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6 Things To Consider Before Selecting a Banquet Hall in Paschim Vihar

We have a team of skilled people talented enough to turn a simple place into a great one. For people who are filmy and love to experience Bollywood things where music, rose petals, slow-motion captured moments, and twirling lehenga could be seen, we create it all for you. Your dream wedding is possible with Wedding Banquets.

These days banquet halls could be found everywhere, in market areas, residential complexes, and lanes. Earlier there were Barat Ghars where wedding processions took place. With the change in time, there are banquet halls made with all the facilities. Before selecting a banquet hall take a glance at the given below points so that it helps you invest aptly.

  • Keep in mind the budget for the banquet hall you have set for. Don’t invest without making an estimate for the expenditure.

  • Look for venues in close and should be in prime locations. It would be easy for everyone to reach the venue conveniently.

  • Go through the website and read reviews and testimonials. Also, you can browse pictures of the banquet halls to have an idea.

  • If you have specific food preferences, discuss them before booking. Also, ask for a food tasting to get food that tickles taste buds and belly.

  • Look for banquet halls that provide wheelchairs, also check if all the elevators, door latches, and faucets in the washrooms are working or not.

  • Hygiene and cleanliness should be there without and but especially in washrooms. 

This would help you to find a good banquet hall with the right investment. Often there could be situations when faucets and cisterns are not working, Lifts, projectors, CCTVs not operational, etc. Our banquet halls are designed and adorned with Italian furnishings, royal touch with everything exciting enough to lift your soul.

Average Cost of Banquet Halls in Paschim Vihar

The average cost of banquet halls in Paschim Vihar varies with the location, preference, and other factors. To get exact details you can call us or mail us. On average, the cost will be around 800 INR to 4000 INR. Get the best deals with Wedding Banquets and book a banquet hall of your choice.

Types Of Banquet Halls in Paschim Vihar

Banquet halls are made in accordance with the necessity for the function. As we know that functions are of different types, they could be either family gathering, office gathering or a function at big level with near and dear ones. If there is a small-scale gathering where there are only family members then you need to book small halls and if there is a big function like a wedding then you need a big one.

On the other hand official events, seminars, meetings, formal lunches, or dinners are hosted and halls made for this specific gathering are different from the other ones. Let us sneak peek into the detailed account of the types of banquet halls.

Buffet System hall- You might have attended such a party or a wedding where the food is already set for an easy meal at the party. Snacks, savories, beverages, and other food items are laid on the tables with name labels on them. The buffet system is the most common with a large gathering. 

Plated- In this the guests don’t need to go from their seats to the food stalls. The food is served to them in bowls and plates that include starters, drinks, sweets, and other food items.

Board Meeting Style hall- This one is meant for board meetings usually. To discuss important meetings, regulate meeting clauses, deciding different things. In this, the chairs are arranged in a rectangular or oval pattern in order to have a face-to-face interaction with the speaker.

Herringbone Style hall- This is also called fishbone seat style as the seating resembles a lot of the fishtail. It is more of a classroom style where we can say where the audience or the attendees sit facing the stage or the speaker for a particular event. It is usually done for formal events.

Cafeteria Style- It is somewhat similar to the buffet style. Food with variants is appealingly laid at one side with veggies and fruits cut and carved in shapes. Cafeteria-style has less mess as food is not laid scattered. Can choose from the varieties of food including assortments, fruits, soups and broths, snacks, main course, sweets, bread, drinks, etc. It is up to the guests to either eat while standing or come back to their seats. Guests can have a view of the hall and decoration enjoying the function to the fullest.


In concluding this Paschim Vihar banquet hall's detailed account it is recommended to go for the quality ensured company. Wedding Banquets have the best of the halls available for types of functions at the best price. If you are skeptical and dealing with confusion, check our reviews and testimonials. Our customers have expressed their sincere gratitude for the services we gave. To get more information call us or write to us. Ask queries and clear your doubts that follow.

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