Vikaspuri is a bustling neighbourhood in the heart of Delhi, known for its vibrant culture and diverse community. It's no surprise that this area is home to some of the most beautiful and unique party halls in the city. Whether you're planning a grand occasion or a small intimate gathering, Vikaspuri has the perfect venue for you. If you scroll below, you will find the best party halls in Vikaspur Read More i, Delhi. No matter what kind of event you're planning, venues in Vikaspuri will suit your needs. With so many beautiful and unique venues to choose from, it's no wonder that this area is a popular destination for celebrations and special occasions. So, book a party hall in Vikaspuri now! Read Less

Things You Should Consider Before Selecting a Party Hall in Vikaspuri

Keeping in consideration one should keep a watchful eye on many things and details to have everything at its best. Haste decisions and carelessness often tend to be a cause of disdain. Having a function is exciting and for a wedding, it is a thrilling experience. There are lots of dreams with enthusiasm overpowering enough that make a person live in a fascinating aura hoping for beautiful things. Missing out on wedding itineraries is quite expected and is a big turn off but this could be avoided if you need smart work.

 Prior to booking a hall for the function you should first make a rough estimate and set your budget. It is suggested that one should look for verified companies with good rapport in the market. You can check for the best deals and images for reference on the official website of Wedding Banquets. Wedding banquets believe in the integrity and well-being of the customers for a long-term relationship. You can check for these things given in the below points.

  • For easy reach and to avoid getting stuck in traffic always go for the party halls that are close to your location and also in prime locations. Often outsiders whom you have invited over get confused and find it hard to reach the location. It is better to go to a party hall that is easy for you to reach and other people.

  • Parking spaces when not made properly and without camera access often pave the way for theft and damage. To avoid any such mishaps and excuses for being ashamed, make sure the parking lot is secured, gated, and has a good capacity.

  • Power backup, with CCTV surveillance, is a must to have a thing. Also, there should be safety measures including- first aid, a fireproof hall, water resistance, and an oxygen cylinder.

  • Timing limitations often create issues and disturb the situation when there is a time slot and time limit by the party hall to vacate. Ask for everything beforehand prior to paying and finalizing the party hall.

  • Corona variants are prevailing and it's too important to check if the hall has taken strict measures or not. A clean place with everything sanitized should be there. 

  • Ask for receipts and payment status for an easy two-way transaction.

Average Cost Of Party Halls In Vikaspuri

Party halls in Vikaspuri cost an average of 850 up to 4000 INR per plate. But this is not the case in every situation as the price per plate can vary according to the choice and preference of food, décor, and gathering. You can get the best deals at a suitable price if you allow us to serve you. At Wedding Banquets, the best of the services are catered to as we have everything top-notch without quality compromise. Best chefs, skilled artisans, professional decorators, wedding planners, and photographers we have with us for a perfect wedding function. If you are looking for a party hall for any function and want to know more, simply contact us.

Types Of Party Halls in Vikaspuri

Buffet- Commonly seen in weddings and other functions, buffet-style has food laid on a large table where the guests take food as per their liking. Varieties of food with desserts and drinks are arranged with a heap of plates and other things on one separate side. Buffet style can be seated or standing.

Reception- There are functions where food is eaten with everyone accompanying it. In a reception function, guests sit together in a big hall or an area meant for chatting and sitting, enjoying dinner. 

Food Stations- It is a new concept in catering that has made food functions a  thrilling experience. Food stations allow the guests to look around the decoration and food set in different places. The food is arranged station-wise with names on it. Chefs at food stations prepare fresh food at the guest’s request. The food can be half done or uncooked such as tikkas, shakes, rolls, wraps, fries, soups, snack items, mocktails, etc.

Cafeteria Style- In the cafeteria, the food is laid out for self-service. Usually, the guests go themselves to feed them. 

Plated- In this style food is plated to be served to guests. They don’t need to go to the food stalls. If they want they can feed themselves to roam and enjoy the whole décor. The usually plated food style is convenient as food is served in bowls and plates that include starters, drinks, sweets, and other food items. 

Family Style- It is usually an informal and private function where close family members gather together to enjoy a meal. It is often seen in small and private gatherings where everyone sits and enjoys the function. Birthdays, Roka ceremonies, baby showers, and many similar functions opt for this food style.

Pre-set- As the name suggests, the food is already laid and set accordingly for the guests. The guests can have food without bothering or searching for certain items that create a mess. It is convenient for the guests to enjoy food comfortably.


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