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6 Things to Consider Before Selecting a Banquet Hall in Chaukhandi, Delhi

No one would like or entertain anything bad or distressing about their special function be it a wedding, birthday, anniversary, or formal gathering. Often you must have seen, heard, or experienced being embarrassed with the projector not working, microphone creating distortion, power cut, stale or unorganized food tables in front of your foreign client, guest, and invitees from other countries. This could leave a bad impression on the other persons and also breaks the flow and rhythm of the work discussion or presentations. 


Wedding banquets believe in the integrity and well-being of the customers for a long-term relationship. You can check for the best deals and pictures of the banquet halls on our website. Just for an idea, there are some points given for your reference. Never blindly invest in any of the banquet halls that your peers and acquaintances suggest or get fooled by the tactics of such companies. Often in order to extort money, there are scams and such tactics by the scammers. Don’t be too fast, instead do research and then finalize.

Wedding Banquets has over 500,000 vendors and venues with world-class facilities, Italian furnishings, best of the caterers to tickle your taste buds and ambience like never seen before. If you are puzzled to select a banquet hall for any of your family functions or office events look for the following points. Some basic things you should see and check before booking a hall are given below

  • Location of the venue should be in a prime location with proper reaching directions to avoid getting stuck in traffic missing the function’s highlights and rituals. Tidy things look beautiful. 

  • Cleanliness especially in the loo and all over the hall. Fumigation and diffusers are also good for lifting up the mood.

  • Gated halls should be preferred as gatecrashing is one thing we all are aware of. Also, you won't like scenes where dogs loitering and disturb the gathering. 

  • Power backup with the good working of the ACs, accurate lighting, and enough space. Ask for a demo event or something in order to have an idea and a perfect hassle-free function. Go to the website and have a thorough study of the testimonials. 

  • There should be a proper parking area with the capacity to park a great number of vehicles at a time.

  • After the Covid breakout timings issue with banquet halls, restaurants are there. Ask beforehand to pay an advance amount for the timings of the banquet halls.

Average Cost Of Banquet Halls In Chaukhandi, Delhi

 If you are looking for a venue for your small function or a big lavish one then you can reach out to us. If it is simple with minimal décor and not so much food then you can have it on a minimal budget. And if you want it grand with themed décor, catering and other details in a lavish style then you need to invest more bucks than usual.

Banquet halls in Chaukhandi on an average cost 800-4000 INR per plate. If you want to add on or make changes according to your preference then it will be expensive. For more details and queries contact us to get details and you can even visit us face to face at your convenience.

Types Of Banquet Halls in Chaukhandi, Delhi

Buffet Style- Buffet style is the most common style we see most of the time at weddings and parties. It could be standing or sitting. It is one of the usually preferred ones as it is most convenient. The advantage of the buffet-style is that it saves a lot of space as the food is laid on a large table for the guests and they can serve themselves. It gives a precise idea to the guests to see and choose food according to them with everything laid with names on them. 

Reception Style- Wedding anniversaries, adopted baby arrival parties, promotion parties, house warming parties, birthday parties, and other such gatherings have a reception style arrangement. In this type the guests at the party enjoy chit-chat, photo session, enjoying food and snacks by themselves. Food in reception style arrangement. According to the budget and choice, the host can treat their guests with appetizers that include soups, fritters, fruits, drinks, and bite-sized savories and sweets.

Plated Style- As by the name this arrangement is less on budget. The guests at the function get to eat food and other eatables while being seated. The catering staff serves the guests food on a plate with bowls and plates. It can be either on a platter and the guests can take from it according to their hunger and choice or on plates with the proportion of food and other items. This gives comfort and is less messy than other food styles.

Cafeteria Style- It is quite similar to the buffet-style where food is laid at one side, not in scattered form for a systemized way, and no messy look. In cafeteria-style food is arranged at one portion of the banquet hall with names on it for the convenience of the guests. The food items including assortments, fruits, soups, snacks, main course, desserts, bread, and drinks are arranged for self-service. Guests serve themselves the food item they want to eat, enjoying the whole view of the hall and decoration.

Stationed Style- This is getting in trend and quite similar to the buffet style. Stationed style is one where the food items are either on different stations half done or prepared in front of the guests. Foods like noodles, pasta, pizzas, smoothies, mocktails, shakes, hotdogs, and many other food items of varied cuisines are prepared to give the guests a thrilling experience of having super hot and tasty food. It gives an option to stroll around the food area enjoying food while chatting with other guests at the function. It is an adventure for the kids as it gives them thrill and fun to roam and eat what they wish to. For adults, it is a hassle-free way to enjoy the gathering without any worries.


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