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Makeup Artists’ 7 Tips For Summer Makeup 2024

The lines of disappointment appear on your face when you look at your melted makeup on your face in the mirror. Makeup in summer sometimes seems a waste task as it melts as soon as you take your step outside your home. But this is not a problem anymore because we asked our professional makeup artists to reveal their techniques and products to maintain the summer makeup look. They said that makeup in summer should be light and sheer. Here are the 7 summer makeup tips shared by Delhi’s best makeup artist. These tips will help you to create and maintain your daily makeup wear in the summer. 

Choose your Perfect Primer

Summer Makeup

Suggested By Ravishing By Richa (Instagram)

Richa Saini (Ravishing By Richa) mentioned a common mistake while choosing the product. She said it is seen that some people didn’t pay attention to the type of primer before buying it. For a perfect makeup base, you need to go with the primer that suits your skin. For dry skin, use Hydrating Primer and for the Oily skin, use Matte Primer. Richa Saini suggested using illuminating primer for the dewy makeup look. 

Skin Tints for The base

Summer Makeup

Suggested By The Magic Hands Makeovers (Instagram)

Maanya Ahuja (The Magic Hands Makeovers) has a brilliant tip for your base. She said that foundations and concealers give a heavy base that should not be considered for summer makeup. Your base should be light and breathable for the skin. She suggested using skin tints for a light and comfortable makeup base. But if you want to cover any skin texture, then Maanya Ahuja suggests using water-based light concealers. 

Translucent Powder instead of Tinted Powder

Summer Makeup

Suggested By Beautytales With Gunjan (Instagram)

Gunjan Jha (Beautytales With Gunjan) set a different perspective for summer makeup. We know that banana powder or tinted powders are used to set the makeup and brighten up the skin. Translucent powder, on the other hand, sets the makeup while blurring the blemishes, acne, and pores of your face. Translucent powders are lighter than tinted powders, and it is ideal for the daily summer makeup look. 

Cheek and Lip Tint for the Blush

Summer Makeup

Suggested By Shavi (GLAM HAVEN) (Instagram)

Shavi Pahuja (Makeup by Shavi) said blush not only looks pretty in winter, but a natural blush in summer can ultimately enhance your makeup look. For a more natural and easy application, use lip tints as your blush. Shavi suggested applying the tint before applying the base. This technique will help you to have glazed blush cheeks. 

Avoid the Contour

Summer Makeup

Suggested By Mansi Makeover (Instagram) & (Facebook)

Mansi Jain (Mansi Makeover) has this amazing tip for you for your summer makeup look. As we are following the lead of light makeup in summer, Contour can destroy all the effort you put into making it look perfect. Contour will make the lines that won’t look good with the natural makeup look for the summer. Mansi Jain suggested using bronzer to sculpt the face as it will be easy to blend and give a natural lift to your face. 


Moisturize The Lips

Summer Makeup

Suggested By Viha Makeover (Instagram)

Hema Arora (Viha Makeover) also pointed out a common mistake of people when they do their makeup in summer. We believe because of the hot weather and lots of sweat it is not essential to moisturize the face or the lips. Hema Arora suggested wearing the lip balm before applying your lipstick. Let it be for a minute and wipe it off then apply the lipstick colour of your choice. By this technique your lipstick won’t budge even if you eat a feast.  

Mattifying Setting Spray  

Summer Makeup

Suggested By Makeup By Sparsh (Instagram)

Sparsh Verma (Makeup by Sparsh) said to set your makeup before leaving your house, or it will be gone in minutes. A good setting spray can make your makeup stay in its place for upto 8 to 10 hours. Sparsh Verma suggested using the setting spray before the base and after you complete your makeup look. There are some face mists that work, as well as setting sprays. Face mist can be used in two ways, as your face toner and makeup setting spray. So investing in face mist is a win-win. 


In conclusion, one thing that is commonly suggested by our makeup artists is the tip for keeping your senses and body hydrated. Hydrating skin balances out all the products evenly. Wearing the sunscreen is a must and should be avoided at any cost, even if you wear makeup or not. Remove your makeup and sunscreen before going to bed, as it is not good for your skin to sleep with the makeup or sunscreen on. Wearing makeup in summer is people’s individual choice, if it suits you, you should wear it the way you want. If it didn’t, then don’t. Happy Summers from Wedding Banquets. 

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