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Park Boulevard Hotel



Capacity : 60 to 1000
Vegetarian 3250 ₹ /plate
Non Vegetarian 3250 ₹ / plate

When it comes to selecting the ‘right’ wedding farmhouse, it is not an easy task. Sooner or later, it becomes more tedious with time. Have a brief plan in mind that acts as a roadmap so that you can take crucial points into consideration while picking out the best Wedding Farmhouse in South Delhi.  

  1. Check Reviews

Reviews are a testament of the company’s reputation. If clients are satisfied, it is enough to place your faith with. Do a brief research on reviews of various companies on the internet and compare it accordingly.

  1. Set your Budget

Setting up the budget is the Basic! It has to be clear in your mind what you actually need then the money part follows. When you have a precise budget in your mind then you can avail the services accordingly.

  1. Look for the previous work

After checking reviews, please ask the wedding organiser to showcase their previous work samples. You can go through their work portfolio and satisfy customer’s testimonials. 

  1. Ask What they Offer

Have a brief discussion regarding what services they can offer you and how they can customise the services according to your needs. Wedding organisers must have a decided accuracy in terms of various aspects of plans, rates, and even services. 

  1. Decide your Dream Theme 

Last but not least, decide what would be your dream theme for your wedding. This is how you will be able to communicate your idea of your desired wedding to the organisers. 

The above-mentioned points will definitely help you to select the best Wedding Farmhouse in South Delhi. Stay Happy with the right services. 

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