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What to Look for Before Booking a Banquet Hall in Rajouri Garden

When you pay for something it becomes holier than thou important to get everything up to the mark. Also when it comes to important functions such as weddings we tend to become dreamy. Often in haste and excitement, things get altered, spoiling the whole function. 

Necessary steps with planning and in-depth knowledge are important. Making a list of guests, deciding on the dates, dress, food, etc. booking a venue hall is one such milestone. Booking a banquet hall could be a tedious task but with Wedding Banquets, it becomes a piece of cake.

There are many picturesque banquet halls in Rajouri Garden situated in different areas with all the best facilities. We at Wedding Banquets take every possible care to spread bliss making your function a memorable one. To help you and ease your worry we have some free suggestions for what to look for before booking a banquet hall. Some suggestions just in case you missed it while booking a banquet hall are given below:

  • Don't just blindly believe the pictures flooding the internet instead goes for a live inspection.

  • Check for the basic things like the place should be well built in a good area, not amidst the chaotic surroundings

  • The place should be verified with proper washrooms, ventilation, and other things.

  • As fear of Covid19 is still prevailing there should be safety measures with cleanliness at the utmost level.

  • A picture says it all hence the place should look appealing with proper lights in it and an ambience good enough.

  • Ask for food tasting as you won't love to spoil the taste buds and mood of the newly-wed guests on the main day.

  • Don't behave like an over-excited kid who at the sight of candies forgets the ill effects; check if the property is verified and listed or not.

Average Cost Of Banquet Halls in Rajouri Garden

Rajouri Garden is one of the populated and busy areas with a plethora of commercial and residential properties. It has a good number of banquet halls with different budgets, capacities, and locations.

The price of the banquet hall varies as per the customer’s choice of food and other things. For some it is less is more and they opt for minimal decoration and not so many varieties of food but for most people, their preference is for a more dazzling floral look in the hall. They love to have huge varieties of food including veg and non-veg with drinks etc. Hence the price per plate and hall varies. Check out your budget and look for the most suitable banquet hall for you.

Types Of Banquets Halls in Rajouri Garden


In accordance with the space, gathering, and function type there are small and big halls available. You could visit our official website to have a look at the catalogue with pictures and details of the banquet halls. You can reach out to us hassle-free for a satisfactory response to any queries related. 

Depending upon the function gathering and need there are halls such as weddings, anniversary celebrations, birthdays eve, bridal showers, milestone victories, foreign client formal meetings, college parties, etc. Let’s have an in-depth overview of the types of banquet halls.

Round Table

This one is the most common we all have seen. For a large gathering and the utmost comfort to sit and dine this arrangement is the most appropriate. Chairs are set in a circular pattern around the table with cutleries and food on them. The rest of the food is either served or self-service. There are usually 4-6 or 6-10 chair patterns that give all the guests the to interact and dine together. 

Workshop Training Pattern

 This is usually called cabaret-style and designed for the workshops that colleges, training centres, and organizations conduct on different aspects. In this pattern, an arc shape arrangement is followed around the table to listen and interact with the speaker on the podium.

Cafeteria Style

Cafeteria-style is for gatherings like anniversaries, birthdays, promotion parties, foreign scholarship, the arrival of an adopted child at home, etc. This is usually amongst the family or in a close-knit gathering to keep it simple and personal. The arrangement is done in a way where sitting is made around a rectangular table with chairs along the sides. Food is laid and everyone enjoys the food sitting altogether.


As the name suggests this U-shaped is for conferences, formal meetings, seminars, etc. by colleges, NGOs, Non-Profit Organizations, and corporate companies for different aspects.

There are many other arrangements like Hollow squares, U-shaped, and cocktails.


To get to know more details and to book your banquet hall browse the website of wedding banquets today. We are here to help you book your banquet hall with the best deals.

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