Any event must start with the selection of the appropriate location. On your special day, choosing a banquet is just as important as choosing the right apparel. So, if you stay in Janakpuri or are looking for the best banquet halls near it, we have got the best for you! Scroll below and check out the best banquet halls in Janakpuri, Delhi. You will receive the best culinary services, the best inte Read More rior design, and the best management, and these banquet venues are 100% verified. Get the best venues according to your preferences and budget right away! Read Less

Things to consider before selecting banquet halls in Janakpuri

When choosing the best banquet hall in Janakpuri, Delhi, you need to keep a few pointers in mind. You can find a lot of banquet halls around, but only a few offer the best services and quality hospitality that can elevate the wedding experience for you and your guests. Read on to find what you should look for when deciding on the banquet hall.

Check the capacity

You should first and foremost see whether the venue has banquet halls that can accommodate the number of guests you are going to have. It should be perfectly balanced. Too small a space, your guests will feel suffocated while too big, and the area will seem dull and less lively. Always have your guest list ready before deciding on the banquet hall, as the approximate number of guests will decide the area required for wedding ceremonies.

Check the services

Another important thing to remember is to check whether the staff is well trained in hosting various ceremonies like sangeet, Haldi, mehndi, engagement, wedding reception, etc. See whether the décor team can customize fun entertainment areas for your guests like photo booth corners, mehndi artists, and tattoo designers. These fun elements make the wedding entertaining and keep the guests involved with various activities.

Check the interiors

See whether the interiors match the aesthetics you want the wedding to reflect. If not then, are the designers well equipped to customize it according to the desired theme? The interiors are very important when choosing the banquet hall as they set the right tone for the overall mood and contribute to the photographs you will cherish forever.

Check the location

The venue should be easily accessed by various public and private transportation. It shouldn’t be too far out as that might lead to guests not attending the wedding at all. It should have easy navigation and nearby landmarks so the guests can reach without any trouble.

Check the budget

It is important to find the right balance between services offered by the banquet hall and the booking price. Don’t forget to get price quotes from different banquet halls. Compare the price point with regards to services offered, quality of food, location, and interiors before deciding on one.

The average cost of a banquet hall in Janakpuri, Delhi

The average cost depends on your budget and requirements. There are banquet halls that offer grand lavish wedding areas at Rs. 5,000 per plate. There are also budget-friendly elegant banquet halls at Rs. 850 per plate. On average, you can have a splendid wedding for Rs. 1,000-1,500 per plate. For luxurious high-end wedding hall options, it can be between Rs. 1,500-3,000 per plate. The non-vegetarian options are priced higher by Rs 100-300 than the vegetarian options.


Q1. Which are the popular banquet halls near Janakpuri, Delhi? 

There are many banquet halls near Janakpuri, Delhi such as Five Elements By Sandoz, Shubham Banquet, Umang Palace Banquet, and more. These banquet halls are based on top ratings, location, exclusive catering facilities, and modern services. 

Q2. What is the minimum to maximum charges for banquet halls in Janakpuri?

All the venues charge differently and that is based on calculating the per-plate cost to get an estimate. This may also include decor services.

Q3. Which banquet halls in Janakpuri provide valet parking? 

Many venues in Janakpuri provide valet parking such as Aashirwad banquet Hall, Casa Royal Banquet, The Diva Luxury Banquet Janakpuri, and more. 

Q4. Which banquet halls in Janakpuri allow outside decor facilities?

The banquet halls that provide outside decor facilities are Seven Pearls Banquet and Aashirwad Banquet Hall. 

Q5. Which banquet halls in Janakpuri provide complementary changing rooms?

The banquet halls that provide complementary changing rooms are Aashirwad banquet Hall, Umang Palace Banquet, Stardom Banquet Hall, Precious Moments Banquet, Casa Royal, and more. 

Q6. What are the cancellation policies?

Cancellation policies for a venue should be verified before making a booking, as they differ from one venue to another.

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