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Terms and Conditions

The following terms and conditions ("Terms") set for, herein binds us (Partners) legally. This also initiates an agreement between "US" partners. These set of terms are applicable to each and every application that is being handled by or Our associated Affiliates who are linked through the term, set for both online as well as offline services.

As you accept these terms, you agree to have thoroughly read through and gained a proper understanding of the terms. You also complete pay your compliance to all the provisions it has and stand by these Terms as an essential part of the agreement.


1. Provided Services

1.1 In order to hype up the sales, the venue should be enlisted on premium locations.

1.2 Certain promotional activities to be conducted occasionally which includes out of the box campaigns and programs and food tasting, blog posts, reviewing of the venues as we mutually come to an agreement between and You

1.3 Corporate Sales to be generated for the Venues. Subjected to certain extra terms and conditions, there can be bookings for Corporate events, that is to be mutually derived.

1.4 Even after the expiry of the dates of Agreement, shall take the liberty to reserve some rights to list Venues in its official website. The partner herein will have to provide their unhinged permissibility to to be able to go ahead with it.

1.5 List the Venue in a prominent location on the Website to increase sales and revenue.

Organise promotional events for the Venue such as food tasting events or other promotional activities including the Venue in its print campaign as and when they happen. Also, write reviews/blogs about the Venue, as mutually agreed between and the party

1.6 In addition, assist in securing bookings at the Venue under additional conditions that may be mutually agreed upon by both parties.

1.7 retain the right to list the Venue on its Website even after the Agreement has expired, and the Partner is considered to have given unrestricted and irreversible permission to do so.

2. Service Scope by Partner

2.1 Responsible for the maintenance of the Venue, as well as ensuring the seamless operation and running of all activities within the Venue for the organizing of occasions at the Venue.

2.2 Ensure enough surveillance, power, valet parking, and all other housekeeping services are available on the day of the occasion.

2.3 Obtain any and all licenses/permits/clearances/NOCs from the relevant government authorities that may be required to host the event/function at the Venue and/or to operate the Venue, as well as timely renewals of such licenses/permits/clearances/NOCs as may be required from time to time.

2.4 Provide office space and infrastructure for the Designated Sales Manager and such other sales representatives/managers as may desire.

2.5 A consent that will not be held liable or responsible for any service issues or customer disputes that may emerge in connection with or during the occasion. In the event that a client files a complaint about a service-related issue, the Partner will be exclusively responsible and will indemnify against any claims.

2.6 Ensure that all commitments made pursuant to clause 4 of this Agreement are met, and that no bookings made through the website are cancelled at any time.

2.7 Renewal of AMC contracts for HVAC on a time-to-time basis, without objection, and production of the same to at the time of signing the agreement.

2.8 Provide data of all reservations made by the Partner for events planned after the Execution Date.

2.9 Allows to send you and your designated representative generic communication or information in accordance with the Agreement by WhatsApp and email at the cell phone number and email address provided by you and your designated representative.

2.10 Only the Partner is responsible for collecting the remaining amount of the Deal Amount from clients via all channels. It is explicitly stated that reserves the right, but not the responsibility, to collect the remaining amount on Partner's behalf in unusual circumstances.

2.11 In all circumstances where’s Service Fees are based on an amount less than the exact value received from the customer due to GST deduction, the Venue Partner is required to provide a copy of the customer invoice to on the same day that receives such intimation. If the Venue Partner fails to provide the same within the agreed-upon schedule as communicated by the Venue Partner will be obliged to pay the entire sum due for that specific event. retains the right to immediately terminate the Agreement without having any obligation if the Venue Partner fails to correct such default(s) despite repeated notification by

3. customer Delivery Commitment:

Customers may trust to keep their promises. Prior to submitting any booking, the Designated Sales Manager or any other person designated by for this objective will document any agreements signed to consumers on the booking commitment form ("BCF") and communicate it with the Partner. The Partner is responsible for ensuring that all such commitments are met in the manner specified in the BCF. The Partner must deliver and execute the event in accordance with the BCF once it has been acknowledged by the Partner. In the event that the Partner fails to perform or under-delivers on any commitments made, the customer will be adequately.

4. Commitments Made In The Direction Of Weddings

Within the next 7 business days following the termination of the Agreement, the Partner must fulfil all commitments made prior to termination and settle all payments owed to It is expressly specified that payments due to shall include money due from all events held at the Venue prior to the termination of the Agreement, as well as payment due from events for which the customer has made reservations prior to the termination of the Agreement. compensated.

