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Madhu Milan Marriage Garden

D-136, Dasharath Marg, Hari Nagar, Jhotwara, Jaipur, Rajasthan 302012


Capacity : 200 to 1000
Vegetarian 450 ₹ /plate
Non Vegetarian 600 ₹ / plate

Things To Consider Before Selecting a Banquet Halls in Hari Nagar, Delhi

Finalizing and fixing a deal for a banquet hall is a cumbersome task. For people who have some knowledge, it is not that much tough but for those who do not know, it is quite difficult. Many speculations led to the confusion. Also fear of choosing and investing in the wrong deal is one thing that tends to pull you back.

Such situations create unnecessary stress and consequently, things turn to be messy. With Wedding Banquets, such things are

not the case. Here we take care of everything that includes a wedding function. We have the best of the caterers, decorators, choreographers, photographers, etc. that give their best to amaze you. Read below the given points of what to see before finalizing a hall.

  • Don’t fall for catchy names and buildings that look fancy from the outside. Read reviews, and testimonials and do visit the banquet hall physically once before paying in advance of finalizing the deal. 

  • Pay attention to every minute detail inside and outside; condition and appearance of the seatings. 

  • Tidy things look beautiful. Cleanliness especially in the loo and all over the hall. Gated halls should be preferred as gatecrashing is one thing we all are aware of. Also, you won't like scenes where dogs loitering and disturb the gathering. 

  • Power backup with the good working of the ACs, accurate lighting, and enough space. Ask for a demo event or something to have an idea and a perfect hassle-free function. Go to the website and have a thorough study of the testimonials. 

  • Covid-19 is still there so don't overlook sanitization and precautionary measures. Make sure everything is sanitized.

  • Always check if the property is listed in a verified list of properties or not.

Average Cost Of Banquet Halls in Hari Nagar 

Well, when it comes to cost and expenses many things constitute the final expenditure. It is not like you go pay and it is done. If you are going to book a banquet hall for any function you would need caterers for food, decorators for décor, and other miscellaneous things.

If there is a wedding function, things will be according to the wedding. Decoration for wedding scenarios will include flowers, leaves, ornamental planters, glittery things, curtains, vases, fairy lights, and huge bulbs. 

The cost for the wedding banquet will include all the things we just listed. Similarly, other functions like anniversaries, ring ceremonies, baby showers, and pre-bridal showers need decoration as per the function’s theme. Food is one of the primary things that vary by the choice, type, and other factors of the specific function.

Often people prefer to keep it light which includes refreshments and is cost-effective but some love to treat their guests with the proper meal. For a proper meal, there are assortments, drinks, and varieties of food items and cuisines. It all depends upon the catering, decoration, and service for the cost of a banquet hall includes lighting, power backup, security, safety measures, and other things.

In Hari Nagar, you can choose among the banquet halls we have there. Every banquet hall is an example of excellence in terms of ambiance, location, services, and everything. The average cost of banquet halls in Moti Nagar would cost you between 900 INR to 4000 INR per plate. To get more detailed information visit our official website.

Types Of Banquet Halls in Hari Nagar

Buffet Style- Buffet style is the most common style we have seen in weddings and parties either arranged standing or sitting. It is one of the usually preferred ones as it is most convenient. The benefit of the buffet-style is that it saves a lot of space as the food is laid on a large table for the guests and they can serve themselves. It gives a precise idea to the guests to have a look at all the food items and choose according to them with everything arranged appealing with names on them.

Reception Style- This can be seen in functions such as wedding anniversaries, adopted baby arrival parties, promotion parties, house warming parties, birthday parties, etc. In this type the guests at the party enjoy chit-chat, having photos clicked, enjoying food and snacks laid on the table for self-service. According to the budget and choice, the host can treat their guests with appetizers that include soups, fritters, fruits, drinks, and one bite-sized savory and sweets.

Plated Style- As by the name this arrangement is less on budget. The guests at the function get to eat food and other eatables while being seated. The catering staff serves the guests food on a plate with bowls and plates. It can be either on a platter and the guests can take from it according to their hunger and choice or on plates with the proportion of food and other items. This gives comfort and is less messy than other food styles.

Cafeteria Style- A cafeteria is one thing we all know. Colleges, metros, and restaurants have cafeteria-style where you need to self-serve. It is quite similar to the buffet-style where food is laid at one side in a sophisticated manner. In cafeteria-style food is arranged at one portion of the banquet hall with names on it for the convenience of the guests. The food items including assortments, fruits, soups, snacks, main course, desserts, bread, and drinks are arranged for self-service. Guests enjoy the function and eat by themselves by going to the food section and filling up their plates.

Stationed Style- This is getting in trend and quite similar to the buffet style. Stationed style is one where the food items are either on different stations half done or prepared in front of the guests. Foods like sushi, pasta, pizzas, mocktails, mocktails, shakes, hot dogs, and many other food items of varied cuisines are prepared to give the guests a thrilling experience of having super hot and tasty food. It gives an option to stroll around the food area enjoying food while chatting with other guests at the function. Children enjoy it the most as for them it is like an adventure to play and eat their favorite stuff.  Parents on the other side feel tension free as feeding kids and looking after them by sitting next to them the whole time is quite a cumbersome task. This gives them ample time to enjoy the function and have clicks.


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