Your big day is near, and all the preparations are in full force. You are planning your look, your attire, and the guest list. What’s left? Wedding venue! It's the most important aspect of the wedding. So, are you looking for banquet halls in Dabri, Delhi? If so, scroll below and find the best options below for your intimate to large party gathering. Set the right tone for your celebration while s Read More electing the right banquet halls in Dabri right away! Read Less

Things to Consider Before Selecting a Banquet Hall in Dabri

It could be very crucial as a single flaw may smash the rhythm. Ask queries and matters in advance associated with the décor, arrangement, etc. At  Wedding Banquets, we in no way entertain flaws and we love to make our clients happy. We are on a course of the pinnacle as our help desk is continually there to help solve your queries. Wedding banquets always try to give you a world-class experience with the best services in the wedding industry.

Food, ambience, infrastructure, services, payment mode everything is up to the mark here. We never procrastinate over services and always try to spread bliss. There are some must-see points for selecting a banquet hall for any function whether it is formal or informal, small or big. Have a look at the following points

  • Spending bucks and not getting desired things is quite distressing. Always look for a banquet hall that gives you a demo before finalizing it. Often boring decoration, tasteless food, and poorly ventilated halls spoil the mood and whole function.

  • Don’t forget to check for safety measures and other facilities like wheelchairs for the aged and immobile persons, oxygen cylinders, and first aid.

  • Don’t go for names and buildings that look fancy from the outside. Not all that glitters is gold. Read reviews, and testimonials and do visit the banquet hall physically once before paying in advance of finalizing the deal.

  • Gatecrashing is a common scenario and often it causes distortion in peace and function decorum. There is a possibility of food shortage, hence gated banquet halls with cameras installed should be there.

  • To make memories and to let every guest enjoy the function, the ambience should be catchy and appealing to lift everyone’s mood.

  • Sanitization is a must with proper cleanliness and sanitizers kept at the entrance.

Average Cost Of Banquet Halls in Dabri

Banquet Halls in Dabri cost as per the food you choose and the decoration. Banquet halls in Dabri are many that would suit your budget. Always go for a location that is easily reachable and has proper directions to navigate. There should be proper space for parking and CCTVs in the parking lot as well as in the whole banquet hall should be installed. The average cost of a banquet hall in Dabri would cost you between 800-4000 INR per plate.

Note that it can vary as per the guest list and other things as sometimes people want something extraordinary that includes a themed decoration, photo booth, kids section to play, goodies, or gifts as a return gift to the guests. This will consequently increase your budget.

How Many Types of Banquet Halls in Dabri

Let us get a sneak peek at the various types of banquet halls. Depending upon the need and event you can choose the type of banquet hall.

Buffet System hall- You might have attended such a party or a wedding where the food is already set for an easy meal at the party. Snacks, savories, beverages, and other food items are laid on the tables with name labels on them. The buffet system is the most common with a large gathering. 

Food Stations- In this the food is arranged station-wise with different sections along with names on it. It includes salads, soups, sizzlers, snack items, desserts, mocktails, and so on. It is in vogue these days.

Plated- In this the guests don’t need to go from their seats to the food stalls. The food is served to them in bowls and plates that include starters, drinks, sweets, and other food items.

Cafeteria Style- In the cafeteria, the food is laid out for self-service. Guests at such a function have to go and fill up their plates according to their liking.

Board Meeting Style hall- This one is meant for board meetings usually. To discuss important meetings, regulate meeting clauses, deciding different things. In this, the chairs are arranged in a rectangular or oval pattern in order to have a face-to-face interaction with the speaker.

Herringbone Style hall- This is also called fishbone seat style as the seating resembles a lot of the fishtail. It is more of a classroom style where we can say where the audience or the attendees sit facing the stage or the speaker for a particular event. It is usually done for formal events.

U-shaped hall- As the name suggests this one is made in a U-shaped with chairs alongside the table. This is preferred usually when there is a formal meeting to sit with the people and discuss things. To conduct workshops, seminars, formal meetings, and group discussions U-shaped style is made in the hall with the idea to have face-to-face interaction while everyone is facing the projector or the stage.


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