sparsh (Instagram)

A little touch of glitter can fix any makeup look, and a brilliant touch from a makeup artist can enhance the look of the bride. Makeup by Sparsh is an excellent makeup artist in Delhi. You can have her for your event from our website. 

Makeup By Shavi (GLAM HAVEN)- Shavi Pahuja

Best Makeup Artists in Delhi

Makeup By Shavi (GLAM HAVEN) (Instagram)

Meet one of the best makeup artists in Delhi makeup by Shavi (GLAM HAVEN) who will make you look good without hiding your natural features. Check the work done by her on her Instagram or on our website.

Beautytales With Gunjan- Gunjan Jha

Best Makeup Artists in Delhi

Makeup By Beautytales With Gunjan (Instagram)

A young girl who has the potential to give ultimate confidence to all the wed-to-be brides. Gunjan Jha is the sweetest and most professional wedding makeup artist who has a great knowledge of trendy makeup looks. 

The Magic Hands Makeovers- Maanya Ahuja

Best Makeup Artists in Delhi

Makeup By The Magic Hands Makeovers (Instagram)

The Magic Hands Makeovers by Maanya Ahuja holds the title of classy makeup artist. She literally has magical hands as the brides dolled up by her look utterly gorgeous. 

Makeover By Sirjan Soni- Sirjan Soni

Best Makeup Artists in Delhi

Makeup By Makeover By Sirjan Soni (Instagram)

Sirjan Soni didn’t do makeup but cast a beautiful spell. No one can take their eyes off the bride adorn by her as she looks no less than a royal princess. 

Makeover By Babita- Babita Chaubey

Best Makeup Artists in Delhi

Makeup By Makeover By Babita (Instagram)

Babita is a talented and skilled makeup artist that understands the texture and variety of skin colour. Makeover by Babita will be a great choice as your bridal makeup artist. 

Roma Mahajan Makeupartist- Roma Mahajan

Best Makeup Artists in Delhi

Makeup By Roma Mahajan Makeupartist (Instagram)

Roma Mahajan is a master of colourful creations. Her makeup mostly contains lots of colours that complement each other. Her blending game is also something that is considered prior and challenging to have in a makeup artist. 


Best Makeup Artists in Delhi

Makeup By CVARTISTRY (Instagram)

Trendy makeup or vintage, Charvi Vats, have the knowledge and skill to create any of the mentioned makeup looks. You can check her amazing work on her Insta handle or on our website. 

Makeup By Gagan- Gagan Jalan

Best Makeup Artists in Delhi

Makeup By Makeup By Gagan (Instagram)

Gagan Jalan creates a perfectly balanced makeup look for the brides. Her vision to provide the best look for the brides comes from the client’s preferences and the latest trends. 

Makeover By Binny Gaba- Binny Gaba

Best Makeup Artists in Delhi

Makeup By Makeover By Binny Gaba (Binny Gaba) (Instagram)

If it’s the nude makeup look you are willing to have on your wedding, then Binny Gaba should be your choice as your makeup artist. She is a competent makeup artist who will give you a stunning wedding makeup look. 

Jyoti Makeupartist- Jyoti Rajput

Best Makeup Artists in Delhi

Makeup By Jyoti Makeupartist (Jyoti Rajput)

Jyoti Rajput is a makeup enthusiast who is pursuing her career as a professional makeup artist. Jyoti Makeupartist did not do white cast based on the clients but liked to go with the shade that matched with their real skin. You can check out her amazing work on her Instagram.


This blog was to help those wed-to-be brides who are looking for a professional makeup artist who gives genuine services. Wedding Banquets assure you that our makeup artists are experienced and use the best quality products. You should have your proper meal and sleep before the wedding day. Hydration is key to having a great base. For further details on wedding makeup tips and artists, visit our website,  

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