#WBSuggests: Best Photographers for the pre-wedding photoshoot

Pre-Wedding Photoshoot

Pre-wedding photoshoots have become a sensation in the past decade for the wed-to-be couple. The introvert brides and non-expressive grooms are not in the frame anymore. The new generation of wedding couples love to express the feelings and companionship they have for each other, even if it’s just a cliché. A pre-wedding shoot requires the creativity of the photographer, who can guide the couple for the poses, spots and costumes. It is definitely not easy to detect real professionalists because when you enter the field to search, you will meet with the amateur ones most of the time. We don’t defame them, but to be honest, not everyone can do wonders with one click. Wedding Banquets is concerned with your wedding and pre-wedding arrangements, even if it’s your event management or to provide you with vendors like photographers. In the hashtag #WBSuggest, you will only get the best vendor recommendations for your event. This time, we have 5+ best photographers for your pre-wedding photoshoot. Scroll down a bit more to know more about them. 

RVM Events & Productions by Vardan Madhok

Pre-Wedding Photoshoot

Wedding Photography By RVM Events & Productions 

What will be more heartful rather than re-visiting your best event’s memories? The moment he went on his knees in front of you to put that ring on your finger. It surely flies thousands of butterflies in the stomach. These memories will be secured accurately in your album when you pick a professional photographer like Vardan Madhok, who creates magic with his production team that is RVM Events & Productions. Vardan is a skilful photographer who knows when and at which time his camera should move to capture the moment. 

Karmaa Production by Jaspreet Singh

Pre-Wedding Photoshoot

Wedding Photography By Karmaa Production (Instagram)

Have the best album of your pre-wedding photoshoot with Karmaa Production by Jaspreet Singh. The theme and selection of the photoshoot spot are primarily open areas, as Jaspreet Singh believes that nature is the ultimate background that will 100% enhance the quality of your photoshoot. You can check his work on his instagram, which is filled with amazing captures and wedding couples’ beautiful memories that will inspire you more to have him for your pre-wedding and wedding event. 

Creative Masters Media by Dhruv Gehlot

Pre-Wedding Photoshoot

Wedding Photography By Creative Masters Media

Just like the name of his studio, Dhruv Gehlot is a true master of creativity in photoshoots and videography. Wedding Banquets has the best photographer suggestion for you for your precious event. Creative master media will be an excellent choice to capture your pre-wedding photoshoot. Even if it’s candid pictures or cinematic photography, Creative master media by Dhruv Gehlot will save your prominent moments in his camera and create a beautiful pre-wedding album. Check out his captures on his Instagram and his portfolio on our website. 

AN Weddingx Studios by Naveen Sharma

Pre-Wedding Photoshoot

Wedding Photography By AN Weddingx Studios

AN Weddingx Studios by Naveen Sharma is your talented photographer who captures moments at the correct time. His creative team is dedicated and updated with the latest trends in photography in India. Don’t worry if you or your partner are out of inspiration and poses for your shoot, as the team AN Weddingx Studios will suggest some brilliant, lovely and easy poses and costumes for the pre-wedding shoot. 

Sunshine Photography by Sandeep Kumar

Pre-Wedding Photoshoot

Wedding Photography By Sunshine Photography

Bollywood weddings give us a lot of wedding inspiration for the pre-wedding. Now, you must want to have that exact theme and inspiration for your pre-wedding shoot and are definitely looking for the perfect photographer. Don’t look further, as we suggest you pick Sunshine Photography by Sandeep Kumar, who is best at creating cinematic photos and videography. Their professional team is indeed helpful and smart and suggests the latest poses for the shoot. 

Soulful Wedding Memories by Akshay 

Pre-Wedding Photoshoot

Wedding Photography By Soulful Wedding Memories

Scrolling on Instagram for beautiful pre-wedding photoshoots and wishing you could have the same theme and inspiration for your own special day? Don’t look further! We recommend you Soulful Wedding Memories by Akshay for your pre-wedding shoot. Their team of professionals are experts in creating stunning, cinematic photos and videography that will make your dreams come true. They are also knowledgeable about the latest poses and trends, providing that your photoshoot is not only beautiful but inspired by the latest trends. Let Soulful Wedding Memories help you capture the memories of your pre-wedding celebrations in style.

Om Photography by Om Prakash

Pre-Wedding Photoshoot

Wedding Photography By Om Photography

Traditional photography is one of the most picked themes for the pre-wedding photoshoot. It not only gives the pictures a classy touch but also matches well with the concept of pre-wedding. OM Photography by Om Prakash is the best choice as your traditional pre-wedding photographer. They have the best lighting setup and team who will suggest you unique wedding poses. You can get a glimpse of their work on our website. 

Yogi Photography by Yogesh Kumar Upadhyay

Pre-Wedding Photoshoot

Wedding Photography By Yogi Photography

Yogi Photography is known for capturing the most iconic pre-wedding and wedding shoots. He started his journey as a wedding photographer in 2017. He is a Delhi-based pro-wedding photographer with a dedicated team of lighting and decor for the shoot. 

Reality in Reel Photography by Parul Dager

Pre-Wedding Photoshoot

Wedding Photography By Reality in Reel Photography (Instagram & Facebook)

Last but definitely not least, the photographer is on our suggestion list. Book someone who proved himself to be the best in the town. Ms. Parul Dager came out as the best photographer in the town. Her studio is called Reality in Reel Photography, and she is one of the best photographers in Delhi. 


In conclusion, Pre-wedding photoshoots are meant to be done in a comfortable atmosphere at the location and theme of your choice. They are not a necessity but an essential task before the wedding for the couples to have some extra memories for their future. It’s completely an individual’s choice to have it or not. This blog was to you aware of the best photographers of Delhi who are available to travel all over India.

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