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Red Carpet Banquets

Bahubali Extension, Karkardooma, Anand Vihar, New Delhi - 110092


Capacity : 1000 to 1500
Vegetarian 1500 ₹ /plate
Non Vegetarian 1800 ₹ / plate

6 Things To Consider Before Selecting a Banquet Hall in East Delhi

Wedding Banquets has over 500,000 vendors and venues with world-class facilities, Italian furnishings, best of the caterers to tickle your taste buds and ambiance like never seen before. The best of services with the best deals in the specialty makes us stand out from others. No one would like or entertain anything bad or distressing about their special function be it a wedding, birthday, anniversary, or formal gathering. 

Often you must have seen, heard, or experienced being embarrassed with the projector not working, microphone creating distortion, power cut, stale or unorganized food tables in front of your foreign client, guests, and invitees from other countries. This could leave a bad impression on the other persons and also breaks the flow and rhythm of the work discussion or presentations. 

You must have experienced a headache and nausea after coming back from a party or wedding function. It is sometimes due to food allergy but mostly due to bad music due to the bad and echoed sound which has high bass and too high pitch; acoustic wall panels minimize the outside noise. Hence a good music system is better. 

Check if the hall has a photo booth facility as this thing is trending these days. Shutterbugs love to take pictures of every place they go. Color popping cardboard-made floral-themed or wedding props with glitter and all. It adds more jazziness and exciting photo clicking. Confirm before if it is A-listed property, it should be verified with no court hearing and pending cases. 

Ask beforehand the time to vacate the hall as post-Covid guidelines many banquet halls are working on strict timings. Weather sometimes plays hide and seek and often it could be tricky if you have an open area wedding or flooding. Ask if they have canopies and waterproof tents. Apart from these, they ask if they can provide a bridal suite for her to get ready and rest. Fire extinguishers, oxygen cylinders, first aid, and CCTVs must be there for safety measures. Have a glance at the following six important points of what to look for before selecting a banquet hall

  • Read reviews, and testimonials and do visit the banquet hall physically once before paying in advance or finalizing the deal. Don’t fall for catchy names and buildings that look fancy from the outside. 

  •  In order to have an idea and a perfect hassle-free function ask for a demo function and food tasting. 

  • The hall should have good ventilation to avoid any suffocation, in the case of upstairs arrangement lifts should be working and wheelchairs should be available.

  • Beggars, rag pickers roaming, and asking for alms are quite common scenarios. Always go for a good, reputed, and gated hall so as not to make your guests uncomfortable and distracted.

  • Check if the hall is in a prime location for reaching on time without any obstacles.

  • Don’t rush and never rely solely on pictures instead go for a physical visit. 

Types Of Banquet Halls in East Delhi

It all depends upon the choice and type of function but broadly categorized there are 7-10 types of banquet halls; Buffet, reception, food stations, cafeteria-style, plated, family-style, and pre-set, and then some other types such as theater-style, U-shaped style, Herringbone style, etc.

Buffet- In the buffet system, the food is laid on a large table where guests can serve themselves from the variety of food that has been presented. It is one of the most common systems.

Reception- You must have seen or attended such a function where guests sit all together in a big hall or area and dine together.

Food Stations- In this the food is arranged station-wise with different sections along with names on it. It includes salads, soups, sizzlers, snack items, desserts, mocktails, and so on. It is in vogue these days and people love it as they can have the super hot food getting prepared in front of others.

Cafeteria Style- In the cafeteria, the food is laid out for self-service. Guests at such a function have to go and fill up their plates according to their liking.

Plated- In this the guests don’t need to go from their seats to the food stalls. The food is served to them in bowls and plates that include starters, drinks, sweets, and other food items.

Family Style- It is usually an informal and private function where close family members gather together to enjoy a meal.

Pre-set- As the name suggests, the food is already laid and set accordingly for the guests. The guests can have food without bothering or searching for certain items that create a mess. It is convenient for the guests to enjoy food comfortably.

Herringbone Style hall- This is also called fishbone seat style as the seating resembles a lot of the fishtail. It is more of a classroom style where we can say where the audience or the attendees sit facing the stage or the speaker for a particular event. It is usually done for formal events.

Board Meeting Style hall- This one is usually meant for board meetings that companies and consultancies conduct. To discuss important meetings, regulate meeting clauses, and decide different things. In this, the chairs are arranged in a rectangular or oval pattern in order to have a face-to-face interaction with the speaker.

U-shaped hall- As the arrangement is done in a U-shaped with chairs alongside the table it is hence regarded as a U-shaped hall. This is usually preferred when there is a formal meeting to sit with the people and discuss things in different workshops, seminars, formal meetings, and group discussions.

Theater-style- This is for presentations, showing slides for the programs, meetings, etc. Chairs are set in a way altogether in rows that everyone present can easily look at the screen and listen to the speaker.

Average Cost Of Banquet Hall in East Delhi

East Delhi has a list of party halls to give the customers a wide range to choose from. Our party halls are fully serviceable with all the amenities as well as luxury equipped. If you want to book or visit our venue physically you can get in touch with us unhesitatingly. The cost of food per plate in East Delhi banquet halls varies. It totally depends upon the menu, items, and type of food. The average cost per plate is a minimum of 800 INR which goes up to 900 INR and above. With a rough estimate, it costs 2 lakhs per 200 guests. The budget per wedding or any other function varies as it purely depends upon the menu, decoration, and other things.


We love to serve you and solve queries, when in doubt do connect with us. We are available for you to help you get through our working process. We have always been a step ahead when it comes to excellence and service. We adhere to integrity and teamwork. Our dedicated team is working without pause to do good every day.

We have our customers with smiles and contentment and that motivates us. Wedding banquets have garnered as many happy customers in the recent past. We take care of every possible thing to make your function worth remembering.

With the best of the infrastructure, pleasing ambiance, and decent location our banquet halls are acquired with the best of the facilities like strict measures for the cleanliness with timely fumigation and sanitization, proper setup and lighting to make your album even more beautiful. 

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