There are numerous Banquet halls in North Delhi. If you are a die-hard Bollywood fan who wants to recreate famous D-Day scenes, we can help you with the dreamy venues. We have the most suitable option for you! Look into the beautiful banquet halls in North Delhi that meet your needs. Moreover, if you want to amaze your guests, then Wedding Banquets is one name to go for if you want to feel extraor Read More dinary and experience the best arrangement. Scroll below and find the best services! Read Less

Dream Bell Banquet

KC Goel Marg, Pocket C 3, Phase 2, Wazirpur, Delhi, 110052


Capacity : 110 to 200
Vegetarian 1400 ₹ /plate
Non Vegetarian 1500 ₹ / plate

All Heavens Gold

3, Lawrence Rd, Sector 18, Block A1, Keshav Puram, Tri Nagar, New Delhi, Delhi 110035


Capacity : 50 to 500
Vegetarian 1000 ₹ /plate
Non Vegetarian 1350 ₹ / plate

6 Things To Consider Before Selecting a Banquet Halls in North Delhi

Based In North Delhi we deal in banquet halls with amazing facilities and best caterers for an exciting experience. With excellent team support we've envisioned expanding our services miles away. We are on a course of pinnacle as our help desk is continually there to help solve your queries. Wedding banquets always try to give you world class experience with the best services in the wedding industry. Food, ambience, infrastructure, services, payment mode everything is up to the mark here. 

At Wedding Banquets we in no way entertain flaws and we love to make our clients happy. Ask queries and matters in advance associated with the décor, arrangement etc. At Wedding Banquets we in no way entertain flaws and we love to make our clients happy. Some important points are given for your idea of what to look at before selecting a banquet hall.

  • Don’t go for names and buildings that look fancy from outside. Not all that glitters is gold. Read reviews, testimonials and do visit the banquet hall physically once before paying in advance or finalizing the deal.

  • To make memories and to let every guest enjoy the function, the ambience should be catchy and appealing to lift everyone’s mood.

  • Timing issues often create conflicts and disturb the situation when there is a time slot and time limit by the banquet hall to vacate. Ask everything beforehand prior to paying and finalizing the banquet hall.

  • Do ask them about the power backup, AC properly working, camera monitoring etc.

  • Location of the venue should be in prime location with proper reaching directions to avoid getting stuck in traffic missing the function’s highlights and rituals.. 

  • If you opt for an outdoor arrangement make sure that there are arrangements and backup plan incase of rain and storm. Not every guest would groove on  ‘Tip Tip barsa paani’.

Types of Banquet Halls in North Delhi

Wedding banquets believe in the integrity and well-being of the customers for a long term relationship. You can check for best deals and pictures of the banquet halls on our website. Just for an idea there are some points given for your reference. Never blindly invest in any of the banquet halls that your peers and acquaintances suggest or get fooled by the tactics of such companies. Often in order to extort money there are scams and such tactics by the scammers.

Often you must have seen, heard or experienced being embarrassed with the projector not working, microphone creating distortion, power cut, food shortage, cold food service etc. It is recommended to go for a tag mark that has good rapport with positive customer’s feedback. Following is a brief account of types of banquet halls used for different types of functions.

Cafeteria Style- It is somewhat similar to the buffet style. Food with variants is laid at one side in an appealing manner with veggies and fruits cut and carved in shapes. Cafeteria style has less mess as food is not laid scattered. Can choose from the varieties of food including assortments, fruits, soups and broths, snacks, main course, sweets, breads and smoothies etc. It is up to the guests to either eat while standing or come back to their seat. Guests can have the view of the hall and decoration enjoying the function to the fullest.

Reception Style- This one consists of food served on the tables and usually couples are invited at the reception style. There is not much gathering or arrangement like buffet but minimal things with space to roam and chitchat or to dance and have pictures.

Food Stations- In this type of food style food items are arranged at stationed makeshift stalls or booths where chefs are present to prepare and serve food to the guests. In a food station style, food is either prepared on demand or is kept half done to prepare later on the diner’s demand.

Buffet Style hall- In this type of arrangement food is laid on a large table for the guests to serve themselves as per their choice. This one is hugely preferred and is inexpensive than the other food arrangements.

Theater style hall- This is for presentations, showing slides for the programs, meetings etc. Chairs are set in a way altogether in rows so that everyone present can easily look at the screen and listen to the speaker.

Herringbone Style hall- This is also called as fishbone seat style as the seating resembles a lot to the fish tail. It is more of a classroom style where we can say where the audience or the attendees sit facing the stage or the speaker for a particular event. It is usually done for formal events.

U-shaped hall- As the name suggests this one is made in the U-shaped with chairs alongside the table. This is usually preferred when there is a formal meeting to sit with the people and discuss things. To conduct workshops, seminars, formal meetings, group discussions, a U-shaped style is made in the hall with an idea to have face to face interaction while everyone is facing the projector or the stage.

Average Cost Of Banquet Halls in North Delhi

 With over 500,000 banquet vendors and venues we have the best chefs, skilled artisans, professional decorators, wedding planners, and photographers to make it a perfect wedding function. If you are looking for a venue for your small function or a big gathering function then you can reach out to us.

If it is simple with minimal decor and not so much food then you can have it on a minimal budget. And if you want it grand with themed decor, catering and other details in a lavish style then you need to invest in more bucks than usual. Banquet halls in North Delhi on an average cost 800-4000 INR per plate. If you want to add on or make changes according to the preference then it will be expensive. For more details and queries contact us to get details.


North Delhi holds many picturesque banquet halls with ample parking space and interiors beautiful enough to be your favorite for always. If you want to get our services to book a banquet hall in the North Delhi region you can contact us. We will help you with the best knowledge.

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