A marriage is a sacrament and renewal of two souls. You're at the right place, though, if you live close to Dhaula Kuan and are searching for the best banquet halls in Dhaula Kuan, Delhi. These selected venues follow new trends and client preferences to provide the best service possible. Allow them to host so that they can serve you with unimaginable hospitality. Read More Read Less

Cp 65 Banquet

69/6A, Najafgarh Road, Block C, Moti Nagar, New Delhi, Delhi 110015


Capacity : 100 to 300
Vegetarian 1000 ₹ /plate
Non Vegetarian 1200 ₹ / plate

Things To Consider Before Selecting a Banquet Hall

Banquet halls could be found everywhere, in market areas, amidst residential complexes, and in lanes too. There used to be baraat Ghar where rooms with floorings and pandals erected with poles make wedding venues. Now people have evolved in terms and upgraded their lifestyles. With the change in time and adoption of western culture, weddings in homes, courtyards, and nearby fields are not preferred now at large. 

Banquet halls are today's people's choice due to many reasons that include; no stress to look for caterers, decorators, arrangements, and other wedding itineraries that constitute. Everyone is working and has no time to spend on wedding things. Busy schedules tend to be tiring, hence it has become the very first choice to book a banquet hall. Wedding Banquets is an answer for the wedding queries and one name to go for. 

We have artisans who are talented with their work to turn a simple place into a dreamy one. If you are a Bollywood style person and love filmy things with violin and rose petals, slow-motion captured moments, twirling lehenga, tapping feet in a best-choreographed manner we have it all. Our banquet halls are designed and adorned with Italian furnishings, a tint of royal feel with everything exciting enough to lift up your soul. To make your wedding special, go for a professional photographer and videographer to get clicks that tell stories themselves. Photos are the memories to keep it lifelong even after the person itself. These memories never fade or vanish. A great album on a fine-quality paper gives you a reason to smile even after years. Compromising just for a few bucks is not worth doing.

 Don’t rush to book a banquet hall instead look for more options and decide what suits you most. For your reference, there are some important points given to look at before selecting a banquet hall.

  • First, finalize the guest list and preference of indoor/outdoor setting of your function, and then set your budget.

  • Always choose a place that is close to your proximity; if your guests are staying in a hotel make sure they can reach the venue easily without consuming much time. This will be when you choose the banquet hall in a nearby location.

  • Sitting for long hours in heavy lehenga and jewelry tends to be tiring for the bride. There should be room for her to rest and get ready with a full-length mirror and lights on it for the touch-up and perfect look. 

  • Parking spaces should have ample space and CCTV cameras to avoid theft, damage, and mishaps.

  • Ambience and interiors should be impressive and not dingy or poorly built.

  • Food quality and taste should be excellent; ask for a food tasting before finalizing the deal. To be sure is better than being embarrassed in front of the guests.

Average Cost Of Banquet Halls In Dhaula Kuan

Banquet halls in Dhaula Kuan are fully air-conditioned with a nice ambience to soothe your eyes. Dhaula Kuan is one of the busiest places with many colleges, shopping complexes, tourist spots, and top-notch banquet halls. Looking for a banquet hall for your upcoming function? No need to worry about that, if you are clueless about what to do, whom to rely on and where to invest contact us. Wedding Banquets is one name for your questions with an excellent support team available. Our support team executives are keen to help you get the banquet hall booked.

Just click on the website to get a brief idea and contact details of Wedding Banquets. Kindly note that banquet halls in Dhaula Kuan on an average of 850-4000 INR per plate. But this is not fixed as according to the menu and preference the prices fluctuate. Keeping in mind your budget, go for it and experience the best of the services.

Types Of Banquet Halls in Dhaula Kuan

Banquet halls are made keeping in mind the comfort of people and overall structure that give it a look appealing enough to go for. You would find plenty of options for the banquet hall selection located in Dhaula Kuan. There are many types and a great number of banquet halls you can choose from. Let's briefly summarize the types of banquet halls for different purposes.

Buffet Style- Buffet style is the most common style we see most of the time at weddings and parties. It could be standing or sitting. It is one of the usually preferred ones as it is most convenient. The advantage of the buffet-style is that it saves a lot of space as the food is laid on a large table for the guests and they can serve themselves. It gives a precise idea to the guests to see and choose food according to them with everything laid with names on them.

Reception Style- Wedding anniversaries, adopted baby arrival parties, promotion parties, house warming parties, birthday parties, and other such gatherings have a reception style arrangement. In this type the guests at the party enjoy chit-chat, photo session, enjoying food and snacks by themselves. Food in reception style arrangement. According to the budget and choice, the host can treat their guests with appetizers that include soups, fritters, fruits, drinks, and bite-sized savories and sweets.

Plated Style- As by the name this arrangement is less on budget. The guests at the function get to eat food and other eatables while being seated. The catering staff serves the guests food on a plate with bowls and plates. It can be either on a platter and the guests can take from it according to their hunger and choice or on plates with the proportion of food and other items. This gives comfort and is less messy than other food styles.

Cafeteria Style- It is quite similar to the buffet-style where food is laid at one side, not in scattered form for a systemized way, and has no messy look. In cafeteria-style food is arranged at one portion of the banquet hall with names on it for the convenience of the guests. The food items including assortments, fruits, soups, snacks, main course, desserts, bread, and drinks are arranged for self-service. Guests serve themselves the food item they want to eat, enjoying the whole view of the hall and decoration.

Stationed Style- This is getting in trend and quite similar to the buffet style. Stationed style is one where the food items are either on different stations half done or prepared in front of the guests. Foods like sushi, pasta, pizzas, mocktails, mocktails, shakes, hot dogs, and many other food items of varied cuisines are prepared to give the guests a thrilling experience of having super hot and tasty food. It gives an option to stroll around the food area enjoying food while chatting with other guests at the function. For kids, it is an excellent way to enjoy eating and playing around letting their parents free for some time. Parents too can have instant clicks in their best of the attires with no tension.


In concluding this detailed account of Dhaula Kuan marriage banquet halls, we expect to hear from you soon. Just mention your query in case you need to get a callback. We are just a click away and serviceable anytime. You can call us or mail us. To ask any questions your mind is juggling with getting help from our support executives. We love to cater our best of the services helping you to find the best banquet hall in your budget. To have a look at the services we have or to see reviews and pictures of the banquet halls you can browse our official website.

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