A wedding is one of the most special events in anyone’s life. It is the declaration of love between not just two people but two families. Having everything organised perfectly for the various ceremonies is very important to keep the celebration and fun going. So, if you're looking for banquet halls in Dwarka, Delhi, then scroll below and find the best suitable choices! Read More Read Less

Things to consider before selecting banquet halls in Dwarka

Choosing the right banquet hall in Dwarka, Delhi can be overwhelming, since there are so many options. What matters is if the banquet hall is capable of providing all the amenities you need at the right price point. Research and reviews are very important as the banquet hall will set the mood of your wedding, and the memories will be captured in photographs for years to come. Read on to see five pointers that you should keep in mind before booking the banquet hall.

Number of guests

After setting the date of the wedding, you should have an approximate number of guests that are going to attend the wedding before selecting the banquet hall. This will help you in deciding whether the banquet hall can accommodate the number of guests you are going to have. Make sure to know about the seating arrangement concerning the number of guests. It should be balanced, as too large a space, and the celebration will seem dull. Too small an area and the guests will feel clustered and suffocated.

Time and date

During peak wedding season, there is a chance of two wedding functions being held at one single venue since many venues offer multiple banquet halls. In this case, have a precise time and date set and book accordingly. If there is another wedding scheduled on the same date as yours, check how they will manage guests smoothly and avoid confusion about banquet halls.

Place of stay

Your place of stay during the wedding ceremonies should be close by to the banquet hall. There is no sense in wasting time traveling during the wedding, so choose the hotel which is near the wedding venue. The ideal practice would be to finalize the banquet hall first, then find a good, comfortable hotel nearby. There are banquet halls that offer stay for guests, bride, and groom so, look into it to save time and have efficient functioning.


Location plays an important role in deciding if your guests will attend the wedding. You might find a beautiful banquet hall on the outskirts of the city, but since the location is far off, it's not value for money. Too far away, and your guests might avoid attending altogether. So, it’s best to find a banquet hall that can be accessed easily and is connected through a good network of public transportation. The location should be navigated easily, and the venue should have ample parking space for the private vehicles of the guests.


Set the budget for the banquet hall beforehand so your list of selections will be narrowed down. Find a banquet hall that justifies the amenities provided against the booking cost. Always get quotes from different wedding venues and compare the services with the price before finalizing the one. Do your research and have a thorough checking of interiors, catering, and staff management before booking the banquet hall.

The average cost of a banquet hall in Dwarka, Delhi

Your requirement and budget influence the cost of the banquet hall. You can have a simple wedding function at Rs. 850 per plate, whereas a luxurious one can cost up to Rs. 5,000 per plate. The choices are endless and depend on how much cash you are willing to shed. On average you can have an elegant wedding with beautiful interiors, delicious food and good hospitable staff within Rs. 900-2500 per plate. If you want a Big Fat Indian Wedding with grand interiors, royal feast, and highly professional staff, then it will be somewhere between Rs.900-4,000 per plate. The non-vegetarian variant is a bit higher priced than the vegetarian one with an approximate difference of Rs. 100-300. The cost simply comes down to your budget and you can find the venue within that range in Dwarka, Delhi.

Which are the Best Banquet Halls in Dwarka?

There are many banquet halls in Dwarka, Delhi but only some offer high-end services within a reasonable price range. So, here is a list of the top 10 banquet halls in Dwarka, Delhi that cater to all your requirements, and is considered the best banquet halls. From grand wedding venues to intimate, elegant ones, the list covers it all.

  1. ITC Welcome
  2. Radisson Blu
  3. Surya Grand Banque
  4. Vivanta by Taj
  5. KD Grand Banquet
  6. The Grand Parisian
  7. Surya Green Banquet
  8. Galaxy Banquet
  9. The Uppal
  10. New Ambience Banquets

Booking the banquet hall might seem tedious and confusing since there are so many options available. So we hope this list and the five pointers mentioned above will help you in nailing the best selection of banquet halls. Your selection process will be simplified and done quickly if you keep these points in mind, and trust us, your big day will be extra special throughout etching the memories forever.

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