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5 Things to consider before selecting party halls in Punjabi Bagh

Although there are a lot of party halls in Punjabi Bagh, Delhi, only a few best can host a big event like a wedding effortlessly. The best party hall isn’t just about classy decorations but should also have proper managing staff, arrangements, seating, catering, etc. to see the ceremonies move smoothly until completion. So here we are laying out a few basic things to keep in mind before selecting a party hall.

 The theme of the wedding

The first thing to do before the selection process can start is to decide on the theme and style of the wedding. Do you want a grand traditional wedding or a luxurious, elegant one? Is it going to have a rustic farmhouse style or vibrant, colorful flair? Deciding on the concept and overall theme will help you narrow down your choices and streamline the entire selection process.

 Venue size

You should have an approximate number of guests that are going to attend the wedding before deciding on the party hall. Your guest list will directly affect the size of the venue. The capacity will decide if the party hall can accommodate the number of guests you have in mind. If the place is too big, then it can overshadow the celebration and make it seem dull. If the area is too small, then your guests will feel suffocated, so carry your guest list with you and see if the party hall can easily accommodate the guests. Also, ask the manager about the seating arrangement ratio to the guest list.


Location is another aspect that can have a huge impact on your wedding. If it is too far off, then guests might avoid attending. You need to find a party hall that is easily accessible and can be reached using private and public transportation. It should be well connected through a network of roads. Make sure it is not too far away from where you are staying during the wedding since too much time spent traveling is not efficient. Decide on your stay first, and then find a party hall within the proximity of your hotel. If the location is far off, provide transportation services to help your guests reach the wedding venue.


Keep aside a budget for the wedding venue beforehand. The location, interiors, size, and other facilities like parking, changing rooms, etc. will affect the budget you decide for the party hall. Just because you spent a lot of money doesn’t mean you will get the perfect venue. Many good party halls ensure high-end services and interiors are within reasonable prices. So, make sure to get different quotes from various party hall vendors and compare the price with the services they provide.


Make sure to thoroughly ask questions, and clear out the services that the party hall will provide. Do they provide reliable catering and have an in-house décor team? Do they allow outside event planners if you want a particular set theme? Can they help create photo booths and provide entertainment for guests to set a unique feature for the wedding? Are the staff members capable of handling different wedding ceremonies professionally and smoothly?

 The average cost of a party hall in Punjabi Bagh, Delhi

The cost of a party hall relies on your budget. The starting price for a good decent wedding venue is generally Rs. 850 per plate and it can go to Rs. 4,000 per plate for a lavish luxury-style wedding. On average, a beautiful wedding venue will cost you somewhere between Rs. 1,000-1,500 per plate. A big fat Indian wedding will be between Rs. 1,500-4,000 per plate. The pricing depends on the location, arrangements, services, interiors, catering, entertainment, etc. as there is no limit to spending luxuriously on the wedding.


Choosing the ideal party hall can be confusing and stressful, so here we are taking your burden off and listing the top party halls in Punjabi Bagh, Delhi that are the most sought-after and provide great wedding services.

Hope the five points mentioned above and our selected list of party halls help you find the kind of wedding venue you are looking for. Research and select the perfect party hall, and your wedding day will be something that will be remembered by you and your loved ones forever.

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