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#WBSuggests: 14 best bridesmaid makeup looks for the summer wedding in 2024

Holy matrimony is not only important for the bride and groom but also major for the bridesmaids and groomsmen. Bridesmaids are the next point of attention for the guests after the wedding couple. When such a position has so many gazes on it, why not shine and slay your outfit and makeup when you get the chance to become a bridesmaid? If you have already received the proposal of being a bridesmaid and are searching for inspiration for the best bridesmaid makeup look and outfit for this summer wedding, then you have stopped at the right place. Wedding Banquets have 14 beautiful outfits and fantastic makeup ideas for all the bridesmaids.

Pink Glows

If you ask about a color that will never be ditched in the criteria of looking fabulous, we say it’s pink. We have two suggestions for the bridesmaid who selected pink as their dress color for the wedding.

Bridesmaid look ideas

Makeup by (Viha Makeover)

The first inspiration is from our talented makeup artist, Hema Arora (Viha Makeover). She did the makeup of this bridesmaid, who is looking stunning in her pink lehenga.

Bridesmaid Makeup Look

Makeup by (Ravishing by Richa)

The second inspiration is from Richa Saini (Ravishing by Richa), who styled this beautiful bridesmaid. We can not stop ourselves from complimenting her work. Her bridesmaid is literally looking like the Princess Aurora.

Glam of Royal Blue

The makeup code for the royal blue dresses varies. Nude and glam, both makeup looks stunning with Royal Blue dresses. Just like our makeup artists, Shavi Pahuja (Makeover by Shavi, GLAM HAVEN) and Sirjan Soni (Makeover By Sirjan Soni) did the makeup for royal blue dressed bridesmaids.

Bridesmaid Makeup Look

Makeup by (Makeover by Shavi, GLAM HAVEN) 

Bridesmaid Makeup Look

Makeup by (Makeover By Sirjan Soni) 

Divas of Bold colours

Doing makeup for bold colours, especially black, is surely challenging, but you should know that makeup artists at wedding banquets have magical hands.

Bridesmaid Makeup Look

Makeup by (Makeup by Sparsh)

The first look is by Sparsh Verma (Makeup by Sparsh). The tiara and makeup of this bridesmaid are dreamy and adorable.

Bridesmaid Makeup Look

Makeup by (Makeover by Binny Gaba)

The second black dress look is by Binny Gaba (Makeover by Binny Gaba). Her idea of doing with the black saree for this bridesmaid is good. Her bridesmaid looks boldly gorgeous.

Bridesmaid Makeup Look

Makeup by (Jyoti MakeupArtist)

Want to see a real-life doll? Here you go with the outstanding makeup look by Jyoti MakeupArtist.

Trendy Pastels

Pastel colors are the most selected color for Indian weddings by the brides and bridesmaids. We are not sure about the brides, but pastel is undoubtedly the bridesmaid’s color. Couldn’t believe us? Then check out these three pastel color looks by our makeup artists.

Bridesmaid Makeup Look

Makeup by (Makeover by Babita)

The Pastel peach dress and mauve makeup look are a match made in heaven. This beautiful look is done by Babita Chaubey (Makeover by Babita)

Bridesmaid Makeup Look

Makeup by (Roma Mahajan Makeupartist)

With this pink nude makeup, dusty pink lehenga, and light silver jewellery, Roma Mahajan (Roma Mahajan Makeupartist) is a beauty icon who created this iconic look for this bridesmaid.

Bridesmaid Makeup Look

Makeup by (Gagan Jalan)

Every conversation about perfection stops when you put red lips in a beige nude dress. Gagan Jalan (Makeup by Gagan Jalan) is surely a legend who styled this bridesmaid in such a pretty way.

Magic of Multicolors

Bridesmaid Makeup Look

Makeup by (CVARTISTRY) 

Charvi Vats (CVARTISTRY) did this simple nude makeup look with this green lehenga that has multicolor straps. She proved that beauty can be found in simplicity.

Bridesmaid makeup look ideas

Makeup by (The Magic Hands Makeovers)

Maanya Ahuja (The Magic Hands Makeovers) has usually proved why she is one of the best makeup artists in Delhi. This purple bridesmaid look is out of this world. We absolutely love it.

The glamour of forbidden colors

Sea Green and Silver dress makeup are considered to be daunting, but not for Gunjan Jha (Beautytales with Gunjan) and (Mansi Makeover) Mansi Jain.

Bridesmaid Makeup Look

Makeup by (Mansi Makeover)

This silver lehenga with bold eyes and a subtle base looks so pretty. This amazing look is done by (Mansi Makeover) Mansi Jain.

Bridesmaid Makeup Look

Makeup by Beautytales with Gunjan

Gunjan Jha (Beautytales with Gunjan) did the glam makeup with the sea green lehenga. Her choice to put on red lipstick is so eye-catching and perfect.


In conclusion, The bridesmaid ideas on this blog are the original works of the makeup artists mentioned here. You can select your desirable makeup look as a bridesmaid or just simply attend any wedding function. Basic skincare and hydration are important to have a flawless makeup look.

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