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Things To Consider Before Selecting a Banquet Hall in Connaught Place

Getting arrangements and other things planned, systemized, and perfectly done is like the cherry on top. To enjoy function hassle-free one should opt for a wedding planner and banquet hall for a carefree way. To book a banquet hall you should keep in mind certain important points listed below before booking it.

  • Adhere to the budget you’ve set for the banquet hall. It is highly important to stay with the budget and then finalize the budget. 

  • For easy reach and to avoid getting stuck in traffic always go for the banquet halls that are close to your location and also in prime locations. Often outsiders whom you have invited over get confused and find it hard to reach the location. It is better to go to a banquet hall that is easy for you to reach and other people.

  • Parking spaces when not made properly and without camera access often pave the way for theft and damage. To avoid any such mishaps and excuses for being ashamed, make sure the parking lot is secured, gated, and has a good capacity.

  • Pay attention to the interiors as well as exteriors as extraordinary buildings with murals give the best clicks with trees, fountains, flowers, etc.

  • Timing issues often create conflicts and disturb the situation when there is a time slot and time limit for the banquet hall to vacate. Ask everything beforehand before paying and finalizing the banquet hall.

  • Too loud colors popping and heavy spotlights could be distracting and look uninteresting. For décor and lighting always go for neutral tones and soft light.

Well selecting a banquet hall is not that difficult as you can find them everywhere. But still one should not go to any banquet hall before knowing important details. The wedding industry in recent years has bloomed at a faster pace and people are opting for themed weddings, destination weddings with the change in trends and choices. Wedding planning is thriving, helping people to create moments. Check out our venues by visiting them physically for a clearer idea.

What is the Average Cost Of Banquet Halls in Connaught Place?

If we talk about the cost of banquet halls in Mahavir Enclave it depends on the location of the venue. On average, it ranges from 800 INR up to 4000 INR or more per plate. Rest depends upon the decoration, facilities, and food. Themed décor is something people are gearing up for whether it is a birthday or a wedding. Some people opt for a floral theme, some go for a royal theme, etc. Color themes with contrasting props and photo booths are also among people’s favorites. 

How Many Types of Banquets Halls in Connaught Place

 At Wedding Banquets, we have the best of the services with everything top-notch. With over 500,000 banquet vendors and venues, we have the best chefs, skilled artisans, professional decorators, wedding planners, and photographers to make it a perfect wedding function. If you are looking for a banquet hall for any function and want to know more, simply contact us. Talking about the types, there are banquet halls for formal and informal gatherings.


We love to serve you with the best services and solve queries. When in doubt do connect with us we are available to help you. We have always been a step ahead when it comes to excellence and service. We adhere to integrity and teamwork.

With many options to choose from, Wedding Banquets has a great number of well-built banquet halls in Delhi NCR in prime locations. We work for the benefit of customers and love to cater our best services by helping you, We have always been a step ahead when it comes to excellence and service

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