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Alfa Banquet

Pusa Road, Radha Soami Satsang, WEA, Rajendra Place, New Delhi, Delhi 110005


Capacity : 105 to 200
Vegetarian 1400 ₹ /plate
Non Vegetarian 1500 ₹ / plate

Things to consider before selecting banquet halls in Rajendra Place

Finding the perfect banquet hall in Rajendra Place, Delhi, can be overwhelming since there are so many in the area. You need to consider the following points to nail the perfect wedding venue that matches your budget and requirements.


You need to find a banquet hall which is not too far for the local guests to attend. If there are guests who are traveling from out of town, then it should be near the airport or their hotel. If for some reason, the banquet hall is far off, then consider providing transportation for the guests to reach the wedding venue. The location should be easy to access through GPS and provide a map to reach the venue on the wedding invitation card. Also, consider other factors like parking areas and traffic flow before finalizing the banquet hall.


This is one of the most important elements when deciding on the banquet hall. You should have an estimated number of guests before stepping out to research wedding venues. There should be the perfect balance of guests, furniture arrangement, food stalls, etc. within the banquet space. If the hall is too big, then it will dull the celebrations. If the space is small, then your guests will feel clustered. Talk to the vendor about the seating arrangement ratio with respect to attendees. Various banquet halls can customize the space to accommodate more guests if the number of attendees increases.


Best banquet halls in Rajendra Place, Delhi will provide high-end services and amenities. The hospitality staff will go above and beyond to make the guests feel comfortable. Talk to the vendor about various services they provide like catering, decorations, entertainment, etc. Do the taste test of food before deciding on the menu. Check whether they have a multi-cuisine menu in both vegetarian and non-vegetarian variants. Talk to their in-house décor team and ask them to show you their previous work. Also, question whether the banquet hall allows outside décor or catering services in case your vision doesn’t align with their in-house teams.


Since there is no limit to how much you can spend at a wedding, the deciding factor is simply you. Your necessities and guest list will impact the price of the wedding venue. So allocate a set budget to the wedding venue and search for a banquet hall within that price range. Research and read reviews online to get a glimpse of various banquet halls. Call up vendors and get price quotes so you can compare the services provided by them against the price. Checking for offer prices and discounts online is a must to get the best deal on the banquet hall.


Decide on a theme or concept of the wedding. This will help in choosing the flowers, lighting, wedding attire, and overall aesthetics of the wedding. You can choose a traditional royal wedding theme to have regal vibes all around. There are rustic, elegant weddings that give off a more intimate vibe. Deciding on the theme will contribute to the selection of the banquet hall as you will find a venue that fits your decided concept frame. If it doesn’t fit in those criteria, then you can ask the banquet hall if they can customize the interiors and overall ambiance accordingly.

The average cost of a banquet hall in Rajendra Place, Delhi

Your budget and requirements influence the average cost of a banquet hall. Mostly the cost is calculated as the cost per plate multiplied by the number of guests at the wedding. There can be additional charges for decorations and interior changes if any. In general, a budget-friendly elegant wedding will be in between Rs. 850-1,500 per plate. A grand royal wedding will cost along the lines of Rs. 1,500-4,000 per plate. In short, there is no set price range for weddings as it depends entirely on how much you want to spend, and the sky's the limit for spending on big events like a wedding.


To make your selection process a little easier, here we are listing some of the best banquet halls in Rajendra Place, Delhi. These offer amazing management, staff hospitality, catering, and interiors that work for different budget points. These also have great reviews, and you can get good deals online on these banquet halls.

A wedding should be a blissful and fun occasion that reflects all the good vibes you create while celebrating. The planning can be stressful and overwhelming, getting you tired even before the celebration begins. So taking a deep breath and adhering to the above points with the selected list of banquet halls will give you a clear vision of your requirements.

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