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Things To Consider Before Considering A Party Halls in R K Puram Delhi

Well selecting a party hall is not that difficult as you can find them everywhere. But still one should not go to any party hall before knowing important details. The wedding industry in recent years has bloomed at a faster pace and people are opting for themed weddings and destination weddings with the change in trends and choices. Wedding planning is thriving helping people to create moments and enjoy wedding vibes with no stress and a handful of chores. 

Earlier marriage functions used to be tiring keeping everyone occupied till the main day. Sangeet, Haldi, mehndi arrangements, decoration, looking after guests, their needs and comfort, catering and lighting, arranging for tents, mattresses, extra things, etc. were on the to-do list. Often things get altered, and left undone when there is a responsibility on the shoulders and stress on the mind. 

Getting arrangements and other things planned, systemized, and perfectly done is like the cherry on top. To enjoy function hassle-free one should opt for a wedding planner and party hall for a carefree way. To book a party hall you should keep in mind certain important points listed below before booking it.

  • For easy reach and to avoid getting stuck in traffic always go for the party halls that are close to your location and also in prime locations. Often outsiders whom you have invited over get confused and find it hard to reach the location. It is better to go to a party hall that is easy for you to reach and other people.

  • Set your budget keeping in mind the other things like giving gifts to the guests, money offerings to the household help and other people. A wedding means expenditure at large hence it is better to keep things in control keeping a strict budget and abiding by it.

  • Timing issues often create conflicts and disturb the situation when there is a time slot and time limit for the party hall to vacate. Ask for everything beforehand prior to paying and finalizing the party hall.

  • Parking space when not made properly and without camera access often paves way for theft and damage. To avoid any such mishaps and excuses for being ashamed make sure the parking lot is secured, and the gated has a good capacity.

  • Look for a party hall that has a nice ambience with newly introduced engineering structures. No one likes boring things as they emit boredom and gloominess.

  • Too loud colors popping and a heavy spotlight could be distracting and look uninteresting. For décor and lighting always go for neutral tones and soft light.

There is a lot more to see and check before finalizing the party hall. If you are looking for party halls and want something best contacts us. Wedding Banquets is a leading name in the wedding industry with over 500,000 vendors and venues in Delhi NCR.

Average Cost Of Party Halls In RK Puram

Party halls provide customers with the comfort of staying carefree without taking any stress on the function’s arrangements. catering, arrangements, decoration, music, furniture, etc. all come under the responsibility of the party hall. It is beneficial on the customer’s part to get their function done in a professional and systemized way allowing them to enjoy themselves with the guests.

If you are in RK Puram and have a function you need to get many things done. You might be feeling stressed out juggling with woes and questions of how to, where to, and what to do things. If yes then don’t worry as we are here for you. We at Wedding Banquets deal in the wedding industry helping people to have their functions done.

If you are worried about the budget and have questions, you can visit our website to get a detailed idea of how we work. Also, you can reach us via call or mail for any queries. We are serviceable and always at your service even on weekends. At the best deals, you can book a party hall at Wedding Banquets. For your knowledge and idea, the price per plate of party halls in RK Puram is around 850-4000 INR. To know more contact us.

Types Of Party Halls

You can find a number of party halls in Rk Puram. Big and small-capacity party halls are there for different functions. If there is a small gathering when you have a ring ceremony, baby shower, pre-wedding party, or formal gatherings like a corporate party, lunch, or dinner after a formal meetup you need to book a hall that has a small capacity.

For such events and functions, the party halls are made keeping in mind the essence of the gathering and to keep it that way. Such gatherings are done in party halls built in a classroom style, theatre style, U-Shaped, herringbone, round or oval seating. These are made in order to keep that professional front intact where participants sit in order to face the speaker or the projector screen.

On the other hand for large gatherings like a big fat Indian wedding, birthday party, golden jubilee, baby shower, or any such similar function, it needs a bigger space. For such functions, the buffet style is the most commonly preferred one. Other than buffet style there are many other types with some or minor changes such as preset food styles where the food is already laid. Portions of different food and platter are kept on the tables for the people.

It is convenient as people don’t need to wait at food stalls fearing the food stains on the clothes of the bystanders. Then there is food service which has different food stations which allow the guests to have their food getting ready in front of them. In the food station style foods, drinks, and other similar items are kept in different sections and chefs can be seen preparing and serving the food. Apart from these, there are other styles like reception, cafeteria, etc. You can choose amongst any as per your liking.


Wedding banquets let you live your dream of a fairytale wedding with key highlights including Bollywood-style dance numbers, slow-motion photography, and professional reels. Grand entry with party popper rose petal shower with audio-video equipment to make it look surreal.

To book a party hall or to know details for the future you can contact us. Our dedicated team members are always there to hear you and give accurate knowledge to clear out your doubts.

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