As you start with the wedding preparations and dive deeper to create the perfect fairytale wedding, one crucial element is the wedding venue. It can be exhausting, especially in Delhi, as the city is brimming with options. When selecting the wedding venue, going with a banquet hall is always a safe option. It is a risk-free choice since you can regulate the temperature inside and outside; unpredic Read More table weather will have no effect. So here in this blog, we are tackling all things banquet halls and easing you into the process of finding the best banquet halls in Delhi. Read Less

10 things to consider before choosing banquet halls in Delhi

The success of a wedding event depends on your choices. So it becomes crucial to make the right choice when selecting the banquet hall. Here are quick tips that will help you in making a wise decision.

  1.  Budget

Always define a budget before you start looking for wedding venues. It's best to stick to the budget and streamline the selection within the set amount. List out the budget for catering, decorations, banquet hall, photography, etc. to filter out the options.

  1. Location

The location of the wedding venue is very important since it can affect guest attendance. If the location is too far off, then guests might avoid attending altogether. It should be easily accessible through private and public transportation. Always do a site visit before finalising.

  1. Guestlist

Prepare a list of the approximate number of guests who are going to attend the wedding. It will help you find a banquet hall that can accommodate the number of guests you have in mind. Too big a hall and the celebration will feel dull. Too small a banquet hall, your guests might feel clustered and suffocated.

  1. Proper research

With technology, it has become easier to evaluate the reputation of a wedding venue. Get online and read reviews and ratings of various wedding venues. Know about the hospitality services by reading reviews of other customers before selecting a banquet hall.

  1. Expert opinion

Talk to representatives of various authentic websites of banquet halls and hotels. They can help you make better decisions based on their expertise in the field. You will get a tailor-made list of banquet halls depending on your requirements and budget.

  1. Theme of the wedding

Deciding on the concept and theme of the wedding is important as other elements like flowers, decorations, lights, etc. depend on it. You can choose from traditional, rustic, royal, fusion, etc. themes for the wedding and see if the wedding venue decorators can customise accordingly.

  1. Catering services

Always do a taste test before finalising the food menu. Check whether the banquet hall’s catering service provides your preference for vegetarian or non-vegetarian cuisine. If you want to bring in an outside catering service, then talk to the banquet hall manager if they allow the same.

  1. Additional services

Check for additional services like DJ, dancers, makeup artists, mehndi artists, valet parking, etc. are offered by the banquet hall or not. Banquet halls have associations with specialists in such fields, so it's best to use the resourceful networks to ease your preparations.

  1. Book in advance

It's best to book a banquet hall well in advance to avoid last-minute hassles. Booking at the last minute and during peak seasons also costs more. Booking in advance also helps in finding great deals and discounts on the wedding venue.

  1. Safety measures

Since there are large gatherings at weddings, safety becomes the utmost priority. See how well the team is prepared for handling a chaotic environment. Safety measures like first aid kits, fire safety, and emergency services should be available within short notice.

Types of available banquet halls in Delhi

There are various types of banquet halls in Delhi. Some of them can customise the services according to requirements. It mainly differs in regards to gathering, event, menu, and theme. Depending on the type of event like mehndi, sangeet, reception, cocktail party, etc., the wedding venue caters food to the guests.

  • Buffet

It is perfect for large gatherings where a line of food choices is laid out for guests to choose from. Guests have to pass through and serve themselves, which makes it convenient to choose the preferred food.

  • Reception

It is where people roam around the space, eating and chatting. It is perfect for weddings as families and friends get together to celebrate while munching on sumptuous food.

  • Food stalls

These are part of wedding receptions as various food stations offer different cuisines, dishes, and courses to the guests. They are generally prepared by chefs; in front of the guests and served fresh.

  • Cafeteria style

In this style, food is served by the servers to the guests. It is also a banquet-style food service and helps in portion control of food.

  • Plated

In this service, guests sit down, and servers bring in the food and serve them on plates. It is an efficient way of banquet service and is mainly common in sangeet and mehndi functions.

Why are banquet halls in Delhi so expensive?

The cost of banquet halls in Delhi depends on the location, interiors, food menu, guest list, etc. Mostly the banquet halls are considered expensive due to the extravagant services provided by them. Although it is possible to find budget-friendly banquet halls in Delhi, the cost on average can be a bit high. Luxury services with high-end interiors are bound to be expensive, but doing proper research online can help you find an affordable one. Also, booking the banquet hall well in advance can result in good deals and discounts on some of the best banquet halls in Delhi.

The average cost of banquet halls in Delhi?

The average cost of a banquet hall depends on your requirements and budget. Generally, the cost is calculated by the per plate system. On average, an affordable elegant wedding is between Rs.900-4000 per plate, and a luxurious wedding is between Rs. 1,500-4,000 per plate. The non-vegetarian food variant is approximately Rs. 100-300 more expensive than the vegetarian one. Apart from this, customization in interior décor can cost between 1-5 lakhs extra. In general, the per plate system includes the food, décor, associated facilities, and there are extra charges for customization. The cost can be calculated by multiplying the per plate rate by the number of guests.

How much guest capacity do banquet halls in Delhi can handle?

There are different banquet halls in Delhi with varying capacities. Starting from 50 people to 1000 people capacity; there is something for everyone here. On average most banquet halls allow 100-500 guests capacity. Few grand banquet halls can cater to more than 1000 guests for a wedding. When there are too many guests, then it is ideal to conduct an outdoor lawn wedding, which is attached to the banquet hall for ease and comfort.

Banquet halls for engagement and pre-wedding

Engagements and pre-wedding parties are generally intimate affairs, so they require high-quality hospitality with elegant décor. Here is our list of best banquet halls for engagement and pre-weddings.

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