5. License Of Intellectual Property

You hereby accept not to use, advertise or sanction the use of as a name or trademark or any other patent for any other purposes other than performance of obligations under the agreed terms and conditions considered by in writing. You undertake to be responsible for safety and ensure to protect and/or provide security to and/or its affiliates for any use by you of the intellectual property otherwise than in accordance with the agreement. Along with that you further permit the usage of name, trademark or any other intellectual property of yours for the performance of services accordance with the terms and conditions of agreement.

6. Refund On Customer Cancellations

The liability for the refund of the amount to the customer/client lies solely on you in case of any customer cancellation. shall not be deemed responsible or liable for any default done by you, you are accountable to compensate against any and all claims brought by customers against in this concern. Owing to any misrepresentation by you/or default chargeable to you, including but not limited to the lack of proper licenses to hold an event, and/or any legitimate Venue issue [e.g. Venue sealing, Venue damaged post reservation or any other occurrence of non-fulfilment of your commitment], You are adjudged to refund all customer payments without delay to the customer and shall reimburse against any and all claims brought by the customer regarding this.

7. Representation and Warranties

The Agreement set has endowed you with full power and authority to get into and perform all the obligations within it, and you hereby agree to represent and warranty the same. You also do so for holding all licenses and necessary consents within the framework of the Applicable Laws for performing each and every obligation that’s stated in the Agreement. You also stand by and agree on not being insolvent, in a state of bankruptcy, neither sign up for providing any business or assets to benefit creditors, appoint any ceased business, nor shall be under a legal proceeding.

8. Confidentiality and Disclosure:

The value of any Confidential Information is utmost, and we hope you acknowledge that ardently. Thereby, if there is a Confidential and proprietary information that has been misused, misappropriated, disclosed or leaked, it shall be extremely damaging to You shall hereafter completely agree on compensating in any case a breach is committed by You keeping Confidentiality and any Intellectual Propriety Rights in mind. This clause shall reinstate in perpetuity.

9. Compliance with Laws:

Within the Agreement stated, you have to agree on complying with each and every Law that is applicable for the performing of the obligations.

10. Assignment

A Third Part maybe assigned the rights and obligations of, and we do reserve this right. We shall give you a written intimation before doing the Same. Thereby without prior information provided to, you cannot assign your rights and obligations to a third party

11. No Agency

In the Agreement we have provided you, explicitly explains each and every relationship the Parties behold. Thereby any other form of partnership, joint venture, fiduciary relationship and so on shall not imply under any circumstances. The party holds no right to represent or make any commitment on behalf of the Other Party.

12. Notice

This Agreement requires that all notices and other communications be in written form, in the English language and will henceforth be legitimately granted and proficiently provided when I personally delivered, (i2) sent by authorised or credentialed mail or by parcel facility, or (i3) transferred by delivery facility to the addresses provided by every Party under this Contract.

13. Severability

Should one or more regulations of the Agreement become unenforceable, the Parties shall be bound by the remaining provisions and shall, to the greatest level conceivable, substitute the null and void or invalid clauses with new proposals shows a shared impact to the illegitimate or invalid regulations.

14. Entire Agreement

Every one of the principle and terms consented instead on among the groups are embodied in the Agreement, which encompasses and negates all previous obligations and interpretations, whether oral or written, among the parties in reference to the study material enclosed expressly.

15. Waiver

A Party’s omission or delay in enforcing any several of the Agreement’s conditions or provisions at whatever time does not constitute a waiver of those terms and policies, and of the obligation to eventually execute all of the Agreement’s terms and conditions. A Party’s waiver is only valid in connection to a particular violation for which the waiver was specifically issued in written.

16. Non- Solicitation and Non-Hire of Oyo Employees

Within the duration of the Agreement and 6 months beyond expiration date of the Terms, the Venue Partner has to agree on neither directly or indirectly solicit to Allure or even provide any endeavour to solicit or lure an Oyo employee for any reason possible. It is strictly prohibited.

17. Other Terms

A 1 year extension of auto renewal of the Agreement may stand after the expiry of the Terms of Agreement. Incase either of the party does not want a renewal, it has yo be provided in written and with proper reasoning of its contention. This information has to be passed on atleast a month (30 days) before the expiration date of the Term.

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