Bridal Hairstyles Ideas

7 Bridal Hairstyles Ideas by Makeup Artists in 2024 for Summer Weddings

Bridal Hairstyles Ideas already have so many things to maintain on their wedding day. The attire, jewellery, makeup, accessories and not to forget the head vail. Now that we add the burden of heavy hairstyles, it may make her more uncomfortable. We didn’t want the brides to take the burden of their wedding look anymore. We discussed with our makeup artists who suggested some easy and comfortable bridal hairstyles for this summer wedding. Most of the time it is seen that some makeup artists or hairstylists apply tons of pins and hair accessories literally turning the bride’s head into a metal factory. But our makeup artists care for their brides, thus they bring out the ultimate solution and replacements for the heavy hairstyles. You will find 7 beautiful Bridal Hairstyles Ideas given by our professional makeup artists. Scroll down a bit to read them. 

Low messy bun circled with Gajra

Bridal Hairstyles Ideas

Suggested By Makeover By Sirjan Soni (Instagram)

Sirjan Soni (Makeover By Sirjan Soni) suggested keeping the volume low of your hair. In simple meaning, a low bun with some dainty hair accessories will look gorgeous, especially when your wedding dress is in pastel colours. We put the inspiration of Sirjan Soni’s recommended hairstyle. 

Braided twirls with open hair

Bridal Hairstyles Ideas

Suggested By Makeover By Babita (Instagram)

The next hairstyle is suggested by Babita Chaubey (Makeover By Babita). Her suggestion is to make front braids, twirl them on behind your head, secure them with the pins then style them with your choice of hair accessories. This front hairstyle for brides will be suitable with small curls, open hair or straightened hair. Babita Chaubey said to try this hairstyle with curly hair. To get an idea of this hairstyle, we are putting a picture for the reference. 

Low pony with pearls on head

Bridal Hairstyles Ideas

Suggested By Roma Mahajan Makeupartist (Instagram)

Roma Mahajan, who is the founder of Roma Mahajan Makeupartist, came up with the most elegant, easy and pretty hairstyle for weddings. A low pony on wavy hair is a perfect wedding hairstyle. Wavy hair stimulates you to look a lot on the head, and a low pony looks perfect with this hairstyle. Add the pearls on the side of the head to make it look more pretty and suitable for bridal. 

Braided headband with open hair

Bridal Hairstyles Ideas

Suggested By CVARTISTRY (Instagram)

Charvi Vats (CVARTISTRY) believes in hairstyles for brides that require fewer hair accessories. This invention is to make brides’ heads more light and accessible. She said braided headbands are an unpopular hairstyle that is suitable for every occasion, dress and event. You can achieve this hairstyle with open hair, a down braid, a bun, or even with ponytail. For the brides to have this hairstyle, Charvi said to fancy it with some glitter. It is a simple hairstyle that will help your tika to stay in its place.   

Maang Patti with wavy hair

Bridal Hairstyles Ideas

Suggested By Makeup By Gagan (Instagram)

Gagan Jalan (Makeup By Gagan) loves to do royal resembling hairstyles for her brides. That is why she suggested this stunning maang patti hairstyle with wavy open hair. The head vails will compliment this hairstyle a thousand times more. The reference to this hairstyle is down below this paragraph. 

Small tika with crimped hair

Bridal Hairstyles Ideas

Suggested By Makeover By Binny Gaba (Binny Gaba) (Instagram)

Adorable things are always beautiful and admiring. That is something a bride wants to achieve in her wedding look. Hence Binny Gaba (Makeover by Binny Gaba) understands this scenario and suggests crumpled hair with a small tika hairstyle for the brides. It does not require hours of effort or heating. Even if you don’t have a hairstylist, you can do it on your own. 

Braid with pretty hair accessories

Bridal Hairstyles Ideas

Suggested By Jyoti Makeupartist (Jyoti Rajput)

No one can beat the beauty of vintage hairstyles, and not just we believe in it; our skillful makeup artist, Jyoti Rajput (Jyoti makeupartist), also believes in it. She has the modernized version of a long, single braid for the bride. It may take effort and hours, but the end result will make it worth it.


In conclusion, These hairstyles are ideal for brides for their weddings and receptions. The bridesmaids can also wear them. These seven hairstyles are already styled by professional hairstylists who use hair extensions, and the camera work is also present in the pictures. Do not get sad if you don’t achieve the exact look. Wedding Banquets wrote this blog after having these easy Bridal Hairstyles Ideas inspirations by our professional makeup artists. You can recreate them for any occasion and event. 

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