An opulent wedding banquet can make your day special. So, if you're looking for banquet halls near Shadipur, then we are offering you a fabulous array of banquet halls in Shadipur, Delhi. We comprehend the solemn nature of marriage vows. So, the top-notch services and professional hospitality at these banquet halls will astound you. Scroll below and get the best deals on banquet halls! Read More Read Less

The Florence Banquet

26 shivaji Marg, Najafgarh Rd, New Delhi, Delhi 110015


Capacity : 150 to 950
Vegetarian 1800 ₹ /plate
Non Vegetarian 2000 ₹ / plate

Cp 65 Banquet

69/6A, Najafgarh Road, Block C, Moti Nagar, New Delhi, Delhi 110015


Capacity : 100 to 300
Vegetarian 1000 ₹ /plate
Non Vegetarian 1200 ₹ / plate

Things To Look For Before Selecting A Banquet Hall in Shadipur

Imagine having your D-DAY and something unexpected or uncertain happens. It will for sure ruin your mood, day, and whole function. No one would like or entertain anything bad or distressing about their special function be it a wedding, birthday, anniversary, or formal gathering.

Often you must have seen, heard, or experienced being embarrassed with the projector not working, microphone creating distortion, power cut, or stale or unorganized food tables in front of your foreign client, guest, and invitees from other countries. This could leave a bad impression on other persons and also breaks the flow and rhythm of the work discussion or PPT. 

Act wise and don’t be a scapegoat by the luring of unverified consultancies making money in the name of service. Always look for verified companies with good rapport in the market with options of live demos in order to be assured. Wedding banquets believe in the integrity and well-being of the customers for a long-term relationship. You can check for the best deals and pictures of the banquet halls on our website. To ease and idea giving there are some points given for your reference.

  • Always check if the property is listed in a verified list of properties or not.

  • Read the policies carefully, don't just blindly rely on fancy names, and invest without having a detailed query.

  • Select the hall according to your budget and not just to please others. You might go out of money at the end.


  • Location of the banquet hall should be in a prime location with easy navigation and it should be gated, else there will be a pandal feel with stray dogs roaming.

  • Power backup, with CCTV surveillance, is a must-to-have thing without if and but.

  • After the Covid breakout timings issue with banquet halls, restaurants are there. Ask beforehand to pay an advance amount for the timings of the banquet halls.

Average Cost Of Banquet Halls In Shadipur

It is a small densely populated area of West Delhi with metro stations and well-built banquet halls. Banquet halls in Shadipur are made available for the public for both big and small gatherings. Corporate events and parties, seminars, formal group discussions, Haldi or mehndi ceremony, cocktail parties, and every type of function.

If we talk about the cost of banquet halls in Shadipur it varies according to the facilities. Rest depends upon the decoration, facilities, and food. Themed decor is something people are gearing up for whether it is a birthday or a wedding. Some people opt for a floral theme, some go for a royal theme, etc. Color themes with contrasting props and photo booths are also among people’s favorites.

The budget of function per plate varies depending upon the other things. It could go from 850 INR up to 4000 INR Per Plate or more.

Types Of Banquet Halls 

Banquet halls are constructed in a way to satisfy the requirements of people. Keeping in mind the gathering, seating, carpet area, wiring and lighting,  ambiance, infrastructure, and location, they are built. Everyone wants their function to be exciting and full of beans. Hence wedding banquets have the best of the banquets with every bit of facilities and lively vibes. We love to cater our services as a family and you will feel no less than a family being with us.

If there is a small gathering for functions like a Roka ceremony, baby shower, bachelor party, or formal gatherings like a corporate party, lunch, or high tea after a formal meetup it needs a small space. For such events and functions, the banquet halls are made either in a classroom style, U-Shaped, round or oval seating, Herringbone style, or wedding style buffet but smaller than the usual ones.

On the other hand, if the gathering is big where a great number of invitees are to come like a big fat Indian wedding, birthday party, silver jubilee anniversary or any such similar function then a bigger spacious space is needed. There should be enough facilities with everything up to date and ongoing trends.

For such functions, buffet style is the most commonly preferred. Other than buffet style there are pre-set food styles where the food is already laid. Then there is food service which has different food stations which allow the guests to have their food getting ready in front of them. Apart from these, there are other styles like reception, cafeteria, etc.


If you need to know about wedding banquets contact us anytime. We love to hear from you about solving your queries. Reach out to us via mail or call.

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