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Dream Bell Banquet

KC Goel Marg, Pocket C 3, Phase 2, Wazirpur, Delhi, 110052


Capacity : 110 to 200
Vegetarian 1400 ₹ /plate
Non Vegetarian 1500 ₹ / plate

6 Things To Consider Before Selecting Banquet halls in Wazirpur

Before selecting a banquet hall, consider these important points so that you won’t regret it later. It tends to be cumbersome to look at and finalize a banquet hall, often in a haste, things get missed. It is recommended to first look at and decide your budget. Once you get your budget decided then to look for the banquet halls nearer to your location and in posh areas. Chaotic and crowded places are difficult to trace and reach. Also, outside noises create disturbance spoiling your function.

We have given below some points to keep in mind before selecting a banquet hall

  • Start with finalizing your budget as things work well when done in a systemized way. Sticking to a budget and then deciding on a banquet hall is a good thing.

  • opt for banquet halls that are in prime locations; it would be convenient for everyone to reach the venue without time waste and delay. Also mention landmarks for the invites so that they can easily find the destination.

  • Parking vehicles on the roadside is risky and not even ethical as it blocks the pavement area which tends to create difficulty for others to cross. Parking space should be there with a gated area and CCTV installed.

  • Ambience should be mesmerizing and dolled up in an artistic way so that the camera can capture those memories.

  • Get it confirmed prior to payment for the bridal suite with all the necessary things.

  • Safety is necessary and should not be compromised. Fire alarm, fireproof place, first aid, etc. should be there in case of mishap or emergency.

Types of Banquet halls in Wazirpur

You can find a number of banquet halls in Wazirpur both big and small. If there is a small gathering function such as a ring ceremony, baby shower, pre-wedding party, or formal gathering like a corporate party, lunch, or dinner after a formal meetup you need to book a small hall for a few people.

For such functions banquet halls with classroom style, theater style, U-Shaped, herringbone, and round or oval seating are suitable. These are made in order to keep the participants seated facing the speaker or the projector screen to see the PPT slides as in the office's auditorium.

When there are large gatherings for functions such as weddings, birthday parties, silver jubilee, baby showers, or any such similar function there is a need for a bigger hall.  For such functions, the buffet-style is the most commonly preferred one as it is inexpensive and convenient. One is a preset food style where the food is already laid. Portions of different food items and platters are kept on the tables for the people with chairs to sit and eat or eat while seated in their own place. It is convenient as people don’t need to wait at the food stalls. The cafeteria food style is where food is laid and guests need to serve themselves. Then there is a food service that has different food stations which allow the guests to have their food prepared in front of them. In food station style foods, drinks, and other similar items are kept in different sections and chefs can be seen preparing and serving the food. 

Average Cost of Banquet Halls in Wazirpur

You can find a number of banquet halls in Wazirpur that are suitable for all types of functions whether it is a ring ceremony, anniversary, wedding, pre-wedding functions, etc. Also if someone wants to book a hall for an official party that includes seminars, convocations, annual meetings, and official dinner you can book a hall according to the gathering. We have a proper setup for an official gathering with a mic, projector screen, and seating arrangement done in a particular way. The average cost of banquet halls in Wazirpur is approximately 800 INR-900 INR per plate.


In the wedding industry business, we are a leading company providing the best facilities in Delhi NCR. Based in West Delhi we have 500,000 venues and vendors and every banquet hall tells untold tales with their silk smooth paint on the walls, crockery made with the finest material, lights, and overall ambience mesmerizing. You can visit the banquet halls to see them actually before finalizing them. We would be happy to assist you!

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