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Cp 65 Banquet

69/6A, Najafgarh Road, Block C, Moti Nagar, New Delhi, Delhi 110015


Capacity : 100 to 300
Vegetarian 1000 ₹ /plate
Non Vegetarian 1200 ₹ / plate

Things To Consider Before Selecting a Banquet Hall in West Delhi

  • Check if the property has good market value by reading reviews and testimonials on its website.

  • Set your budget a lump sum amount according to your financial condition and then start looking for a banquet hall.

  • Prioritize the location of the banquet hall as this is the one thing that matters a lot. Stuck in traffic, narrow lanes, and passing through the crowded areas then facing difficulty to park vehicles is quite disturbing. Also, the location should have proper signboards, and landmarks and be situated at a prime location for easy reach.

  • Music is something we hear in our mind when it comes to a function, especially a wedding one. These days people love to experience new ways to enjoy the function by displaying pictures of bride and groom and others. Many halls, therefore, have in-built facilities for audio-visual equipment. Make sure that there is a proper system to avoid glitches and enjoyment of uninterrupted music.

  • Ambience of the place plays an important role in giving your brain receptors either a pleasing message or a bad one. Architecture, layout, and interiors are some of the key elements that could alter your function’s aura. Go for vibrant tones and big spaces.

  • Don’t forget to check if there is a proper parking space or not.

How Many Types Of Banquet Halls in West Delhi

Banquet halls are categorized as per the purpose they serve for different gatherings. The gathering could be of any type for any purpose. There are functions when there is a celebration in families related to the birth of a baby, wedding ceremony of a daughter/son, granddaughter/grandson, ring ceremony, anniversary, etc. 

There were times when such functions were held in homes with arrangements done by the people themselves. It was nice and a thrilling experience making laddus at home, sewing dresses with mirror work, thread work, and glittering laces, erecting pandals, making food together, etc. With the change in time, people have turned towards urbanization and career-oriented. This thing snatched away the time leaving them busy all day with workload and other stress. 

With the new concepts, time issues and convenience trends of banquet halls emerged. For such functions, there are banquet halls that carry out every work responsibility and you don't need to worry about anything. For such functions, banquet halls serve differently as per the customer’s liking and preference. Let's shed some light on the types of banquet halls.

Reception Style- This one consists of food served on the tables and usually couples are invited to the reception style. There is not much gathering or arrangement like a buffet but minimal things with space to roam and chitchat or to dance and have pictures.

Buffet Style- In this type of arrangement food is laid on a large table for the guests to serve themselves as per their choice. This one is hugely preferred and is more inexpensive than the other food arrangements.

Food Stations- In this type of food style food items are arranged at stationed makeshift stalls or booths where chefs are present to prepare and serve food to the guests. In a food station, style food is either prepared on-demand or is kept half done to prepare later on the diner’s demand.

Cafeteria Style- It is somewhat similar to the buffet style. Food with variants is laid at one side in an appealing manner with veggies and fruits cut and carved in shapes. Cafeteria-style has less mess as food is not laid scattered.

Can choose from the varieties of food including assortments, fruits, soups and broths, snacks, main course, sweets, pieces of bread and smoothies, etc. It is up to the guests to either eat while standing or come back to their seats. Guests can have a view of the hall and decoration enjoying the function to the fullest.

These are some of the functions we all grew up watching and attending. Apart from these, there are other types of functions like those which are conducted formally maintaining professionalism. These gatherings are usually seminars that NGOs and colleges conduct on different topics. Then in offices, there are times when some discussion is needed to be held with everyone present or organizing meals for the employees, etc.

For such types of gatherings, it is needed that the seating arrangement should reflect the purpose of the gathering, and therefore it is done in a way that everyone present should be seated facing the speaker and projector screen. Given below are some types of gatherings

Theater-style- This is for presentations, showing slides for the programs, meetings, etc. Chairs are set in a way altogether in rows that everyone present can easily look at the screen and listen to the speaker.

U-shaped hall- As the name suggests this one is made in a U-shaped with chairs alongside the table. This is preferred usually when there is a formal meeting to sit with the people and discuss things. To conduct workshops, seminars, formal meetings, and group discussions U-shaped style is made in the hall with the idea to have face-to-face interaction while everyone is facing the projector or the stage.

Herringbone Style hall- This is also called fishbone seat style as the seating resembles a lot of the fishtail. It is more of a classroom style where we can say where the audience or the attendees sit facing the stage or the speaker for a particular event. It is usually done for formal events.

What is the Average Cost Of Banquet Halls in West Delhi?

West Delhi holds a great place for commercial aspects along with a huge number of clothing lines, restaurants, shopping malls, gyms, schools, and banquet halls. There are many banquet halls located in West Delhi with nice reviews and the finest services. The average cost of West Delhi banquet halls is 800-4000 INR per plate. It can vary too, therefore, suggested that you should call or visit the banquet hall before booking.


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