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5 Things to consider before selecting banquet halls in Mansarovar Garden

Here is a list of some important points to consider if you are on the hunt to find the best banquet halls in Mansarovar Garden, Delhi. You will have stress-free planning, and your celebration will be extra special by simply adhering to the following tips.

  • Define the budget

Since the wedding is full of various fun elements that add to the charm, pre-planning is a good way to tackle things. Pre-planning also includes allocating the budget to different elements in the wedding celebration. Write down important elements like food, interiors, stay, and photography and set the budget for it. Setting the budget for the banquet hall will also filter out the choices and you will be less overwhelmed. Budgeting can help you find a great banquet hall with fabulous services within your price range.

  • First, decide how much you can spend?

  • Second, decide whether all the ceremonies will be held in the banquet hall?

  • Third, always check online to find offers and discounts on banquet halls.

  • Lastly, go with the one that matches your necessities and is within the set budget.

  • Location

Location is an important aspect when choosing the banquet hall. You need to see whether they have enough space to conduct various ceremonies associated with weddings. The venue should be easy to access and well-connected through private and public transportation. Visit the site in person before finalizing the banquet hall. Check whether they have a good amount of parking space. Tick off these points before deciding:

  • See whether the venue is located near posh areas and is easily approachable.

  • There is ample parking space for guests.

  • It is easy to navigate using GPS.

  • It has changing rooms for guests to freshen up if the location is far off.

  • The theme of the wedding

Always decide the theme and concept of the wedding as it gives a framework for the wedding. It allows you to decide on the decorations like flowers and lighting in a more precise manner. Choosing a banquet hall that can transform the interiors according to your liking is the way to go. You can choose from traditional, rustic, royal, or fusion-themed weddings or create a theme with your personal touch.

  • Evaluate the services

Check the different services the banquet hall provides like catering, decorations, hospitality, etc. The catering provided by the banquet hall should be of high quality and lip-smacking taste including multi-cuisine like Mughlai, Chinese, Italian, Continental, Indian, etc. Always do the taste test before finalizing the menu. Check whether they allow alcohol at the venue if that is something that you want to include in the wedding ceremonies. Talk to their in-house décor team and see their previous decoration work. If you want to hire an outside décor and catering team, then talk about the same with the vendor beforehand.

  • Backup plan

Always check how professional the management staff is at the banquet hall. A wedding can be a stressful situation, and unexpected issues can arise. So check how efficient the staff is in handling different undesirable situations that might pop up. Talk to the manager if customization of space can be done if there is a rise in the number of guests. If need be can they provide extra rooms and arrange extra food at the last minute? Is there an arrangement for emergency power backup if there are any power cuts during the ceremony?

The average cost of a banquet hall in Mansarovar Garden, Delhi

The sky's the limit when you are booking a banquet hall, so it all comes down to your budget. Most of the time the average cost is calculated through the per-plate system. An elegant and simple banquet hall will cost between Rs. 850-1,500, while a five-star luxury wedding will be between Rs. 2,000-4,000 per plate. You can multiply the per plate rating by the number of guests who are going to attend the wedding.


Delhi has some of the best luxurious wedding banquet halls in the country. This doesn’t mean they will cost you a fortune. Some of the best banquet halls are reasonably priced, so all it takes is researching and finding the right deal. To make it easier for you, here we are listing the top 10 banquet halls in Mansarovar Garden, Delhi that ensures there is something for everyone here.

Make your wedding an opulent affair by streamlining the process through the above five points and our curated list of banquet halls. This will surely turn stress-induced planning into a joyous one. After all, it is the most special day which should be perfect for celebrating the bond of two people in love.

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