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The Florence Banquet

26 shivaji Marg, Najafgarh Rd, New Delhi, Delhi 110015


Capacity : 150 to 950
Vegetarian 1800 ₹ /plate
Non Vegetarian 2000 ₹ / plate

Cp 65 Banquet

69/6A, Najafgarh Road, Block C, Moti Nagar, New Delhi, Delhi 110015


Capacity : 100 to 300
Vegetarian 1000 ₹ /plate
Non Vegetarian 1200 ₹ / plate

Things To Consider Before Selecting a Banquet Hall in Keshavpuri, Delhi

Spend wisely and nicely! If you are planning to book a banquet hall for your function look for these given below points

  • Don't push yourself beyond boundaries, stick to your budget and look for the banquet hall that fits your budget. You won’t love to be in debt or under stress after the function therefore keep abreast with the budget. 

  • Don’t fall prey to fancy words and undisclosed things. Like if you are being told that there will be complimentary refreshments or any such gifts ask them why. It could be their policy just to lure. 

  • Most important one is to see the location of the hall you are planning to book. It should be in the prime location for easy reach of your guests. Often due to crowded places, tricky directions, narrow lanes are a labyrinth and too much time-wasting. 

  • Function without music and dance is incomplete and sounds boring. To make it thrilling make sure the banquet hall has a well-equipped audio system as there could be glitches while playing music from the laptop. Also look for the good-quality speaker, subwoofers, rooms, and acoustics. 

  • Don’t forget to check for safety measures and other facilities like wheelchairs for the aged and immobile persons, oxygen cylinders, and first aid.

  • Washrooms should be clean with door latches working.

 Prior to booking a hall for the function you should first make a rough estimate and set your budget. It is suggested that one should look for verified companies with good rapport in the market. You can check for the best deals and images for reference on the official website of Wedding Banquets.

To make your function worth your function you should keep yourself abreast with the trending concepts, ideas, and trends. Everyone wants to feel and see new exciting things and it would be eye-catching if you treat your guests with the amazing function you organize for them. 

Be it a wedding, engagement, anniversary, baby shower, or any other such function you need to keep in mind some important points prior to finalizing the banquet hall. Often things get messy when there's a sudden power cut, blackout, outburst of heat and humidity, water leakage, worn-out or shabby-looking furniture and carpets. To avoid embarrassment and such unforeseen situations one needs to take utmost care and concern while selecting a banquet hall. There are many good banquet halls in Keshav Puri well built. 

Average Cost Of Banquet Halls in Keshav Puri, Delhi

Located in West Delhi Keshav Puri are one of the oldest residential areas with parks for leisure time, shopping malls and complexes, restaurants, and takeaways with many banquet halls. If you are looking for a banquet hall but skeptical, reach out to wedding banquets for a detailed overview with the best offers exclusively for you.

Talking about the cost of banquet halls it entirely depends upon the décor, location of the hall, and the choice you made in the food and arrangement. Also, other factors that constitute the average cost of a hall include indoor/outdoor setup. On an average, it would cost a minimum of 800 INR up to 4000 INR per plate

(NOTE- prices can vary as per the customer’s preference for food, décor, and other things).

Types Of Banquet Halls in Keshav Puri, Delhi

 At Wedding Banquets, we have the best of the services with everything top-notch. With over 500,000 banquet vendors and venues, we have the best chefs, skilled artisans, professional decorators, wedding planners, and photographers to make it a perfect wedding function. If you are looking for a banquet hall for any function and want to know more, simply contact us. Talking about the types, there are banquet halls for formal and informal gatherings.

For such events and gatherings as workshops, board meetings, seminars, classroom style, theater style, herringbone style, and U-shaped style are there for a specific purpose. For informal gatherings such as a marriage party, birthday eve, Christmas party, New Year party, Roka ceremony, etc. needs big capacity halls with ambiance, design, and overall structure in a way that it feels like the exact theme of the function. For such parties Buffet system halls, food stationed, pre-service laid, open garden food and seating is made. Let us have a look at some of the types of banquet halls explained in detail. 

Buffet- In the buffet system, the food is laid on a large table where guests can serve themselves from the variety of food that has been presented. It is one of the most common systems.

Reception- You must have seen or attended such a function where guests sit all together in a big hall or area and dine together.

Cafeteria Style- In the cafeteria, the food is laid out for self-service. Guests at such a function have to go and fill up their plates according to their liking.

Plated- In this the guests don’t need to go from their seats to the food stalls. The food is served to them in bowls and plates that include starters, drinks, sweets, and other food items.

Board Meeting Style hall- This one is meant for board meetings usually. To discuss important meetings, regulate meeting clauses, deciding different things. In this, the chairs are arranged in a rectangular or oval pattern in order to have a face-to-face interaction with the speaker.

Herringbone Style hall- This is also called fishbone seat style as the seating resembles a lot of the fishtail. It is more of a classroom style where we can say where the audience or the attendees sit facing the stage or the speaker for a particular event. It is usually done for formal events.

U-Shaped hall- As the name suggests this one is made in a U-shaped with chairs alongside the table. This is preferred usually when there is a formal meeting to sit with the people and discuss things. To conduct workshops, seminars, formal meetings, and group discussions U-shaped style is made in the hall with the idea to have face-to-face interaction while everyone is facing the projector or the stage.

Our every hall is an epitome of the brand in itself. These halls are bigger in size and built with chandeliers, motifs, paintings, and embossment on the ceilings, walls, and entrance. Impressive colorful interiors with glittering aura and eye-catchy seating for an awesome party feel.


It is recommended to go for the best to make the function enjoyable, memorable, and perfectly organized. Wedding banquets let you live the dream and enact your favorite Bollywood scene. To know more feel free and get in touch with us. Your queries will be resolved within no time with detailed information. 

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