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Things To Consider Before Selecting a Banquet Banquet Halls in Raja Garden, Delhi

Finalizing a banquet hall is not a piece of cake as there is a lot of work to do prior to booking it finally. You cannot blindly invest in any of the banquet halls that your peers and acquaintances suggest or get fooled by the tactics of such companies. Often in order to extort money, there are scams and such tactics by the scammers. Don’t be too fast, instead do research and then finalize. Your hard-earned money should be invested in the right place.

Wedding banquets are a trademark of the wedding business in Delhi NCR with a good rapport and many happy clients. To get assurance you can go to the reviews and testimonials. Kindly note we do not have any third-party involvement hence don’t rely on similar names. We have our own official website with contact details to know more. In case of doubts, queries and other questions you can easily contact us. 

Wedding Banquets has over 500,000 vendors and venues with world-class facilities, Italian furnishings, best of the caterers to tickle your taste buds and ambience like never seen before. We love building relations and caring for the customers like a family. To help you out in case of a dilemma or if you are puzzled to select a banquet hall for any of your family functions or office events look for the following points. Some basic things you should see and check before booking a hall are given below.

  • Set your budget first keeping in mind the other things and then look for the banquet halls in Raja Garden in accordance with the budget.

  • Location of the venue should be in a prime location with proper reaching directions to avoid getting stuck in traffic and missing the function’s highlights and rituals.

  • If you are opting for an open area arrangement make sure there is a backup plan in case of storm and rain.

  • There should be a proper parking area with the capacity to park a great number of vehicles at a time.

  • The food area should have bins placed at every stall and station to avoid litter and mess.

  • Ask if there is any specific time to vacate the hall so that you can plan things accordingly.

Average Cost Of Banquet Halls In Raja Garden

It is one of the excellent locations with schools, colleges, hospitals, residential areas, and many banquet halls. If you are looking for a small function venue or a big lavish function you can reach out to us. If it is simple with minimal décor and not so much food then you can have it on a minimal budget. And if you want it grand with themed décor, catering and other details in a lavish style then you need to invest more bucks than usual. Banquet halls in Raja Garden on average cost 900-4000 INR per plate. If you want to add on or make changes according to your preference then it will get high on the average cost. For more details and queries contact us to get details and you can even visit us face-to-face at your convenience.

Types Of Banquet Halls In Raja Garden

Raja Garden has many stylish well-built banquet halls with the best facilities in a prime location. Keeping in mind the need and types of functions the banquet halls are made. With the best infrastructure and good quality building materials used these banquet halls are engineered. Keeping in mind the standing life of the building everything is of high quality and the latest technology. Compromising with the quality and excuses are not acceptable and we always make sure to keep it as integrated as it could be.

Our properties are well built with good ventilation, foreign designing interiors, comfortable seating, and the ceiling of the hall made in order of the light’s reflectivity for a perfect photoshoot.

There are different types of functions we see and must have attended. Not all functions have band baaja or dhol beatings. There are some formal functions that are corporate events, office meetups after a deal with a foreign client, victory after winning a long court battle, celebrating huge success, informal dinner/lunch/high tea for the company, etc. These types of functions are formal and usually don’t have a large gathering involved. 

To maintain decorum and professionalism feel the hall choice and setting are done in a specific manner. For discussions, questionnaires, speech, and interaction the participants or the attendees should be seated in a way so that they can interact with each other and face the speaker and screen. Such types of gatherings are done in halls that are designed and set up in an oval or round manner or herringbone style, classroom style, theatre style, etc.

Let's shed some light on the informal functions that we usually visualize hearing the name function. Pre-wedding functions like sangeet, Haldi, mehndi, bachelor party, hen party, weddings, anniversaries, ring ceremonies, birthdays, baby showers, etc. For such functions usually, a large gathering is there involving neighbours, near and dear ones, distant relatives, and acquaintances. 

Although people these days are sticking to KISS(keep it simple and small) yet Indian function sounds almost impossible without colors, glitters, lights, lavish foods, and party music. For such gatherings, banquet halls in Raja Garden having facilities of buffet style, reception style, pre-set, cafeteria style, food stationed, and plated style can be arranged. Rituals, customs, food, music, lights, and photo-clicking are the main highlights of such functions which need a specific corner or place in the banquet hall, hence it is done in a specific and appealing way. 

At Wedding Banquets, we help people to get their function done as per their desired requirements and budget too. To know more or to book a banquet hall for any function you can call us or reach us via mail. 


To get the best and that too at the best deals you can get in touch with the Wedding Banquets. Leading name in the wedding industry, we are based in West Delhi. To get the best, allow us once and we could be long-term partners helping you in every function now and then. In case of any doubts, queries, or questions you can reach out to us anytime via call or mail.

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